Friday, 29 March 2013

Boots Haul

Easter treats - Boots Haul 

Payday, Easter weekend and a completed dissertation means only one thing to a girl like me ... SHOPPING.  Of course, this splurge is completely justified by the fact that I a) wanted  needed these things b) I finished my dissertation c) I had shed loads of boots coupons and d) boots had a 3 for 2. Completely and utterly justified in the head of a make-up-a-holic. 

Rimmel stay matte powder - £3.99
Rimmel strong nails base coat - £4.59 
Miss sporty sparkle touch glitter polish - £1.99 * free with 3 for 2 offer 
Revlon nearly naked foundation in 'vanilla' - £8.99*£5.99 with a £3 off revlon coupon
Revlon lip butter in 'juicy papaya' - £7.99 
Seventeen dolled up mascara - £6.29 *£2 with coupon and then free in 3 for 2 offer 
Dove compressed deodarant - £1.92 on offer from £2.89 

I also managed to use my double points coupon, a coupon for 200 points when you spend over £20 and a coupon for 75 points when you buy any mascara or lipstick! This gave me £3.63 on my advantage card! 

Total before discount: £35.76 
Total paid: £20.19 

A bloomin' good day at boots if you ask me! Have you picked up anything recently? Do you get sucked in by the 3 for 2 offers? 


Saturday, 23 March 2013

10 day YOU challenge #4 (Beauty Wishlist)

Here I am with installment number 4 of this challenge/tag, so if you've missed the last three do feel free to catch up on them (links in the sidebar). Today is seven wants, now I suppose I could become all philosophical here and talk about things I want for the future, for humanity and for the world but being the beauty blogger I am I'm going to turn this into a beauty wishlist. A completely selfish wish list of seven beauty themed items that I want need.  

1. Benefits world famous neutrals - easiest nudes ever £23.50 

2. Khroma Beauty - Khloe's Kardazzle face palette - £13.95

3. Sigma f80 flat top kabuki brush - £14.95

4. Estee Lauder blush in peach nuance - £24.00 

5.  Mac Blushers from Archie's girls collection - £19.00

6. Rimmel apocalips in 'NOVA' - £5.99

7. Urban decay naked basics palette - £20.00

What's on your beauty wishlist? 


Friday, 22 March 2013

Real techniques starter set

Real Techniques - Starter Set (eye brushes) 

I've been meaning to blog about these little things for a while now, but for some reason it has taken until now. I've been using them for about 2 months now actually, so it is probably about time I shared my thoughts on these 'cult' brushes. That's the thing with the blogging world of beauty, a lot a products become 'cult products' and 'must-haves' - and some don't live up to their expectation. Real techniques however, do. As a lover of their core collection of face brushes, it was only a matter of time before I fell in love with these too. 

The set contains five single brushes which are; brow brush, pixel point eyeliner brush, accent brush, base shadow brush and deluxe crease brush (l-r). They also come in this handy brush holder which doubles as a stand - a nice touch and super handy for travel purposes! The set retails for £21.99 and is available from bootsebay and other online retailers. 

For the price it's a worthy buy if you are into make-up brushes, I wouldn't necessarily say it was the best starter kit - I personally don't think these are starter brushes, and those who are starting out may not want to spend as much as this on a brush kit. Elf (eyes lips face) do some pretty good basic eye brushes for between £1.50-£3.00 each so I'd recommend them! The quality is very nice, they wash well and hold shape without shedding - always a bonus. The only thing I'm not sure on is there use - with regards to their names anyway. 

The brow brush is self explanatory - that's exactly what I use it for.

The pointed pixel eyeliner brush is probably okay for gel liner, but it's quite big in comparison to other liner brushes - I personally don't wear gel eyeliner so this is the only brush I don't use. 

The accent brush acts as more of a lip brush than an eye brush for me. I find this is awesome for applying lipstick if I want a really precise, neat job. 

The base shadow brush is a bit fluffier than I would like, so I use this as blending brush instead. Using it as a base shadow brush resulted in a lot of fall out and an all around messy job for me personally, as a blending brush I like it. 

The deluxe crease brush is designed for eyeshadow of course, but I use this for concealer - which I'm sure a lot of people do too. This is a packed brush and gives great coverage to concealers - especially under the eye and nose area! This is probably my favourite! 

Have you tried the RT eye brushes? Or any others? I'd love to know how you use them, and if it's just me that uses them for something else! 


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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

NOTW : Bikini So Teeny

NOTW : Bikini So Teeny & Indian ocean 

This week I have been loving this combo! I have been wearing Essie's 'bikini so teeny' and then Model's Own 'indian ocean' as a top coat on the accent nail - which is gives a gorgeous shimmer without being too in your face! I absolutely love pastel polishes and this essie one is no exception, for me it's the perfect blue. I actually snapped this up from fragrance direct for a purse friendly £1.99! Unfortunately they don't have it in stock any longer but they have lots of other shades for only £1.99 - the shades are a bit hit and miss in my opinion but worth checking out as there are some gems in there too (view them here). I've also been trying out a new nail product setting spray which I am loving so far, so expect to hear more about that soon! 


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

NOTW : Gelly & texture

NOTW - Barry M 

This week I have been loving this nail combo, both from Barry M! The Gelly shine polish is in 'prickly pear' and the texture polish is 'Ridley Road'. I've heard a few different views about the texture polishes and I have to admit - I was intrigued. Nails inc previously introduced a concrete nail trend but I personally would rather not spend upwards of £10 on nail polish. The Gelly shine polishes had also been raved about, needless to say I fell victim to jumping on the bandwagon. These barry M lovelies are both under £4! 

Have you tried either of these? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


Monday, 18 March 2013

Primark haul

Primark goodies 

Once again I have given into temptation and made some rather unnecessary purchases from good old primark. Recently I've been loving primark's home section they seem to be adding new things almost every week and often have lots of cute items that go perfectly with my room! I'm one of those who makes random purchases in primark - I don't often buy the clothes as they don't offer my size range but I do love the accessories/shoes & everything else! So here's what I picked up..

String bracelets - these were £1.50 for a pack of three which is an absolute bargain! I purchased two packs, one bright and one not, I think the bright ones will be perfect for sping/summer to add a little bit of colour!  

Hamsa Hand necklace - a bargainous £2. I loved this because it was on a long chain and silver and I really like the hamsa hand accessories and such. 

Hair turban - £1.50, an essential! I have 3 of these now and for the price you really can't go wrong. I loved this polka dot one, and the primark versions are the best I've found. I tried soap and glory's turban which was £7 and it broke the first time I used it! 

Pillow - I loved this cute moustache pillow and it was only £4! It's black and cream but still goes with my room I think, they did have another one but that had red floral patterns in! 

Have you been to primark recently? I'm really into home and decor things lately, so if you have any suggestions of where to look for things please let me know below! 


Friday, 15 March 2013

Elf Haul

Goodies from Elf ... 

Okay, I know I probably shouldn't but I just can't resist a good deal. Two weeks ago, Elf were running a discount code for St. Davids's Day which was a whopping 50% off. Of course, being welsh, a make-up-a-holic and a student with an unstable shopping addiction, I just had to order. Fully justified by the huge dicsount code and mental wish list of products I want need in my life. So here's what I got ... 

maximum coverage concealer  'sand' - £3.75 sale price £1.88 
jumbo eyeshadow stick 'french lace' - £2.50 sale price £1.25 
jumbo eyeshadow stick  'little miss thing' - £2.50 sale price £1.25 
bamboo contour brush  & shadow brush - £3.00 each (already reduced so 50% didn't apply) 
elf basics eyeshadow brush  - £1.50 sale price £0.75! 
studio lip stain 'heartbreaker' - £3.50 sale price £1.88 
kabuki face brush  - £6.00 sale price £3.00 
studio lotion wipes 'vanilla & coconut' - £3.75 sale price £1.88

As usual I love all my products and was very impressed with the delivery service as usual! Have you ever ordered from elf? What's your favourite product? I wish we could get elf in the 'drugstore' in the UK so I could avoid that pesky postage charge. 


Monday, 11 March 2013

hair care routine

My hair care routine & favourite products 

I was requested to do a post about my favourite hair care products and routine a while ago, but I'm not a hair person really. In fact, I hate my hair! I'm one of those people who is quite frankly lazy when it comes to hair, for at least half the week you'll find me with my hair shoved back in a pony tail, and the other half it looks a mess. I very rarely get it cut, as I don't enjoy the hairdressers and always get stuck in a rut. I have been from blonde, to black to blonde and now ombre, all of which were done at home, by myself. 

My hair is in no way perfect condition, but it's not too bad either. It could be better. My natural hair is a dark blonde and very thick and wavy, so it's a bit of a bugger to handle. I usually wash it about 2-3 times a week, I probably only blow dry it once a week, and only straighten if I'm going to be wearing it down that day. I tend to use any shampoo (that my mum buys haha) and I usually use Aussie conditioner as I love it. I also use a toning shampoo with violet pigment about once a week to keep the brassy tones to a minimum. I don't use that much product on my hair really, so below are just my regular hair care items and tools which I use the majority of the time. 

Tressemme heat protect spray 
I always apply this before I blow dry, then again before I straighten. I use it liberally, and apply it to sections of my hair at a time (i.e bottom and top). This is the best spray I've used and it really helps to stop some of the damage to my hair, especially from straighteners. Just a note, be careful if you have laminate flooring - this product makes my floor like a bloody ice rink. 

John Frieda frizz-ease serum 
I use this everyt ime I wash my hair, I just apply it to my hair when it is damp/towel dry and find this is great for both curly and straight hair. I usually apply one pump on my hand, rub between my fingers and apply to the ends of my hair from about ear length and this really helps to stop the frizz. This also makes a massive difference when I straighten my hair, if I've used this I usually don't need to straightener it again after sleeping on it. I also use a tiny bit of this as a finishing serum to stop any fly-aways. 

Tressemme hair brush & primark bobbles 
This brush is half bristle half plastic bristles and I find it great for coming through my hair when I am straightening it or if I want to put it back in a sleek pony tail. I always use primark bobbles because they are super affordable, which means when I lose them all the time they are cheap to replace, and have no metal on them - so are less damaging to your hair!

Tangle Teezer 
I use this when my hair is wet, so after the bath or shower as it really helps to untangle my hair without ripping it out and is very gentle. I've had this for over a year now and it's just about getting to that stage where it needs replacing as some of the bristles are bent. It's really easy to hold and also great to distribute conditioner through your hair in the shower! 

Large round barrel brush 
This is just a cheap-y one from primark which cost about £2 I think! It does the same job as any other, and I use this sometimes when blow-drying my hair to give it a bit of shape and stop it going flat - although usually I don't need it as my hair is like a lions mane. 

That's about it really! You can see pictures of my current hair and how I ombre'd it at home in this post. What's your favourite hair product?


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Empties #2!

Empties #2 

I'm on a roll with this whole 'using products up' thing, I have a decent pile of empties for the second month in a row! You can read my last post here, as it was a fairly popular post I am going to assume that others like reading empties posts as much as I do. Awesome. On to my pile of empties it is then ... *please excuse the picture quality, I never see daylight with this bloomin' dissertation*

1 - huggies baby wipes 
Pretty standard/boring really, I only ever use two brands of baby wipes as my skin is so sensitive when it comes to wipes. These are nice and thick and will usually be a repurchase! 
2 - Possibility marshmallow frosting shower gel 
A mini from a xmas gift set, not something I would repurchase as the scent wasn't great - in theory it would be lovely, but I just couldn't smell anything it was very weakly scented. Wouldn't repurchase (this scent anyway, maybe others are okay?) 

3 - Biore nose cleansing pore strip 
Love these - when my skin is misbehaving, which it has been doing a lot lately this is a god-send for my nose. It isn't the most gentle pore strip, and can be a bit of a bugger to remove but it actually works. If you've used these, you know you can see the results on the strip (which is a little disgusting) I would repurchase these. 

4 - Nspa coconut ice shower gel 
I love Nspa - for me they are a much cheaper version of philosophy and smell bloomin well gorgeous. Their products always smell exactly like the description, and I love them! A definite repurchase

5 - Superdrug dry shampoo 
I used to love these, they are cheap and often on offer which means you can get three for about £2-3, however I now hate them. They do absolutely nothing for my hair, I have literally sprayed about 3/4 of a full can onto my hair on days in between washes and noticed no difference at all. I'll be sticking to batiste from now on, and won't repurchase any of these. 

6 - Bath and body works twilight woods shower gel 
I LOVE THIS. Ahh, it is gorgeous and foams up amazingly well - I need to live in America/Canada just so I can buy this. A definite repurchase whenever I get the chance. 

7 - Pro-voke touch of silver brightening shampoo 
This shampoo does look a little scary, and doesn't lather up amazingly well but it does it's job at reducing brassy tones from blonde hair! Picked this up a while ago after first bleaching my hair and I really do like it. A definite repurchase, and it lasts ages too! 

8 - Beautiology gingerbread shower gel 
Another mini from a christmas set, this was a lovely product but the scent just isn't for me, so I won't repurchase this. I'd love to try more from the brand though. 

9 - Revlon colorstay foundation 'buff' 
I really do like this foundation, the coverage and shade are both perfect. I don't love it enough to use it everyday for several reasons - it's expensive (£12.99 for drugstore??) and it's annoyingly packaged in a glass bottle with no pump. Other than that it's lovely, and I would repurchase but have several foundations on the go at the moment. 

10 - Elf wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara 
Longest product name ever? I really like this - and its only a couple of pounds. It gets a bit gross looking after a while, but what can you expect? It does the job wonderfully and yes, I would repurchase. 

11 - rimmel stay matte powder 
I knew this would end up in my empties again, and no doubt it will be there next time too. I go through a lot of powder, it's the only thing I touch up through the day and I never go a day without. This is my life saver, and a 100% repurchase again and again until it gets discontinued - in which case I will cry. 

So, that's it for my empties! If you have done a post too, please leave your link! 
Have you used any of the above products? 


Friday, 8 March 2013

Collection: Cover & Go - foundation and concealer duo

Collection: Cover & Go - foundation and concealer duo 

Last week whilst rushing to the self-service tills in Asda I took the short-cut which just so happened to whizz past the make-up aisle. This of course meant that my eyes were drawn to the special offers and snazzy new products. I picked up this collection (or collection 2000 as they were formally known) foundation and concealer duo - mainly because I was intrigued and it was a mere 4 pounds (well, £3.87 to be exact). 

Firstly - I love the concept of this product. I'm quite the fan of 'gimmick-y' products and an even bigger fan of multi-tasking products so obviously I loved the idea that this was a foundation and concealer duo - making it ideal for travel or on the go. Packaging wise - it's okay. I like the fact it's a squeezy tube as I really don't like glass bottles, the black and gold colour scheme doesn't scream wow, but overall I like it. Now, onto the foundation itself... 

I picked the shade 3 and there are 6 shades available which is pretty good considering a lot of the cheaper foundations often only have aroun 3-4 shades. My first thought was how thick the foundation first looked, it's thicker than my usual healthy mix foundation and the formula almost reminded me of matte finish foundations like the rimmel stay matte in the squeezy tube. Anyway, blended in it soon changed - it's not a heavy foundation by any means and a little definitely went a long way. I personally found it pretty hard to blend in, I have combination skin and found this almost rested on top of my skin when i used a buffing brush to apply it. After using my fingers it blended a little better. 

Here is a before and after picture, no makeup versus collection foundation and concealer duo, plus my eyebrows and my usual rimmel stay matte pressed powder (translucent). I used the concealer under my eyes, around my nose and on any blemishes - then the foundation all over, and here is the result. 

Overall, I think this product did a pretty decent job. It definitely wasn't a high coverage, in fact I'd probably say it was more of a light coverage from the foundation. The concealer was pretty good and covered well, but I did find it a bit drying which made it a bit difficult to blend in - so I imagine if you have dry skin this would be an even bigger problem. For the price I think this is an okay product, I personally prefer a heavier coverage but as you can see from the picture above, it did provide some cover - so perhaps I'll prefer this in summer. I would suggest to use a powder over the top as it was pretty shiny on it's own. I don't think I'll rush out to buy this, but I'll definitely give it a fair trial in the summer when I don't feel the need for a heavy coverage. 

I'd be interested to know if you've tried this, and how you got on with it? Let me know in the comments below. 


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lipstick Love #1

Lipstick Love #1

Lately I cannot get enough of the lippy! I am forever eyeing up new lipsticks to add to my 'collection' which I've recently cleared out. I've kept lipsticks I use and love, and shades that I know I will wear ... I'm guilty of buying things just for the sake of it then realising a few weeks down the line that 'it so isn't my colour!' Anyway, I digress... here is my current lipstick fave - 'Speed dial' by Mac.  

What's your current lipstick love?