Monday, 22 April 2013

NYC smooth skin perfecting primer

I'm not one for primer really and it's not something  regularly reach for! The only primer I've found that really made a difference is Benefit's the porefessional but that just doesn't fit in with my dwindling budget at the moment! I noticed NYC had a primer which was on offer in Superdrug for £2.99, so added it to my online basket just because I was intrigued. 

I actually quite like the packaging, it's in a small and compact squeezy tube and holds 30ml of product, and there's not going to be any waste as we all know the trick of cutting a plastic tube to get the entire contents out! I'm going to include the product's description of what exactly it is meant to do: 

NYC Color’s Primer instantly transforms even the most city-weary complexions, reviving dull looking skin and boosting radiance.
Your base glides on more easily and sticks around way longer. Tired city skin is revived and redness fades.

The primer itself is the consistency of a light moisturiser and is white with a subtle shimmer throughout (which I wasn't really expecting). It's not a silicone based primer, so I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of application as I'd only ever used silicone based ones before which obviously help with the pore situation and smoothing out the skin. 

As you can see, when applied it is quite light and shimmery but once blended in the shimmer is quite subtle and it just leaves a slight sheen to the skin. As I have oily/combo skin this probably wasnt the best option for me, I imagine it is better suited to those with dry/normal skin. I like the way this gave a base layer to put my makeup on, but found this was too much with a moisturiser aswell so I just used the primer. It DID help to give my foundation a more even application, but it DIDN'T help it to stay on my face any longer. I did feel that my foundation didn't look as heavy as normal as the primer helped it to blend easier and gave a smoother finish - which is good. 

Basically, I'm not sure what to make of this primer. I liked the way it helped my foundation apply, but for me the point of a primer is to help makeup stay put, which this didn't do. For the price I won't grumble, and I will use the product up but I think this would generally suit someone who doesn't have oily skin! 

Have you tried this product? Do you have any primer recommendations that are relatively inexpensive? 



  1. The only primer I own is from Etude House and I love it so much that I can't imagine switching to anything else, but it's nice to know what else is out there, so thanks for the review Jess : ) xx

    1. I've never heard of that one before xo

  2. What foundation are u wearing at the moment x

  3. I'm currently using this and find that not only does my make-up stay on longer (I think) but it also works as a slight moisturiser, makes my skin feel so soft when I use this in the mornings, and you can't really complain for the cheap price!

    Hannah - Squidoodles&Oodles xox

    1. It's a bargain for the price & I generally like it i'm just not sure it lives up to its description :) xo

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