101 Beauty Blog Post Ideas // titles

101 beauty blog post ideas tips

  1. A look inside my current makeup bag 
  2. Holy grail makeup products 
  3. Where to find beauty bargains 
  4. Shop my stash 
  5. Products used up/Empties 
  6. Monthly favourites/Current favourites 
  7. Everyday makeup tutorial 
  8. Top 5 products under X £/$/€ (currency of your choice!)
  9. How I started my beauty blog
  10. Behind the blogging scenes 
  11. Things I wish I knew before starting my beauty blog 
  12. How to use twitter for blogging 
  13. New product review 
  14. Old but loved product review 
  15. Travel beauty essentials 
  16. How to create a natural look 
  17. One brand tutorial 
  18. Top 3 drugstore finds 
  19. Top 3 luxury beauty buys 
  20. How to find the perfect foundation 
  21. Products I didn’t like/regret buying 
  22. Products worth the hype 
  23. How to clean your makeup brushes 
  24. Makeup collection 
  25. How to store your makeup 
  26. This or that beauty tag 
  27. 10 beauty products I couldn’t live without 
  28. Beauty repurchases 
  29. The perfect red lip combo 
  30. Skincare routine (morning) 
  31. Skincare routine (evening) 
  32. Hair care routine 
  33. Lipsticks you need to own 
  34. Makeup staples that everygirl needs 
  35. How to create a basic makeup starter kit 
  36. Makeup do’s and don’ts 
  37. Giveaway/Competition 
  38. Beauty blogs you should be following 
  39. Current favourite beauty reads 
  40. Bedside table beauty staples 
  41. A day in the life 
  42. Beauty blogging basics: tips for beginners 
  43. Share your expertise (e.g HTML coding or photography) 
  44. Beauty Blogger interviews 
  45. Mascara: The good, the bad and the ugly 
  46. Budget beauty products worth purchasing 
  47. Haircare staples 
  48. Evening makeup tutorial 
  49. How to create the perfect smokey eye 
  50. The lip product addict tag
  51. Drugstore dupes 
  52. Latest drugstore releases 
  53. Fragrance review 
  54. Bath & Body review 
  55. Fragrance wish list 
  56. Luxury beauty wishlist 
  57. DIY hair mask 
  58. DIY beauty storage 
  59. Essential makeup brushes for beginners 
  60. How to find the right foundation shade 
  61. Tutorial: Contour & highlight 
  62. New beauty releases of the month 
  63. 7 things I couldn’t live without 
  64. Beauty tips for makeup beginners 
  65. Makeup trends 
  66. Multi-use products 
  67. Savvy Beauty advice 
  68. Top 3 eyeshadow palettes 
  69. Beauty gifts under £10 
  70. Luxury beauty gift guide 
  71. Top three hair products for dry/oily/frizzy hair 
  72. Nails of the week 
  73. Basic nail products every girl should own 
  74. A day in the life 
  75. unisex beauty products
  76. How to get rid of spots/acne
  77. The no-makeup makeup look 
  78. Beauty secrets passed down 
  79. Best apps for beauty bloggers 
  80. Online shopping discount codes
  81. How to apply false lashes for beginners 
  82. Tips for shopping at the beauty counters 
  83. How to plan your blogging schedule
  84. Current beauty trends 
  85. Beauty seen on the catwalk 
  86. Products you would repurchase over and over again 
  87. Cult beauty products: Yay or Nay? 
  88. Beauty subscription boxes
  89. Top 5 mascaras 
  90. 3 beauty products worth buying under £3/$3/€3 
  91. At home spa treatments 
  92. DIY face mask 
  93. Beauty hauls & recent purchases 
  94. Travel beauty and skincare essentials 
  95. Beauty swap 
  96. Recommended Reads: Beauty blogs you need to bookmark 
  97. Makeup decluttering 
  98. How to tell when your makeup is ‘out of date’ 
  99. Top tips for running a successful beauty blog 
  100. Things I wish I knew when I started a blog 
  101. Seasonal beauty trends 

5 inexpensive beauty gifts under £5

budget beauty gift ideas
Buying gifts for beauty junkies can prove to be quite expensive, so here’s a quick round up of five pretty awesome beauty bits that come in at £5 or less. Everyone loves a beauty bargain, so if you can buy a great gift (or treat for yourself) and save a few pennies; it’s a win-win!  
Ebay is like a gold-mine for beauty treasure; you’ll find thousands of korean beauty sellers aswell as cute beauty accessories like this skinny cosmetic pouches in a sweet floral print for less than £1! My favourite and most recent ebay beauty buy are these gorgeous lipsticks that are a relative steal at £1.99 a piece and come in a range of soft pinks, corals and soft reds. The ornate packaging and cute pastel bullet make them a lovely little gift and the pigmentation and formula are actually pretty good (standard wear time of a few hours, soft, hydrating and packed with colour). 
Outside of the gold mine that is Ebay, there are tonnes of discounted cosmetic websites and one of my go-to sites is Fragrance Direct. Here I found the infamous Urban decay Naked 3 palette dupe from w7 for a bargainous £4.99 and a huge collection of full size essie nail polishes for about £2.50 a piece – a steal considering they are £7.99 each in Boots! Another great site for picking up some beauty gifts is Feel Unique and this bumper pack of face masks is the perfect pampering prezzie at £5 for five individual face masks. 

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy range 2015

smoky poppy body shop showergel butter perfume review
smoky poppy bodyshop review
Tomorrow marks the release of the new and limited edition Smoky Poppy range at The Body Shop, inspired by warm and spicy fragrances, with a floral and oriental twist. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on some products from the range and they have quickly become staples in my skincare/bodycare collection. 
A classic favourite from The Body Shop are the shower gels, they are a little bit more expensive than your standard showergel but the quality is on par with high end and more expensive brands. The Smoky Poppy showergel is black (grey) in colour, which is a little bit strange but don’t worry – you won’t be left with grey skin! The winner for me has to be the Smoky Poppy body butter, which is a smooth, luxurious and you guessed it … buttery consistency! It literally melts into the skin like butter, leaving you feeling moisturised and nourished without leaving too much of a greasy residue behind. The scent lingers for a good amount of time, making it feel like that little bit extra of a treat for your skin. Combine this with layering the Smoky Poppy eau de toilette and you’ve got a fresh, spicy and warm scent that will keep you smelling beautiful all day. 

The Smoky Poppy limited edition collection is available from 4th February in stores and online at with prices ranging from £4 – £14. So, if you’re on the lookout for a new scent, check it out! 

Transformulas Lip Volume: beauty without surgery

Ever since Kylie Jenner started posting the infamous big lip selfies, it seems that plumper, fuller and bigger lips are the thing to have. Granted there is debate as to whether Kylie has one killer makeup artist and unbeatable combo of lip liner and lipstick, or she has in fact had a little surgery to help plump those lips. 
Transformulas lip volume claim to offer ‘beauty without surgery’, which is a pretty bold statement but if it works then i’m all for having plumper, larger lips! The lip volume is essentially a 10ml tube of ‘gloss’ that aims to hydrate, plump and define your lips resulting in a fuller and smoother appearance. 
The wand applicator picks out just the right amount of product and it is the perfect consistency, glossy and hydrating yet not sticky in the slightest. The main concern I had was about the whole tingle aspect, I’m a bit of a whimp and plumping lip glosses in the past have left me with watery eyes and frantically scrubbing my lips to get it off! I have to say, Transformulas is a different experience. I’d call it a cooling effect rather than a tingle, it’s gentle but you can feel it working – definitely not a painful or annoying sensation. 
Transformulas suggest applying lip volume every day (3x) for a period of 30 days; this 10ml tube should be enough for a 6 week supply! Now, I can’t vouch for the 30day results as quite frankly I can’t remember to apply a product 3 x a day, but I have used it very regularly. In terms of results, the immediate effect directly after applying lip volume is a smoothness and uber hydrated look and feel to the lips, which ultimately does give the illusion/effect that your lips have become somewhat plumper. The plumping effect is especially noticeable if you apply the gloss just outside of your lipline, and again this makes lips look fuller and hydrated. 
The RRP is £29, although you can find it from various online retailers so it’s worth checking the prices as they vary from anywhere between £10 – £25 depending on where you purchase the product. Would I buy it again? Yes, I probably would. It’s not something I feel the need to use daily, but when you want that extra little something it certainly works it’s magic!
for more information, check out Transformulas’ website  

Camden Town

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Camden Town is an online store featuring items from women’s fashion, menswear, home and accessories – all of which are pieces created by original, talented and emerging designers. They have a bit of everything like fantastic statement jewellery pieces and quirky, delicate jewellery like this nebula necklace which I adore! Prices are very reasonable for such unique pieces like this and it beats buying something from a massive retailer that you can garantee 1,010 other people are wearing on the same day! 

Their clothing is edgy and cool with a huge range of styles to suit everyone; I love this neon splatter spaghetti strap vest which would be an awesome summer piece to have and this mens tee which would look lovely with rolled sleeves paired with lightwash denim jeans/shorts! I really like this satchel style handbag too, it has a vintage feel and the colours are awesome – I’ve never seen anything similar. 

You can check out Camden Town on their website which is  – which of these is your favourite item? 


Estee Lauder Electric Pink Blusher Review

estee lauder electric pink blush
estee lauder electric pink blush
estee lauder electric pink blush
estee lauder electric pink blush
Okay, can we just talk about this gorgeous packaging for a moment? If this doesn’t scream luxury I don’t know what does. The gold outerwear is beautiful and looks lovely on your dresser and is also very sturdy and quite compact without being heavy or bulky. It also comes with a great sized mirror making it a great compact for travelling and a handy mini brush which isn’t all bad as far as ‘freebie compact brushes’ go. 
Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush  in the shade ‘Electric Pink’ is a Satin finish blush packed with colour. The almost shimmer-free blush has a buttery consistency with great colour pay off that needs very little for each application – which is great as this will last a long time. The shade is a blue-toned almost neon pink, but with that being said it is very wearable and subtle on the cheeks. It gives a sheen to the cheeks without shimmer which I really like and it is buildable so great for every one whether you like a light blush of colour or a full on pop of bright blush! 
I love the shade, I love the packaging, I love how highly pigmented it is, I love it’s formula and I love the way it looks on! Estee Lauder Blushes retail for £25, so definitely a luxury makeup purchase but totally worth it if you love blushes as much as me! The next shades on my wishlist is blushing nude or peach passion!

Monthly Beauty Favourites: June

I can’t believe it’s July already – the weeks seem to be going so quickly and it doesn’t seem like a whole month since I last shared my current beauty faves! Anyway, here’s another installment of some of the products I’ve been reaching for lately and a few of my favourite things: 

chanel bronze universal estee lauder blush ysl baby doll blush
I’ve fallen back in love with my Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer which has been a nice change! Because of the overly large, luxurious packaging this often ends up tucked away in a drawer rather than being used as it isn’t the most practical item. But, I’ve been loving using this as a contour with my real techniques expert face brush and it’s a lovely summer-friendly shade that gives you a warm glow too! 

Some more luxury makeup items I’ve been loving lately are blushes. This estee lauder blush in the shade electric pink (review and swatches here) is so so nice, I can’t get enough of it! It’s a blue tone, almost matte bright pink that has a sheer but buildable colour pay off that leaves a gorgeous sheen on the cheeks. Another blush I’ve been loving is the YSL baby doll kiss and blush (shade 7) which is a bit of a multi-tasker as the name suggests. I love using this coral shade on my cheeks and I actually really like using it on my lips too – I normally find that even with multi-purpose products I always prefer wearing it the one way but this is brilliant as both a blush and lip product. 
mac giveaway concealer mascara powder eyeshadow wet n wild maybelline primark
A bit different to the luxury high end makeup items are these basic staples that I’ve been loving this month. I’ve been using my mac studio fix concealer (nw15) a lot and it never fails, it covers everything and is the perfect shade! I’ve also been using this maybelline the matte maker powder which is definitely a favourite. I like to try out different mattifying powders and so far, this has been really good and for £3.99 I’d recommend it for any oily-skinned-gals out there! For eyes things have been pretty basic, this wet n wild single shadow in the shade Creme Brulee (thanks Lauren) is the perfect all over lid colour for fuss-free makeup and this super cheap waterproof mascara (£2) from Primark has been a great find this month – review coming soon! 
skincare giveaway nspa boots
For skincare I’ve been really enjoying this Boots Essentials 3 minute clay mask in cucumber – it’s cool and refreshing in this hot, humid weather and it leaves me skin feeling like it’s had a real treat. You get loads of product for the price so a great budget friendly mask! Finally this nspa nourishing eye cream has been a great find, it’s hydrating and light under the eyes but also feels cool and refreshing in the mornings. I’m actually hosting a giveaway where two people can win one of these each so be sure to check that out too!  


Degustabox June 2014 & Discount code

degustabox discount code

After enjoying my May Degustabox (post here) I was thrilled to see another box of goodies land at my doorstep in June! Degustabox* if you don’t already know, is a food and drink based monthly subscription box full of new brands and products to try out ranging from snacks, cupboard foods, drinks, alcoholic drinks and cooking ingredients.Each box is £12.99 including delivery which is a great price considering the box is packed full of goodies! You don’t need to tie into a years subscription you can cancel anytime which is great and you can use the code QPW2F to get £3 off your first box making it £9.99 including delivery! Last month I was pretty impressed, so I was glad to see this months content was just as good! Here’s what I got: 
  • Bear Alphabites – £2.69 rrp
  • Veetee Basmati and Wild Rice –  £1.49 rrp
  • Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes – £2.59 rrp 
  • Shaken Udder Chocolate Milkshake – £1 rrp
  • Urban Fruit Perfect Pineapple – £1.09 rrp
  • Dr Oetker Madagascan Vanilla – £4.99 rrp
  • Be Fast Breakfast On The Go Banana Flavour x2 – £1.00 each rrp
  • Estrella Damm (spanish beer)- £4.00 rrp
  • Lambrini Strawberry Flavour – £3.29 rrp
Total value: £23.14 

A good mix of contents this month with a little something for everyone. My favourite items were the  strawberry lambrini which I have never tried before, the Madagscan Vanilla which will be great to use baking and the Estrella Damm beer which was something I would never have tried without Degustabox! The chocolate flutes were the same as last months box, but a different flavour – I would have preferred to receive a different product, but they were very yummy! The milkshake was a little extra gift in my box, I can’t drink it as it’s dairy milk along with the breakfast shakes but I am sure these will be enjoyed my someone in my house! The rice is a handy food item to keep for an easy quick meal and the urban fruit will be enjoyed by someone from my family no doubt (not a fan of dried fruit). The Bear Alphabites cereal was a pretty cool item, I’ve not seen them before so I was excited to try those. They were very nice and great for kids breakfasts as they are naturally flavoured with no sugar or nasties. 

Overall – a great box this month! For the price (£9.99 with discount code, £12.99 without) you’re getting double or almost double your money in product value which is great! Definitely worth checking out if you’re a bit of a foodie, so don’t forget you can use code QPW2F to get £3 off your first box making it £9.99 including delivery!

October Favourites

The past month has absolutely flown by for me! I’ve been waiting to start my new job which I’ve now been in for a whole week (more on that soon!) and I’ve discovered so many new and exciting products that I’ve really enjoyed using! So for my October favourites every single item is ‘new’ in terms of favourites status! So here’s what I’ve been loving lately: 

october favourites uk beauty blog

Witch skincare blemish gel 
After running out of my usual spot treatment I decided to try something new and I’ve found something that works for me! This spot gel from Witch is a clear gel formula which you apply to blemishes and leave over night and it helps to reduce spots. I find that blemishes are less red in the morning and clear up quicker than if they were left to their own devices! It does have a strong scent and can sting a little if it’s a ‘fresh’ blemish but nothing too bad that would stop me using it as the outcome is brilliant! 

Lierac paris Magnificence day and night gel moisturiser* 
This might just be the most expensive skincare product I’ve ever owned, but my gosh do I love it! It’s amazing. The scent is unlike anything I’ve smelled before, it smells so luxurious and lovely and the formula is gel like which is different too. I’ve found that my skin has generally looked brighter, more awake and felt smoother to the touch and I think it’s because of this! It’s available to buy from online pharmacies and if this is in your budget then I’d definitely recommend trying it! 

Real Techniques expert face brush
Previously I’d gone back to basics with applying foundation by using my hands – a lot of the time I find this the best way to make sure it is truly blended in. However, lately I’ve been reaching for the expert face brush and it’s changed my routine completely. I find this makes application quicker, I use less product and it applies evenly providing excellent coverage! This has been a lifesaver in the early mornings before work and its just the perfect shape for all areas of the face including under eyes and the nose!  

Alison Claire coconut lipbalm – reviewed here*
The cold, harsh winter weather has well and truly kicked in here in Wales. This combined with a freezing cold office and a heater that’s constantly on means my lips have been super dry – my favourite lip balm this month has been this natural lip balm in coconut by Alison Claire! It’s a thoroughly moisturising product and has helped stop my lips from becoming chapped and sore! 

Lierac paris cleansing water – reviewed here*
I’ve recently been trying out a few different skincare products and this has been one of favourites. It’s made removing makeup a lot quicker and easier and has been my go to product especially on days when I’ve worn a waterproof mascara or heavy eye makeup as this removes it all! 

MUA matte lipstick in wild berry – swatched here 
I literally haven’t stopped wearing this shade! It’s so unlike any other shade I own but I love it, it’s perfect for this time of year and I really like the formula of these matte shades by MUA! All for £1!! You can read more about the range in my post linked above, but this is a firm fave! 

Catrice Absolute nude palette – reviewed here
Another product I have recently discovered, but again something I haven’t stopped using! This is my current everyday eyeshadow, it’s great for an everyday look for work and it’s pretty too! My favourite is definitely the lightest shade which reminds me of rice paper from mac, it’s very light, shimmery and brightening – so perfect for a wake me up on early mornings at work! 

So, there you have it … a collection of my current favourites and I can sense a few of these staying around for a good while! What have you been loving lately? 


The Body Shop – favourites

The Body Shop products are well known for their excellent quality, and some of my favourite bath and body products come from their shops! Although my all time favourite is their satsuma range, I also really enjoy the sweeter, nuttier scents like the Shea range and Cocoa Butter range, which are both famous for their skin nourishing properties and nutty fragrance. Today’s post includes a few of my favourite products from the Body Shop that I have been loving recently. I’ve had this photograph for so long just waiting to be reviewed despite almost using the products up fully – it’s just been forgotten about, so you may notice that the Body Shop have recently changed their packaging which you can see on their website

Cocoa butter body scrub £12.50 || Shea shower cream £4 || Cocoa Butter body butter £13 

The Cocoa butter body scrub is great for those of you who love a good exfoliating product that helps to remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling smooth and soft at the same time. As you can see the product has visible grains which help to exfoliate the skin but it is in no way harsh. Once washed off, the product leaves behind smooth, clean skin which lingers with a sweet cocoa butter scent. For £12.50 you get 200ml of product and it lasts ages! 

The cocoa butter body butter has the same sweet smell as the body scrub, and lingers on the skin for a while after use. It has quite a thick consistency but doesn’t feel greasy when applied as it sinks into the skin nicely. It’s great for use on extra dry skin, I sometimes use this on my elbows, knees etc – or areas where I am prone to dry skin! Again, you receive 200ml of product and this retails at £13 – a little goes a long way. 

The last product I wanted to include was this shower cream from the shea range. It is sold as a soap free cleansing product and is ideal for use on dry skin as it is again, very moisturising. I love that this lathers up really well, and feels quite luxurious compared to standard shower gels. The main reason I enjoy this product, is because it smells lovely – quite subtle but a scent that stays on your skin for a long time! 

The body shop frequently have massive discount codes floating around for 30% or even 40% off orders, so it’s worth keeping an eye out online for some bargains! Glamour magazine (£2) also have a free gift card in this months mag that is either worth £3, £15 or £100 – I’ve got mine but I haven’t checked what it’s worth yet – fingers crossed for £100 (I wish!!)