Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Empties #4

Empties #4 - April 

So much for saying I probably wouldn't do empties post every month... here I am with another bunch of products I've used up in the last month. So I'll jump straight into it ... 

Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angle heat protection spray
This seemed to last me an absolute lifetime, I had it for well over a year and used it everytime I straightened my hair, which is usually only once a week at max (sometimes I don' straighten it for AGES). This did the job, I felt like my hair was protected in some way and it did help reduce the damage to the ends of my hair especially as these are bleached. Overall a good product but nothing that 'wowed' me - although it did smell good.  

Diesel loverdose body lotion 
Diesel loverdose is one of my favourite scents, if you haven't given it a whiff please do! It's liquiorice (how do you even spell that??) which sounds so wrong, but smells so right! This body lotion was lovely, it sunk straight into the skin and left my skin smooth and smelling amazing - not sure I'd go out of my way to repurchase this as it was just an extra that came in the perfume gift set! 

Primark sweet vanilla diffuser 
I liked the smell of this, but it DID NOTHING. I love having smelly things in my bedroom like candles, oils and diffusers but this literally had no effect. You could only really smell it if you shoved your face right against it, which I suppose is what you get for the £1.50 price tag. Note to self, don't purchase this again even if you are tempted when queuing up at the till. 

Bath and Body works 'warm vanilla sugar' body mist 
Ahhhh, I actually love this product. My lovely sister bought it back from Canada for me and this spray is reason enough for me to book a flight to US/Canada just to visit bath and body works. It smells delicious, lasts a long time and I received so many compliments and people asking me what perfume I was wearing whenever I used this! You can find it on ebay, but it's a little bit expensive - the cheapest I've found is £10.95 for the larger bottle! 

Batiste dry shampoo in tropical 
For me this is an essential! I feel this is the best dry shampoo I've tried and the tropical scent is my favourite! Other 'own brands' of dry shampoo such as superdrug etc just don't live up to this one - the only problem I find is that this can make hair look a little chalky so you really have to rub it in well! Always a repurchase. 

Various packets of wipes
The leopard print pack are from primark and are just handy to have in my handbag as they are anti-bacterial! I go through these like nobody's business, and I also quite like the smell - I will repurchase these as you get two packs for £1, you can't go wrong. 

The two packets of kleenex wipes I bought from home bargains on whim as they were 69pence each (they retail at about £2-£2.50). I really liked the face wipes as they felt more like a cloth than a wipe, they were thick and also quite moisturizing and really wet so they did a good job! The smaller packet were specifically for eye makeup, and I found these gentle enough to use on my sensitive skin which was great so I'll definitely repurchase these if I see them at that price again. 

Have you managed to use a few things up this month? I'm getting quite good at this whole empties thing!



  1. I have that Primark diffuser and I agree, it's useless! I have the next price one up and that one works really well, definitely worth paying the extra and the great thing is that one is still super cheap. Xx

    1. It definitely wasn't the best! Thanks Leanne - will try the next price up next time I buy one! :) xo

  2. I love reading this kind of posts because they're the best reviews, they're not first impressions, they're not a five-day/two weeks reviews, these are true testimonials whether a product is worth buying again or not, so thanks for your thoughts on these products Jess. <3 xx

    1. Thankyou so much :) ... your welcome! xo