Thursday, 4 April 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation - First thoughts & review 

Firstly, how bloomin' gorgeous is Emma Stone in all the ad's for Revlon? I'm not quite sure why I decided to try this foundation, as I usually go for a medium/full coverage due to my badly behaving skin and generally I just feel more comfortable 'covered'. I guessed from the name that this would be a lighter and more natural finish, but I picked it up anyway in a recent trip to boots for only £5.99 with a voucher - the usual price is £8.99. I opted for the shade '120 Vanilla' as I felt this suited my skin most, usually I opt for ivory but that looked pretty pale against my skin so Vanilla it was! 

What I like about it: 
The shade suits me and the shade selection was pretty decent, housing ten different shades (although, once again the US have more shades - 16). The foundation is described as a 'unbelievably light' with an 'undetectable finish' - which I pretty much agree with! It's really light to apply and doesn't feel cakey in the slightest and I found this felt very smooth and effortless to blend into the skin. Yet, it also provided a decent amount of coverage and evened out my skin tone, it also has SPF20 which is great. 

What I don't like about it: 
I did need to powder more than usual with this, especially around the tzone - but as I have oily/combo skin then I expect this with the majority of foundations anyway. My only real gripe is the packaging - whilst it looks simple and it's a strurdy glass bottle, like other revlon foundations (colourstay I'm looking at you) it doesn't have a pump! For me, this makes life difficult - I'd much rather a pump as I just can't control how much comes out and I feel like I always waste some. 

Overall though, I'm pretty pleased with this. For someone who likes a medium/full coverage I've got on well with this foundation so far - I think it will be lovely for days where I don't want to wear as much make-up, especially in the summer or chill days at home. 

Have you tried this, what did you think? 



  1. Thanks for the review Jess. I've had foundations without pumps many times, instead of pouring it out of the bottle onto your hand, why don't you try covering the top with your index or middle finger, shake the bottle and then dot it all over your face? I assure you that that way you won't waste any product. Let me know if this method works for you : ) xx

  2. I've been trying that thanks lovely! It's much easier than pouring onto your hand :) xo

  3. great review, i still have not tried this but really want too :D

    Kamila x

    1. I really like it, it's less coverage than usual but still enough! xo

  4. Hey good review :)I just received this foundation from Revlon's facebook competition and wrote a review on what I thought on my blog I do agree that the packaging could use some work... x x

    1. Wow congrats on winning that :) xo