Monday, 19 January 2015

101 Beauty Blog Post Ideas // titles

101 beauty blog post ideas tips

  1. A look inside my current makeup bag 
  2. Holy grail makeup products 
  3. Where to find beauty bargains 
  4. Shop my stash 
  5. Products used up/Empties 
  6. Monthly favourites/Current favourites 
  7. Everyday makeup tutorial 
  8. Top 5 products under X £/$/€ (currency of your choice!)
  9. How I started my beauty blog
  10. Behind the blogging scenes 
  11. Things I wish I knew before starting my beauty blog 
  12. How to use twitter for blogging 
  13. New product review 
  14. Old but loved product review 
  15. Travel beauty essentials 
  16. How to create a natural look 
  17. One brand tutorial 
  18. Top 3 drugstore finds 
  19. Top 3 luxury beauty buys 
  20. How to find the perfect foundation 
  21. Products I didn't like/regret buying 
  22. Products worth the hype 
  23. How to clean your makeup brushes 
  24. Makeup collection 
  25. How to store your makeup 
  26. This or that beauty tag 
  27. 10 beauty products I couldn't live without 
  28. Beauty repurchases 
  29. The perfect red lip combo 
  30. Skincare routine (morning) 
  31. Skincare routine (evening) 
  32. Hair care routine 
  33. Lipsticks you need to own 
  34. Makeup staples that everygirl needs 
  35. How to create a basic makeup starter kit 
  36. Makeup do's and don'ts 
  37. Giveaway/Competition 
  38. Beauty blogs you should be following 
  39. Current favourite beauty reads 
  40. Bedside table beauty staples 
  41. A day in the life 
  42. Beauty blogging basics: tips for beginners 
  43. Share your expertise (e.g HTML coding or photography) 
  44. Beauty Blogger interviews 
  45. Mascara: The good, the bad and the ugly 
  46. Budget beauty products worth purchasing 
  47. Haircare staples 
  48. Evening makeup tutorial 
  49. How to create the perfect smokey eye 
  50. The lip product addict tag
  51. Drugstore dupes 
  52. Latest drugstore releases 
  53. Fragrance review 
  54. Bath & Body review 
  55. Fragrance wish list 
  56. Luxury beauty wishlist 
  57. DIY hair mask 
  58. DIY beauty storage 
  59. Essential makeup brushes for beginners 
  60. How to find the right foundation shade 
  61. Tutorial: Contour & highlight 
  62. New beauty releases of the month 
  63. 7 things I couldn't live without 
  64. Beauty tips for makeup beginners 
  65. Makeup trends 
  66. Multi-use products 
  67. Savvy Beauty advice 
  68. Top 3 eyeshadow palettes 
  69. Beauty gifts under £10 
  70. Luxury beauty gift guide 
  71. Top three hair products for dry/oily/frizzy hair 
  72. Nails of the week 
  73. Basic nail products every girl should own 
  74. A day in the life 
  75. unisex beauty products
  76. How to get rid of spots/acne
  77. The no-makeup makeup look 
  78. Beauty secrets passed down 
  79. Best apps for beauty bloggers 
  80. Online shopping discount codes
  81. How to apply false lashes for beginners 
  82. Tips for shopping at the beauty counters 
  83. How to plan your blogging schedule
  84. Current beauty trends 
  85. Beauty seen on the catwalk 
  86. Products you would repurchase over and over again 
  87. Cult beauty products: Yay or Nay? 
  88. Beauty subscription boxes
  89. Top 5 mascaras 
  90. 3 beauty products worth buying under £3/$3/€3 
  91. At home spa treatments 
  92. DIY face mask 
  93. Beauty hauls & recent purchases 
  94. Travel beauty and skincare essentials 
  95. Beauty swap 
  96. Recommended Reads: Beauty blogs you need to bookmark 
  97. Makeup decluttering 
  98. How to tell when your makeup is 'out of date' 
  99. Top tips for running a successful beauty blog 
  100. Things I wish I knew when I started a blog 
  101. Seasonal beauty trends 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Products that made the cut - 2014/2015

2014 favourites 2015
Despite the copious amounts of makeup and beauty products I tried and tested in 2014, not all of them were 'loves' (or even 'likes'). Being a 'beauty blogger' for want of a better term, results in having more than average when it comes to makeup, so here's a quick round up of the products that have made the cut and will be continuing in my collection for 2015. I've seriously streamlined my makeup towards the end of the year, taking a 'less is more' approach and finally have a drawer (full) of products that I really do love and use. 

For base and face, it was all about finding the perfect combo. I didn't find any skincare 'wows' in 2014, though I did convert to Micellar Water so an honourable shoutout goes to the Garnier Micellar Water for being cheap, easy and a whopping 400ml bottle. The winner for foundations this year was the Ideal Flawless Foundation from avon, purchased a staggering 4 times which truly says something about how much I love it. Applied with my favourite face brushes from Nanshy, I've just found something that works. For powder I switched between pressed powder and loose powder and really enjoyed using the loose corrective powder from Vichy towards the end of the year. This powder just seriously adds that sleek finish to your makeup that just blurs everything together nicely; for a powder brush, real techniques came out on top. 

For blushers and bronzers it was all about trying new things. Nars blushers became part of my collection and they have been very loved; deep throat and torrid are now the only shimmery pink and gorgeous peach shades I need. For bronzer, Avon's matte bronzer stood out for me; cheap, cheerful, easy to use, not too orange and not too ashy - it's a great contour/bronzer 2 in 1! Special mention to Estee Lauder for their jaw-droppingly-beautiful blush in 'electric pink'. 

For eyes it was back to basics; no shimmering shades here it was all about the matte shadows and you just can't beat the Naked Basics palette. It's compact, has entirely wearable shades and even doubled/trebled as eyeliner and eyebrow colours. More basics for the eyes included the nyx eyeshadow base which is a thick white primer that literally glues your eyeshadow to your eyelid - it's amazing - and the ever so handy and compact Unii palette. A hands down winner for the mascara category was from Younique; their 3d fiber mascara just changed the game when it came to getting thick and volumised lashes. If I could recommend one product to try in 2015, it would be this! Honourable mention to Loreal Telescopic clean definition mascara which is great for quick, everyday, lengthened lashes too. 

For Lip products I have to mention the cult beauty fave that is Nuxe Reve de Meil lip balm which is the most luxurious, thick and hydrating lipbalm that I've used. Perfect for using before bed and it smells delicious too. Lip crayons became a favourite of mine last year and I'm still loving the wet n wild balm stains which are used almost daily! The shade lady and the vamp is my favourite, the perfect dark and sultry purple! Finally, I tried a lot of new fragrances this year but still went back to my old favourite 'Couture Couture' by Juicy Couture; you just can't beat it. 

Phew! So, these products are firmly set to stay in my makeup collection for the forseeable future and are my most loved/used products from the previous year. I still can't get the hang of writing 2015; it will feel weird for approximately 11 months until I finally get the hang of it before it changes again. 

Monday, 29 December 2014

Taking a break

Long time, no blog.. It's certainly been a while. In fact, this is the longest I've gone without posting here in quite some time, given that I've posted anywhere from 4 - 8 times a week, every week since about March. I decided to take a little break so to speak, not that blogging is a chore or a job, it's just I really didn't have anything to write. Reviews were posted, gift guides were enjoyed and the schedule went out of the window. I think sometimes it's better to post nothing than a half-hearted post, especially when you're really just not feeling it. 

Christmas has been and gone, it was brilliant. It's my favourite time of the year and as usual, this year did not disappoint and the festive festivities were flowing. I've eaten far too much turkey and stuffing, have enough chocolate to sink a battle ship and I'm fully stocked up on a years worth of smellies from santa (the toiletry kind that is, in case you're wondering). After spending one-too-many evenings (and days) lounging around in my onsie I decided it was about time to show my face around here, well not quite my face but you know what I mean. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, who can believe that this year is almost over? 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Stocking fillers under £10

stocking fillers under £10 £5

Finding great stocking fillers can be hardwork, especially if you have lots of different ages and types of people to buy gifts for. Personally, I love finding cute or quirky and fun items to include in people's stockings and always find stockings the most fun thing to open on Christmas morning. 

You can find a bundle of fun and quirky stocking fillers online that you don't see in the shops, so having a browse on sites like Stocking-fillers is a must! This site allows you to categorise your stocking fillers according to price, and I like to stick to the £10 and under rule for stocking fillers - that way each person can have a few smaller gifts in their stocking each year! 

Above are some of my fave items from the site, including  a little something for everyone. For the guys you can't go wrong with a funny 'toilet-humour' book - this 'F in Exams' book is hilarious and full of some of the funniest exam answers. For the man who likes food related gifts or american goodies then marshmallow fluff is the way forward. Also, did you know that you can use a dollop of this in your hot chocolate? It's amazing! 

For the girls this retro My Little Pony mug is the perfect cute and quirky stocking filler, I mean who doesn't love cute mugs? Perfect for the tea/coffee addict in the family! Speaking of family, it's always nice to have some kind of fun game that everyone can join in with on christmas day - this cute tin has the '20 questions' game inside but with a festive twist. Notebooks are a good shout too - I love this passport note book, perfect for anyone any age! 

Kids are almost a bit trickier when it comes to stockings, you can't really do the whole bath and body items or food items (well, at least you can't with my little brother!). So, fun and retro toys like this wooden noughts and crosses game and the fun snaps (who remembers these?) make ideal little stocking fillers.

You can find the full range of stocking fillers on and they even have gifts from as low as £1!