Monday, 25 February 2013

Makeup storage bargain alert!

Instagram snapshot - new storage

Just a quick snapshot of my new lipstick holder that arrived today! I absolutely love the clear acyrlic storage like the types of muji, but my student bank balance can't afford it. Luckily I snapped this one up from ebay for just over £3 from this seller! An absolute bargain. Just thought I'd share for any like-minded makeup hoarders who love a bargain! I'm off to the cinema again tonight, that's 3 days in a row now! P.s You can follow me on instagram here



  1. I'm waiting for one of those coming mine was about 30 pence cheaper but they look amazing can't wait to get it and decide what to put in it :)

    1. Ahh what a bargain! Tempted to order another but then I'd have to buy more products to fill it! x

    2. Mine came this morning and I love it - I probably have enough lipsticks for at least 2 of them lol