Sunday, 7 April 2013

Empties #3

Another batch of empties

I'm going to put myself out there and say I'm getting pretty good at this whole 'using products up' thing! This is now my 3rd empties post and it's quite satisfying to look back at products and know you got your money's worth out of them by using the entire thing. I shan't ramble on too much, for once I'll just skip to the point ... so here's what I finished this month.    


Soap and glory flake away 
This was the first soap and glory product I fell in love with and it's what really got me hooked on the entire S&G brand! Flake away is essentially a body scrub/exfoliator and I really like to use this on my legs. It leaves them feeling silky smooth and also smells delicious! This is my 3rd tub of this now, it lasts absolutely ages and for me is definitely worth the £7 price tag. Repurchase? YES! 

Urban Decay primer potion
This is the mini size that came with my original naked palette, so it's pretty old now! I really like this - it definitely helped my eyeshadow not to crease and also made any colours more vibrant on the eye, giving a stronger colour. This also lasted a really long time as you need the tiniest amount to get the job done. Repurchase? Maybe, although my elf £1.50 eye primer does the exact same job. 

Essence 'Get big lashes' mascara 
Unfortunately I didn't get to use this as much as I would have liked (it technically wasn't empty, but it was  paste the date of opening). Overall I really like this - it made my lashes huge and very black, my only gripe was that this sometimes transferred onto my lids as it was such a thick, black mascara. Repurchase? Maybe, I've heard other essence mascara's are great too so maybe I'll try another one! 

Party pocket hand bac (bath and body works
I bloomin' well love hand gel, it's an essential for me and I use it everyday! So, having it in a few different scents was awesome - I wish we got bath and body works here in the UK purely for the fact I'd be able to obsess even more over these! Repurchase? Yes please! 

The Body Shop satsuma shower gel 
Another favourite of mine, I absolutely love the smell of this (it's literally like a fruitbowl full of satsumas). It reminds me of childhood so much and I have no idea why, maybe my mum used this when I was little? It's a bit expensive (£4) for a bottle that's not really that big, but I like to stock up when it's on offer - they sometimes have a 4 for £10 offer! Repurchase? Yes, but I already have a backup at hand! 

Liz Earle cleanse and polish 
I finally finished this 100ml bottle, it lasted an absolute age. I really do like this product, it's very gentle and soothing to apply and I've actually become quite fond of the smell which at first I wasn't sure I liked. Hot cloth cleansers are a life-saver for the times when I feel my skin just needs that little bit extra, so I didn't use this everyday. Repurchase? Yes! 

So another batch of plastic bottles and tubs ready to hit the recycling and I'm already building on next month's pile! Sharing these empties post has made me make a conscious effort to finish one product before moving on to the next.. does anyone else do this? 



  1. Love, love, love this kind of posts, they're true testaments of whether one adores a product and would buy it again or not : ) Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts Jess! xx

    1. Thanks lovely, I enjoy writing them! :) xo