11 Fun and Easy Crafts for Seniors Who Love Art

Crafting is a fun and easy pastime for seniors. Art and craft activities help keep the brain stimulated and improve hand-eye coordination. They also enhance cognitive abilities. Crafting also improves concentration skills among seniors and boosts their self-esteem. It also increases their sense of well-being and happiness. Making crafts can help seniors enjoy their sunset years in a creative, fun way.

You may be seeking some fun and easy crafts for seniors to take part in and enjoy. This list contains eleven fun and simple crafts are bound to keep the seniors busy and occupied. Since most of the materials needed are easy to find, the crafts can be made in large or small groups. They can potentially keep the seniors engaged in a fun and captivating way throughout the day!

1. Paper Flowers

Tissue paper is the best material to use to create simple, beautiful paper flowers. It is cheap and available in many colours. This easy craft is perfect for any occasion. The flowers can be made in different sizes and used as decorations. They are easy to hang by applying tape at the back.

2. Handmade Greeting Cards

Homemade cards are simple yet fun crafts for seniors to make. You can work on these for birthdays and holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Using materials such as cardstock, paper, ribbons, stickers and fabric, they can create beautiful cards for their loved ones or fellow friends at the retirement community.

3. Wind Chimes

The gentle tinkle of a wind chime is loved by many. The sound varies depending on the material used to make them. Seniors would enjoy creating wind chimes since they are not complicated to make, and they are fun too. The materials for making wind chimes are easy to come by. They include twine, shells, old cutlery, old keys, mason jars, tin cans, driftwood, and glass tiles.

4. Fabric Magnets

Whiling away time creating fabric magnets is an ingenious way of engaging seniors. These crafts for seniors doesn’t take much time, but the end product is beautiful. Fabric magnets can be used to spruce up a magnetic bulletin board or noticeboard. They also make great gifts. Using different-coloured, printed fabric, a button kit and magnets, seniors can easily create these beauties. It is a simple, fun and colourful activity that’s bound to bring smiles and laughter to the seniors.

5. Sun Catchers

A suncatcher is a small ornament usually hang on the inside windows. They reflect sunlight into a room and can easily be crafted using glass or beads. This is an excellent way to keep seniors engaged. Seniors can use colourful materials to make suncatchers and hang them in their rooms to add beauty, mainly when the sunlight is reflected and the beautiful colours of the suncatcher dance around the room.

6. Painting Rocks

Painting rocks is a fun and natural outdoor crafting activity. Seniors can engage in this creative activity with their grandkids or on their own. Medium or large rocks are perfect for this activity. Using paints and other crafting material such as felt, glue and googly eyes, they can paint and decorate the rocks in a variety of ways. This is a great way to spend an afternoon of boundless creativity.

7. Sewing and Crocheting

With the right materials, tools and equipment, sewing can produce beautiful crafts for seniors. They can learn to make anything from cushion covers to quilts, which can be given to family members and cherished for years. Crocheting is an excellent craft for seniors. They can make products such as scarfs, mittens, hats, shawls or even phone covers. These would make great stocking stuffers at Christmas.

8. Homemade Soap

Crafting personalized soap is another fantastic activity to keep seniors productively engaged. They can create soaps with their favourite scents and colours, not to mention shapes. Soap making can keep seniors busy for a few hours. They can then share out the soap as gifts or use it themselves. Who wouldn’t love a unique bar of homemade soap made by their grandma!

9. Flower Wreath

A flower wreath is a perfect Christmas holiday or a summer gift. You can have the seniors spread cheer during Christmas by making flower wreath for families and friends. A Christmas wreath can be made in appropriate sizes using holly. For a summer wreath, get the seniors to use the flowers in season and hang them in their rooms as a decorative piece, or give them out as gifts.

10. Halloween Costumes

Halloween fun does not have to be limited to kids. Seniors can also participate by creating their own costumes. They can make the costumes as simple or as complex as they wish. To spread the fun, get them to involve their family members or the neighbouring community in this exercise.

11. Christmas Crafts

Making crafts for Christmas is a fun activity that should get everyone into the Christmas cheer. The possibilities here are many, and the crafts to be made can range from Christmas tree ornaments, cards, wreaths, snow globes, paper chains, paper ornaments, angels and stars. These can be used to decorate the Christmas tree in many homes. Seniors can create personal Christmas decorations for their families to give each Christmas season a special meaning.

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