Friday, 1 February 2013

Ebay wishlist - Valentines day single girl style!

Ebay wishlist : Valentines day single girl style!

A feel good, slightly romantic film with amazing songs, some comical one liners and a bit of eyecandy. An essential.

Cute sweetie inspired candles; Valentines themed, but will also still be cute & retro in March, April, May .. need I go on? 

My favourite ever face masks as a little perk me up and skin treat! 

Cute, vintage-y themed colours and a love heart handle. Coffee truly is the love of my life at the moment, I can't turn this down! 

I couldn't resist this little shabby chic hanging heart. Cute owls and a sweet colour theme, and I suppose it does have the word love on it too! 

Ahh, this is my favourite. A treat for myself at a fraction of the price? It's rose gold (roses on valentines day) it's a symbol of love and a pretty good knock-off of cartier - I deserve a treat don't I? 

So, that's it for my valentine's day ebay wishlist! It's safe to say, I will be enjoying my night. 



  1. Just to let you know i saw those exact mugs in poundland in red and white, if you wanted to save a few pounds :)gotta love a bargain!

    1. Oh thankyou, I love bargains too! x

  2. Love the spin you've put on the traditional Valentine's list, this lot would make for a perfect night in for one. I may actually buy all of this and kick Spencer out for the night haha! x