Monday, 29 April 2013


Firstly, apologies for bombarding you with posts surrounding my birthday but it only happens once a year afterall! You can see my birthday nails in this post and my birthday wishlist in this post. I had an absolutely love weekend, and I made sure to drag my birthday out for as long as possible! 

On Friday I went to Cardiff with my sister and our friend, it was lovely weather and we shopped for hours (I behaved, and didn't buy much at all) and then we treated ourselves to a lovely TGI fridays in the new St.David's centre - I love that one, the staff are always so lovely and as usual the food is great. 

On Saturday I had a pretty chilled day and pampered myself with a lush bubble bath, painted my nails and spent a good while deciding what makeup I was going to wear ( beauty blogger problems). I headed out for a meal at 7 with my family which I had been looking forward to all week! We went to the dragonfly just outside of Newport and it was absolutely lovely - I had the breaded chicken fillets to start, hunters chicken for my main and peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake for desert - TO DIE FOR! 

On Sunday I had a lie in which was lovely and then opened my cards and prezzies with my family and ate an abundance of birthday cake! Again, a lovely relaxing day which ended with an impromptu roadtrip down to porthcawl to visit the arcades and play on the 2penny machines (such a big kid), I ended up winning £30 on the slot machines so that was a nice end to my birthday weekend! Here's some of the lovely gifts I received (if you're anything like me, you love a good nosy). 

vintage style glass bottles and a lovely tray, more pretty home things and a yankee candle wax tart burner, pitch perfect, jimmy choo perfume, smellies and a lovely potions shabby chic box, a cute little notebook from my baby brother (he's 8, bless him). 

I had such a wonderful weekend with my family and enjoyed spending time together! Thankyou for all the lovely messages on twitter and my blog too. 


*mini disclaimer, I am in no way bragging I just like to share things with you and I love seeing what people recieve too*


  1. lovely post! hope you had a lovely bday :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

  2. Seems you had a fun time and on top of it all you got lovely presents, I'm happy for you Jess ^^ And you're right, it only happens once a year so make it last! LOL xx

  3. This is sooo cute!!! Happy to hear that you had a lovely day... By the way, I have the same flowery bucket :)