Friday, 15 February 2013

50 random facts (get to know me!)

50 facts about me 

1. My middle name is Isobel 
2. I once had a pet chipmunk who's name was chip - original, I know
3. I have two brothers and one sister 
4. I never drink a cup of tea - I only ever dip biscuits in it 
5. I love coffee - Nescafe Gold is my most favourite ever!! 
6. I don't tell people about my blog - not sure why, I just don't
7. I've never ever had a driving lesson 
8. I'm handing my dissertation in in 2 months time and I'm terrified
9. I am addicted to malteaster bunnies 
10. I never ever wear mascara on my bottom lashes 
11. I can't eat anything spicy as I am such a whimp 
12. I've been to New York twice 
13. I only sit on the end seat at the cinema so I can get out easily if I need to
14. I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do after uni 
15. I'm completely rubbish at saving money 
16. I currently have a job after 2yrs of being unemployed
17. I hate bridges 
18. I've never broken a bone 
19. I haven't been to the opticians in over 10 years 
20. My favourite colour is grey 
21. I do not own any pairs of heels - not even wedges 
22. I live in Vans (the shoes, not the vehicles) 
23. I had chicken pox for the first time when I was 18! 
24. I love raspberries
25. I waste a lot of time watching youtube videos 
26. I go to the cinema a lot now I have an unlimited pass 
27. I would eat a roast chicken dinner every day of the week if I could 
28. My favourite author is Jodi Picoult 
29. My hair is naturally curly/wavy and a nightmare to handle 
30. I like vintage/old teacups 
31. I never ever wear a watch so I'm constantly asking people what the time is 
32. I am a very fussy eater 
33. I love writing lists about everything and anything 
34. I wear a size 8 shoe and 7.5 in vans/converse (uk) 
35. I hate clubbing and never go out to clubs/parties 
36. I've been to 15 concerts 
37. I hate busy crowded places - they make me really angry 
38. I don't have that many friends, everyone I went to school with turned out to be an asshole 
39. I love cherry lucozade! 
40. I am obsessed with grey's anatomy 
41. I am very interested in Buddhism 
42. I never go a day without listening to music of some kind 
43. I don't have any grandparents
44. I love cheese & pineapple and it's the first thing I eat at buffets
45. I love cooking for other people 
46. I really want a ragdoll cat when I have my own place
47. I hate annoying repetitive noises such as humming or tapping & I will let you know if you are doing it!
48. I always always buy things I don't need 
49. I like sweetcorn but not corn on the cob 
50. I used to be terrified of hair dye then took the plunge from blonde to black at 18! 

Well done if you made it this far. Please link yourself below if you have done one of these posts as I love to read them - I am really nosy. 



  1. Isobel is a lovely name :)
    You have the same size feet as me! I did this tag a few days ago, although I could only come up with 25 facts haha

    Jesss xo

    1. Aw thankyou! I'll pop over and have a read :) I struggled with 50! x

  2. I'm going to do a post like this soon. I'm the same as you with the sweetcorn thing and tbh i dont have that many friends either! x

    1. So weird, sweetcorn taste completely different on the cob! I used to have so many friends in school but turns out they weren't actually friends, look forward to reading yours :D x

  3. Aww Jess, I'm your fwend :p haha. I know where you're coming from though, you Uni girls and one at-home friend is all I really have! xxx

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  5. I love cheese & pineapple too, it is the best buffet food ever!
    I also want a ragdoll cat, reading Victoria's Vintage blog makes my desire for one grow stronger and stronger! x