Monday, 7 January 2013

Ebay basket - Home Edition

My current ebay basket - the home edition 

Okay, so I might still live at home with my family but I still love pretty little things for the house. My personal style is anything shabby chic, floral or vintage looking with some of my favourite items involving tea cups, cute ditsy prints, pretty pastels and shabby wooden items. I seriously cannot wait to have an entire house to decorate, there's something about cute little house-y bit's that excite me and make me want to be a grown up with my very own kitchen. I also love ebay, and it's the perfect place to pick up some bargains for the smaller items - so here's a quick look into some of the items from my current ebay basket. I've included a direct link to the item, just in case any one else loves cute little home items as much as I do! 

1. Rainbow meausring spoons  - £1.79 (free p+p) 
I think these would definitely come in handy for all the baking I like to do, and are also cute and colourful, not bad for less than £2.
2. Pretty rose garland decoration - £2.39 (freep+p)
I've been searching for something similar for a while now, I plan to wrap this around my bed as it will match my room perfectly and adds a little something extra to a boring white bed frame. 

3. Woodland Rabbit night light - £5.99 (freep+p)
This is just adorable, I love the fact it is LED and is shaped like a woodland creature. What more is there to say? I love it! 

4. Keep Calm & Carry On photo pegs - £1.99 (freep+p)
I'm looking to get some of my favourite instagram pictures printed (btw, you can follow me on instagram my user name is 'jessicarowlandxo' and I am addicted!) I thought these pegs would be cute to hang my fave snaps up on a bit of string. Easy and simple, and taking up less space than a gabillion picture frames. 

5. Retro hanging kitchen sign - £1.12 (£0.70 p+p)
When I am an official grown up in  my own house, I want to hang cute little signs everywhere. One for the bathroom, kitchen and loo - just in case I wake up one morning and forget my way around. (You never know!) 

6. Cute and floral light switch cover  - £1.39 (free p+p) 
I've had a few different ones of these, and even made a DIY version but I just love the cute floral print of this one and it's a cheap and effective way to spruce up something that was otherwise a boring white square. 

7. Set of 2 shabby chic bird & heart hangers  - £2.80 (free p+p)
Is it just me or can you not get enough of little hanging decorations? Birds, hearts and stars .. I love them all. Cream also goes with the majority of decor in any room & this is a pack of two for a not too shabby price (see what I did there?) 

Do you plan home decor even if you don't have your own home? Or for those who do, do you use ebay to find some bargains for the home? I'll definitely be picking up a few of these soon! 



  1. I love the rose garland I am adding it to my wish list :] xx

    1. I'm going to order one soon, I've wanted one for a while but the ones I've found have been pretty expensive compared to this :) x

  2. Oh my, the bunny light! So much want, why are you doing this to me Jess ;) x

    1. Haha, why am I doing it to myself?! At least they are all pretty cheap and wont break the bank :) x

  3. Some cute items. I love the measuring spoons! :)

  4. I put that light cover on my watch list ready for my eBay post and it has popped up on so many blogs since haha!
    Fab wishlist. x

    1. Ah really?! It's so pretty & very affordable too! Thanks Leanne :) x

  5. A RABBIT LIGHT??!! That is too cute..yet another thing to add to my wish list! x

    1. It's adorable isn't it? A definite item for me ^_^ x