Monday, 25 February 2013

Makeup storage bargain alert!

Instagram snapshot - new storage

Just a quick snapshot of my new lipstick holder that arrived today! I absolutely love the clear acyrlic storage like the types of muji, but my student bank balance can't afford it. Luckily I snapped this one up from ebay for just over £3 from this seller! An absolute bargain. Just thought I'd share for any like-minded makeup hoarders who love a bargain! I'm off to the cinema again tonight, that's 3 days in a row now! P.s You can follow me on instagram here


Maybelline Colour tattoo : NEW shades

Maybelline color tattoo 24hr : New shades

Recently I picked up two brand new shades of maybelline's 24hr colour tattoo eye-shadows to add to my ever-growing collection of cream eye-shadows. I have three more of these, and absolutely love them - so these next two were welcome additions, plus they were only £4.99 and buy one get one half price ... totally justified purchase to a make-up-a-holic. 

Permanent Taupe & Pink Gold 

Left - Permanent Taupe, Right - Pink Gold. 

Firstly, Permanent Taupe is completely matte - which is something I've never experienced in a cream shadow format before, the rest are all shimmer colours (which I love). Pink Gold was one of those shades I looked at and inside my head thought *No Jess, you don't need this and you WON'T wear a pink eyeshadow* I was wrong, I bloomin' well love it. In fact - I love them both! Swatches are below - as you can see, amazing pigmentation and colour payoff for both colours. 

top - without flash 
bottom - with flash 

Permanent Taupe - Almost grey like brown, completely matte, dark base but completely blendable and amazing under neutral shadows for a smokey look. Staying power is amazing. 

Pink Gold - Almost rose gold with a gorgeous shimmer throughout, applies like a dream and looks lovely alone of mixed with any of the shades from my naked or naked 2 palette. Very pretty - and again, amazing staying power. 

These are a perfect alternative to Mac Paint-pots and are a steal at less than £5 each! The majority of colours are very wearable and last all day, a pocket-friendly investment in my opinion! Have you tried these colour tattoos? What's your favourite shade? 


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Instagram Post #4

Instagram post #4

1. Soap and glory stash. 2. Current read 3. Favourite candle. 4. Cleaning brush duty 5. Mars Milkshake anyone? 6. Reasons why I love the cinema. 7. Bright nails. 8. New lippy. 9. Gossip girl & Chocolates. 


Friday, 22 February 2013

Ebay Basket - Pretty Pastels

Ebay Basket - Pretty pastels for the home! 

I am a sucker for all things cute, pastel and pretty - especially when it comes to homeware! So here is a quick round up of the bits and bobs I am currently adding to my ever-expanding ebay basket ... enjoy! 

3. Pretty pink straws £2.95
4. Polka dot cushions  - £4.99 
5. Yankee Candle 'Pink Sands' - £15.49 

Are you a fan of pastels when it comes to home ware? 

Friday, 15 February 2013

50 random facts (get to know me!)

50 facts about me 

1. My middle name is Isobel 
2. I once had a pet chipmunk who's name was chip - original, I know
3. I have two brothers and one sister 
4. I never drink a cup of tea - I only ever dip biscuits in it 
5. I love coffee - Nescafe Gold is my most favourite ever!! 
6. I don't tell people about my blog - not sure why, I just don't
7. I've never ever had a driving lesson 
8. I'm handing my dissertation in in 2 months time and I'm terrified
9. I am addicted to malteaster bunnies 
10. I never ever wear mascara on my bottom lashes 
11. I can't eat anything spicy as I am such a whimp 
12. I've been to New York twice 
13. I only sit on the end seat at the cinema so I can get out easily if I need to
14. I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do after uni 
15. I'm completely rubbish at saving money 
16. I currently have a job after 2yrs of being unemployed
17. I hate bridges 
18. I've never broken a bone 
19. I haven't been to the opticians in over 10 years 
20. My favourite colour is grey 
21. I do not own any pairs of heels - not even wedges 
22. I live in Vans (the shoes, not the vehicles) 
23. I had chicken pox for the first time when I was 18! 
24. I love raspberries
25. I waste a lot of time watching youtube videos 
26. I go to the cinema a lot now I have an unlimited pass 
27. I would eat a roast chicken dinner every day of the week if I could 
28. My favourite author is Jodi Picoult 
29. My hair is naturally curly/wavy and a nightmare to handle 
30. I like vintage/old teacups 
31. I never ever wear a watch so I'm constantly asking people what the time is 
32. I am a very fussy eater 
33. I love writing lists about everything and anything 
34. I wear a size 8 shoe and 7.5 in vans/converse (uk) 
35. I hate clubbing and never go out to clubs/parties 
36. I've been to 15 concerts 
37. I hate busy crowded places - they make me really angry 
38. I don't have that many friends, everyone I went to school with turned out to be an asshole 
39. I love cherry lucozade! 
40. I am obsessed with grey's anatomy 
41. I am very interested in Buddhism 
42. I never go a day without listening to music of some kind 
43. I don't have any grandparents
44. I love cheese & pineapple and it's the first thing I eat at buffets
45. I love cooking for other people 
46. I really want a ragdoll cat when I have my own place
47. I hate annoying repetitive noises such as humming or tapping & I will let you know if you are doing it!
48. I always always buy things I don't need 
49. I like sweetcorn but not corn on the cob 
50. I used to be terrified of hair dye then took the plunge from blonde to black at 18! 

Well done if you made it this far. Please link yourself below if you have done one of these posts as I love to read them - I am really nosy. 


Cover girl lash blast

Cover Girl Lashblast mascara 

Okay, I am 100% guilty of jumping on several beauty bandwagons and wanting something just because everyone else has it. Cover girl lash blast mascara is no exception and I've been lusting after this for such a long time, it's just not readily available in the UK unless you want to pay above £8 shipping for a mascara?! (I certainly don't!) Anyway, imagine my utter excitement when I strolled accross this baby in Tkmaxx for a mere £3.99... day = made. So here's a closer look at the mascara for those who aren't sure what it's all about and also my initial thoughts on it. 

The packaging is chunky and girly at the same time with this gorgeous colour - always a bonus, but a bit of a bugger to store in my tiny makeup drawers. 
The brush is a plastic brush which again, is relatively 'chunky' and picks up quite a lot of product which is great in some ways as it usually means your lashes will have a good coating and be uber black - however I thought this looked a little clumpy even on the brush. Maybe the mascara needs a bit of a shake or something? 

Left - one coat, right - two coats 

I have to say I am a little underwhelmed with this product, my initial reaction was just a bit dull. I'm not sure if I was expecting some kind of miracle after reading some rave reviews about this and how many bloggers and  vloggers swear by this mascara - I just wasn't wow'ed. 

Don't get me wrong, it did do a good job at adding some volume, thickness and blackness to my eyelashes, it just didn't do a brilliant job. I personally found it took a lot of wiggling and a lot of strokes to actually get the product to 'work' on my eyelashes. I'm just not sure if this is as good as it's made out to be? I'm going to persevere with it and give it a good trial and who knows, maybe my opinions will change - but for now I'm a bit on the fence and quite frankly underwhelmed by this cult product. 

Have you tried this? I'd love to know how you found it, or if you have any recommendations or anything like that. Please do leave a comment below and let me know :) 


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Empties #1

Empties #1

'Empties' or products I've recently used up posts are quite possibly one of my favourites posts to read from other bloggers. Now, if I was to mention this to anyone who isn't a blogger, then they'd probably find it a bit strange that I essentially like to look at photographs of recycling and read thoughts on others' rubbish. However, for me these act as mini reviews and a chance to see what someone truly thought of the product after using the entire thing. So, here's a bunch of my recycling and/or empties - depending on which way you look at it :) 

Diesel loverdose shower gel - 30ml size
I absolutely love the loverdose perfume, and mentioned in in my recent favourites post. This smells just as good and the scent lingers for a while - which I like when I'm wearing the perfume too. Not sure if I would go out of my way to repurchase this in full size, but it's a lovely extra to have with a perfume. 

Boots Natural collection Vanilla body spray  
I'm a big fan of liquid body sprays in comparison to aerosol sprays, and this has to be one of my favourites! It's pretty cheap and cheerful at around £2 (and usually on 3for2 at boots) and it's the perfect handbag spray. I'd definitely repurchase this. 

Avon Naturals room and linen spray in strawberry and white choc
This is one of those products that seemed to last forever! It was a delicious scent and made my bedroom smell like sweeties - but it was really strong & a little went a long way. I'd repurchase this - but perhaps a different scent?

Dove invisible dry deodorant 
Pretty simple - the only deodorant I use. I used to just buy what was on offer, but I absolutely love this one. Always a repurchase. 

Aussie 3 minute miracle re-constructor conditioner  
The 3min miracle range is possibly my favourite conditioner ever! I'm not quite sure I noticed the difference between the original and the re-constructor? But I will always repurchase Aussie 3 min miracle unless I find something even better - but as a general rule, my hair loves this stuff. 

Rimmel stay matte powder
Another recent favourite and something I seem to be going through a lot lately. I have about 3 on the go, so I have no doubt that this will show up again in my next empties post! A constat repurchase and amazing value! 

Natural collection pressed powder
A great powder for £1.99 - in fact I used to use this all the time, it's just I have found the stay matte to be better for my tzone and oily areas. I'd probably repurchase this if I wanted something other than stay matte as it's a perfectly good pressed powder for less than £2! 

Bourjois healthy mix foundation
Another favourite, this is my daily foundation and I'm actually on my 4th bottle of this now and I will continue to repurchase. I love the coverage and the finish it gives my skin. Tempted to try the serum version... any thoughts? 

Loreal volume million lashes extra black mascara
Only ended up trying this mascara by accident as my mum bought the wrong one - I absolutely loved this. I liked what it did to my lashes, but I didn't like the price tag ... £10.99 seems a little steep to me for a mascara? Saying that, I probably would repurchase as it did a great job but I usually swap and change mascaras and try out what's on offer!

Victoria secrets beauty rush lipgloss 
This literally lasted me forever. I know I probably shouldn't have kept the lipgloss for that long - it lasted me 2years (shameful) however it still smelled delicious and was the prettiest clear/shimmer lipgloss I owned. I'd probably repurchase if I ever went to VS again (got this in JFK!) 

Okay - so that's my empties! Quite a few as you can see, but there's something satisfying about finishing a product, it makes me feel as though I got my moneys worth - even if I didn't love it! I've already got a few products piling up for my next empties post - not sure if it will be a monthly feature on the blog, as I can't imagine finishing that many products a month. However, when my empties box is full I will certainly share! 

Do you enjoy using things up? Please let me know if you like to read these types of post and/or link me to yours! :) 


Monday, 4 February 2013

Instagram Post #3

My week in Instagram #3

1. New jewellery courtesy of topshop sale. 2. Marmite crisps. 3. The best chocolate ever, white choc and creme brulee. 4. pretty nails. 5. Major downsize of my nail varnish collection. 6. Yummy chicken salad wraps. 7. 'Flight' - gotta love a bit of Denzel Washington. 8. Deciding if this denim shirt looked ok with a floral skater dress (didn't end up wearing it, what do you think?) 9. My lovely new bag! 
This week has absolutely flown by, between trying to get some of my dissertation work done, tackling all my other uni assignments, work and general goings on I can't even recall what I did yesterday! I seem to waste so much time doing 'nothing' that I fail to get anything actually done on my 'to do' list! 


Friday, 1 February 2013

Ebay wishlist - Valentines day single girl style!

Ebay wishlist : Valentines day single girl style!

A feel good, slightly romantic film with amazing songs, some comical one liners and a bit of eyecandy. An essential.

Cute sweetie inspired candles; Valentines themed, but will also still be cute & retro in March, April, May .. need I go on? 

My favourite ever face masks as a little perk me up and skin treat! 

Cute, vintage-y themed colours and a love heart handle. Coffee truly is the love of my life at the moment, I can't turn this down! 

I couldn't resist this little shabby chic hanging heart. Cute owls and a sweet colour theme, and I suppose it does have the word love on it too! 

Ahh, this is my favourite. A treat for myself at a fraction of the price? It's rose gold (roses on valentines day) it's a symbol of love and a pretty good knock-off of cartier - I deserve a treat don't I? 

So, that's it for my valentine's day ebay wishlist! It's safe to say, I will be enjoying my night.