Saturday, 9 March 2013

Empties #2!

Empties #2 

I'm on a roll with this whole 'using products up' thing, I have a decent pile of empties for the second month in a row! You can read my last post here, as it was a fairly popular post I am going to assume that others like reading empties posts as much as I do. Awesome. On to my pile of empties it is then ... *please excuse the picture quality, I never see daylight with this bloomin' dissertation*

1 - huggies baby wipes 
Pretty standard/boring really, I only ever use two brands of baby wipes as my skin is so sensitive when it comes to wipes. These are nice and thick and will usually be a repurchase! 
2 - Possibility marshmallow frosting shower gel 
A mini from a xmas gift set, not something I would repurchase as the scent wasn't great - in theory it would be lovely, but I just couldn't smell anything it was very weakly scented. Wouldn't repurchase (this scent anyway, maybe others are okay?) 

3 - Biore nose cleansing pore strip 
Love these - when my skin is misbehaving, which it has been doing a lot lately this is a god-send for my nose. It isn't the most gentle pore strip, and can be a bit of a bugger to remove but it actually works. If you've used these, you know you can see the results on the strip (which is a little disgusting) I would repurchase these. 

4 - Nspa coconut ice shower gel 
I love Nspa - for me they are a much cheaper version of philosophy and smell bloomin well gorgeous. Their products always smell exactly like the description, and I love them! A definite repurchase

5 - Superdrug dry shampoo 
I used to love these, they are cheap and often on offer which means you can get three for about £2-3, however I now hate them. They do absolutely nothing for my hair, I have literally sprayed about 3/4 of a full can onto my hair on days in between washes and noticed no difference at all. I'll be sticking to batiste from now on, and won't repurchase any of these. 

6 - Bath and body works twilight woods shower gel 
I LOVE THIS. Ahh, it is gorgeous and foams up amazingly well - I need to live in America/Canada just so I can buy this. A definite repurchase whenever I get the chance. 

7 - Pro-voke touch of silver brightening shampoo 
This shampoo does look a little scary, and doesn't lather up amazingly well but it does it's job at reducing brassy tones from blonde hair! Picked this up a while ago after first bleaching my hair and I really do like it. A definite repurchase, and it lasts ages too! 

8 - Beautiology gingerbread shower gel 
Another mini from a christmas set, this was a lovely product but the scent just isn't for me, so I won't repurchase this. I'd love to try more from the brand though. 

9 - Revlon colorstay foundation 'buff' 
I really do like this foundation, the coverage and shade are both perfect. I don't love it enough to use it everyday for several reasons - it's expensive (£12.99 for drugstore??) and it's annoyingly packaged in a glass bottle with no pump. Other than that it's lovely, and I would repurchase but have several foundations on the go at the moment. 

10 - Elf wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara 
Longest product name ever? I really like this - and its only a couple of pounds. It gets a bit gross looking after a while, but what can you expect? It does the job wonderfully and yes, I would repurchase. 

11 - rimmel stay matte powder 
I knew this would end up in my empties again, and no doubt it will be there next time too. I go through a lot of powder, it's the only thing I touch up through the day and I never go a day without. This is my life saver, and a 100% repurchase again and again until it gets discontinued - in which case I will cry. 

So, that's it for my empties! If you have done a post too, please leave your link! 
Have you used any of the above products? 



  1. I love Empties posts too! :D
    I love nspa products, they all smell so good. I had a possibility shower gel in my last Empties post, it smelled amazing but I was allergic to it :( So maybe try a different scent, it might just have been that particular one!!

    Jesss xo

    1. Oh thats a shame that you were allergic :-( I found mine didn't really smell of anything, I'll try some other scents next time! Nspa is one of my fave for shower gels! :) x

  2. I've tried shop branded dry shampoo before and nothing compares to Batiste, I swear by the stuff!

    Also, I am having a small giveaway and would LOVE for you to enter here

    1. Batiste is literally the best one out there I think, all the others don't actually do anything (on my hair anyway!) xo