Wednesday, 27 August 2014

W7 Brow Bar Eyebrow Kit Review

w7 brow bar eyebrow kit review swatches
w7 brow kit review
w7 brow kit swatches review

Filling in your brows can help bring together an entire face of makeup; even if you have naturally full and thick eyebrows using some kind of eyebrow product can help to really make them defined and as even as possible despite the fact that it is humanly impossible to actually achieve identical eyebrows. Just me!? 

The Brow Bar from W7 is there take on a brow kit, similar to the likes of big name brands like benefit and HD brows this palette contains various shades to suit all hair colours. The Brow Bar includes 4 shades of eyeshadow; a highlight shade, a soft brown, medium brown and black along with a handy little eyebrow brush as well as two larger brushes/combs in the kit itself. I like to use shades 2 and 3 for my brows and I have dark blonde hair naturally, shade 1 for a highlight and shade 4 as a liner.  

I like that the kit includes the highlight shade, which is great for popping under the eyebrow to give a brightening and lifting effect and the black shade can also double up as a pretty good eyeliner - so a good multi use palette here! You also get some eyebrow stencils in this brow bar kit, which are pretty good if a little time consuming to use - but they do provide a good result and ultra sleek and defined brows. 

You can pick this kit up for around £4-6 in various retailers and online, I've found it here on Amazon for £4 with free delivery - making it a fraction of the price of most brow kits available! 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Great Elegant Ideas for your Next Fancy Dress Party

fancy dress ideas 1920s

If you don’t love a fancy dress party then you’re in the minority - dressing up is fun and fancy dress parties are a great light hearted laugh.One of the fabulous things about these sorts of parties is that they allow you to not just dress up, but also make yourself up so you are extremely elegant and attractive. So, we brainstormed and created a list of some of the best costumes we could think of for those looking to add a little style to the next fancy dress they are invited to.

The 1920s was a great old time. Historically, it was one of the most stylish of the 20th century and was the day of the cocktail party and feather boa. So, as you can only too well imagine, taking this as inspiration for your next fancy dress is a great call. From the headpieces, to the beautiful dresses – you’ll be the belle of the ball dressing like this. Red Star Fancy Dress offer great 1920's clothing that fits in with this look.

Late 1950s
Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis and a whole host of others are all at home in this time. So, don the large sunglasses, fabulous bun hair and beautiful fine couture clothing and hit the party. Once again it’s a time of high rollers and fun escapades and one that has dictated women’s’ style for decades afterwards. You’ll fit in at any party and also showcase your distinctive style along the way.

The 1980s isn't nearly as demure in its appeal as the two aforementioned styles; however that said it still has a wonderfully chic look about it. There’s a lot of fun in dressing up as an 80s icon such as Annie Lennox or Kate Bush and though it’s not a classic style, there are wonderful costumes from this era that are sure to make you look great in a distinctive and attractive manner.

French Revolution
For complete over the top elegance, the French Revolution and the style of Marie Antoinette for example, is a must mention. From the large hair, the over the top makeup and the fantastically frilly clothing, it’s a time where more was more and extravagance reigned. Certainly one we’d imagine will turn a few eyes.

These are just some extravagant but stylish ideas for costumes for your next big fancy dress party and will ensure you look not just great but also like the fashionista you are. 

Drugstore Makeup Kit for begginers (£10 and under)

makeup kit for teenagers beginners drugstore

I quite often get asked what budget friendly beauty products I would recommend for people just starting out in makeup, or those who want to pick up some essentials for their makeup bag without breaking the bank. All of the products mentioned in this post are available from the drugstore / highstreet / online and they're all under £10! 

For a good base and flawless face you'll need some kind of foundation, concealer and powder. A great option for beginners in makeup or if you generally don't need to wear foundation is a CC cream; this Bourjois CC cream (£9.99) is a great middle ground between a full coverage foundation and a light coverage BB cream. It's very blendable, covers redness and evens skin tone and feels natural on the skin. For any blemishes or darkness under the eyes give the Natural Collection Concealer a try (£1.99) which is very creamy and hydrating. For setting the skin and preventing oil throughout the day use a mattifying powder like this Miracle Matte Powder by Seventeen (£3.99) which has a handy powder puff and compact mirror for on the go too! 

The Sleek Makeup Face Kit in light (£9.99) is a great option for a multi-use product that will provide you with a soft bronze contour/bronzer, a glistening highlight and a lovely blush. This kit is also available in a darker shade, so a great choice for lots of skin types. For eyes a basic neutral/bronze palette is always a good idea; there's no need to shell out on the expensive Urban Decay Naked palettes as there are lots of affordable and similar palettes available. This 5 pan eyeshadow palette from Makeup Rumours (£1) has a great matte shade for a base colour and 4 beautiful bronze shades that are really pigmented and great quality for the price. An easy way to apply eyeshadow is to try an eyeshadow stick like this scandaleyes eyeshadow stick from Rimmel in the shade bluffing which is a shimmering bronze that can be swept all over the lid in approximately 2 seconds flat! 

There are plenty of affordable mascaras out there; I personally like the Maybelline Great Lash mascara (£4.99) for it's black formula and easy to control brush that works well for top and bottom lashes. It's small, easy to apply and doesn't get all over your face. If you like lipsticks then the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks (£5.49) offer great shades and they are incredibly beautiful and have amazing colour pay off. If you'd rather a subtle lip colour then tinted lip balms like the Maybelline baby lips in Cherry Me (£2.99) offer a subtle tint of colour and moisturise your lips at the same time. 

You really don't have to spend a fortune on makeup from the luxurious beauty counters; there are plenty of high quality, low priced beauty buys on the high street that perform just as well. These are just a few of my recommendations for a beginner kit or perhaps a teen makeup bag. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Bourjois CC Cream review

bourjois cc cream ivory review
bourjois cc cream on face cheeks fair

This CC cream from Bourjois is actually the first CC cream product I've tried and I am completely converted. I normally wear foundation and having tried a few BB cream products in the past I just couldn't get my head around them. After hearing some good things about the Bourjois CC cream which retails at £9.99 I couldn't resist trying it out, I chose the shade Ivory and there are 4 shades available in total. 

It's very smooth and creamy in texture, but a lot thinner than a foundation in terms of the actual consistency of the product. However, I found that this CC cream gave excellent coverage in all the areas I needed it and looked lovely and natural on the skin. It feels incredibly lightweight when it's on your skin but at the same time I felt completely confident in the coverage and the finish. I do powder over the top as I have quite oily skin, but for dry/normal skin you could probably get away with the CC cream on it's own. 

I've pretty much used this on a daily basis since I've had it, then usually go for a fuller coverage foundation if I'm going out or I just fancy a bit more coverage but for every day this has plenty of coverage. It's smooth, radiant and easy to blend into the skin. I find applying this with a buffing brush helps to give a flawless finish and I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you don't get on with BB creams but want something lighter than a foundation.