Monday, 4 February 2013

Instagram Post #3

My week in Instagram #3

1. New jewellery courtesy of topshop sale. 2. Marmite crisps. 3. The best chocolate ever, white choc and creme brulee. 4. pretty nails. 5. Major downsize of my nail varnish collection. 6. Yummy chicken salad wraps. 7. 'Flight' - gotta love a bit of Denzel Washington. 8. Deciding if this denim shirt looked ok with a floral skater dress (didn't end up wearing it, what do you think?) 9. My lovely new bag! 
This week has absolutely flown by, between trying to get some of my dissertation work done, tackling all my other uni assignments, work and general goings on I can't even recall what I did yesterday! I seem to waste so much time doing 'nothing' that I fail to get anything actually done on my 'to do' list! 


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