Saturday, 29 June 2013

Nivea daily essentials regenerating night cream

Recently, I've been absolutely loving Nivea for the majority of my skincare routine. You can see my reasons why in this brand of the month post. One of my favourite products is from the daily essentials range and it is this regenerating night cream which retails for only £4ish

Suitable for both normal and combination skin, this is one of those products that will suit a lot of people and work well for people like me who have oily skin at times but also need something that is moisturising! What I like about this, is that it suits my sensitive skin and feels very gentle and soothing to apply which is great. I find this sinks into the skin really well and doesn't leave a thick or greasy residue on the skin. 

It is presented in pretty simple packaging, a blue glass tub with white writing and it's a great size if you need to take it anywhere with you. I always worry about carrying around squeezy tubes in a suitcase or weekend bag in case they pop open (just me?). 

The product has the signature Nivea scent - which I absolutely adore. I find Nivea is one of those brands that is instantly recognisable by their scent. I usually apply this just before I go to bed, after I have taken all of my make-up off. Nivea recommend to gently massage into the face and neck in small circles but to avoid the eye area. Speaking of the eye area, if you have any eye cream recommendations that don't break the bank I'd love to know? 

Have you tried anything from the Nivea daily essentials range? What's your favourite part of your skincare routing? 


Friday, 28 June 2013

Monthly Advertisers

This month there are a couple of amazing blogs which have been featured in the sidebar, as always pop over and give them a visit & share the blog love. It's always nice to support other bloggers and help each other out :) ... so here they are: 

First of all, how amazing is that nail polish above? Lisa's blog consists of lots of gorgeous nail polishes and nail art. If your like me and constantly browse instagram and pinterest for nail art or colour inspiration then you'll definitely enjoy Lisa's blog! 

Juyey's blog is a fantastic mix of makeup and beauty reviews all with a sprinkle of personality thrown in! The blog has reviews on all kinds of products and I've really enjoyed some of Juyey's drugstore makeup reviews! For all you harry potter fans out there, make sure you check out her harry potter inspired makeup looks! 

Lauren's blog is full of amazing photographs of beauty products and in-depth reviews which are easy to read! Her reviews are spot on and you'll find a good mix of drugstore and high end products reviewed by a qualified MUA! Her blog also has lifestyle posts and is one of my favourite reads! 

As some of you may know I have an online jewellery store called Pretty Edgy! At the moment all items are on sale and there is free postage with any order. My fave item is the aztec necklace which is just £3... feel free to pop by! 

That's all for this month, if you'd like more information on how to advertise on lovely jubbly and prices please visit my sponsor tab

Recipe - Diet Coke chicken

Today's blog post is slightly different, it's a foodie/recipe post! I've never actually shared any food posts on here before, unless you count this one full of chocolate. Recently, I've been making somewhat of an effort to cut out the rubbish takeaway foods, and save money and calories by making more meals at home! I've got a whole other post coming up on that but I thought I'd share one of my favourite recipes I've recently discovered! It's quick, easy and tastes delicious and it's pretty healthy too (especially if you are following the slimming world plan). At the moment I'm not following any type of plan - I'm just following my common sense when it comes to meals! I know Diet coke chicken can sound a bit weird and off putting for some of you (it did for me too!) but give it a try .. it's lovely! 

Ingredients you will need: 
Chicken breasts 
Worcester sauce 
1 can of Diet coke 
1cal spray 
Salt & Pepper 

Prep time : approx 40mins

 Step 1 - Chop an onion, or go for the lazy option like me which is a frozen bag of ready chopped onions, the easier the better in my opinion! Trim any fat away from chicken and cut into small chunks. Put the onion and chicken into a pan with 1 cal spray and 'cook' until slightly coloured. 

 Step 2 - Grab your other ingredients. The recipe I used recommended 6 tablespoons of passata, dash of worcester sauce and a 330ml can of diet coke - you can adjust these depending on how much chicken you use. I used 2 large chicken breasts. 

Step 3 - Add all of the above ingredients into the pan and bring it to the boil. It will look rather thin and runny in texture, but don't panic this will thicken! Season with some salt and pepper. 

Step 4 - Simmer for approx 30minutes or until all your chicken is cooked right through and your sauce has reduced in volume. I'm not a huge fan of sauces so I let mine really thicken into a paste but you can also serve it a bit runnier if you like :) 

 Step 5 - Voila, you are done! I served mine with some plain white rice and some slimming world chips (syn free if you are following slimming world). 

 This was very tasty, almost like a sweet bbq sauce and tasted delicious with rice! In fact, I think next time I'll just have it with rice and leave the SW chips for another day - although it did feel like a takeaway having half rice half chips. I was really happy with how this turned out, it was really easy to make and also tasted yummy as cold leftovers! If you decide to make this, let me know if you enjoy it! 



Thursday, 27 June 2013


It's official. I know have a 2:1 BA hons in Psychology and Counselling studies! Argh, it doesn't even seem real saying it. I received my results online on Tuesday this week, and I passed all my final assignments and exam and came out with a 2:1 as my final grade for my degree. AMAZING. I also passed my dissertation with an A14 (a first!) ..... still in shock! Just a quick post to update you all & thankyou for all your messages on twitter etc.... regular posting will resume shortly! For now, here's my happy I finally have a degree face .. 


Monday, 24 June 2013

Asos curve sale - wishlist

Today's post is fashion based for a change! As a large 'plus sized' girl I am quite obviously limited in where I can shop for clothes, this doesn't mean I don't love clothes though so ranges such as inspire (newlook) and curve (asos) really float my boat! Currently, there is an amazing sale on asos, and I absolutely love their 'curve' range which has items from 18-26 (some items also go up to a 28). They also stock some of New look's inspire range too and offer free delivery which makes it easier than ordering direct from new look! I've compiled a wishlist here of the items I am eyeing up from the summer sale, despite the fact I will not be spending money on these items just yet *cries*... but here are my favourite picks: 

I absolutely love this white to orange ombre style skater dress, it would look amazing with a tan and I just love the fit and shape of skater dresses, I find them flattering but also comfortable and think this would be perfect for a summer bbq! The Body con dress with cut outs is something I'm not quite sure I could pull off, but I love it anyway. I love cut out shoulder tops and also this lovely oxblood colour, I can imagine wearing this with a black leather jacket and some converse of biker boots.  I am a huge fan of peplum tops and dresses and already have a few peices which I love to wear, I always have to wear some sort of cardgian or jacket with them though (personal choice) as they are short sleeved or sleeveles, so I love this grey long sleeve peplum top. I tend to stick to quite boring colours when it comes to clothes, lots of black and grey (my two favourite colours) so I thought it would be a nice change to have something brighter on top like this woven hem pocket t-shirt in coral. This Raglan sleeve top just screamed 'buy me'. I love it, it's casual and perfect for everyday wear and is only £7! The last thing on my wishlist are these washed teal supersoft skinny jeans , I've heard fab things about this range and I do love a good pair of skinnies! 

Has anything in the asos sale caught your eye? What's your staple fashion item for summer (if we ever get one here in the UK)? 


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Soak Yourself

Bath time is 'me time', I'm so glad I have the luxury of taking a long soak in a bubble bath - it's the perfect way to de-stress and just relax. Don't get me wrong, I do love a shower and wish I had a real shower at home (I just have one of those silly attachments) so I always enjoy showers on holiday.. is that weird? As much as I wish I had a shower at home too, I always miss my bath tub and I just LOVE baths okay, I love them. I'm also a massive fan of all things bath and body and if you've read any of my monthly empties posts you will know I go through a lot of products! During my last month at university I tweeted an awful lot about dissertations, assignments and exams and the lovely people at Soak Yourself offered to let me try one of their soaps as a 'me time' treat after a hard slog at uni - needless to say I jumped at the chance! I have to say, they are such a lovely and friendly company to chat to on twitter, so do give them a follow... I am so grateful for the lovely items I received. 

Firstly, how bloomin' lovely is the packaging? I absolutely love it, it gives a real nice touch and I think these would be lovely to give as a gift too (I'm thinking ahead for birthdays etc). Lucky me, received three soaps all individually presented in these gorgeous material bags with the logo on and pretty colour coordinated ribbon. 

I received the following scents: 

Paris blossom 
Honeysuckle and butterscotch 

All of the soaps are have completely natural ingredients, which you can read more about in this article on how they are made. Each soap containts NO artificial or chemical fragrances which many soaps do and they use only essential oils which have beneficial therapeuitc properties for the skin... who can complain about that? 

As you can see from the pictures, each soap isdeliciously handmade and looks good enough to eat. They smell absolutely beautiful and leave your skin feeling really soft afterwards and moisturised. I hate it when soaps make my hands etc feel dry, so I've really enjoyed using these soaps so far as they are not drying but they don't leave any residue on your skin. Scent wise - they do leave a subtle smell on your skin for a while after use, but I like that! I think my favourite is the honeysuckle and butterscotch! I'll definitely be keeping these in mind for birthday presents, I think they would be a lovely addition to a girly pampering hamper. 

What are your thoughts on soap? Are natural ingredients important to you when it comes to bath products? 


*Although this product was kindly gifted to me, I was not asked to review the items and as always my opinions are 100% mine .. these soaps just so happen to be delicious! 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Take me back ..

I thought I'd share a couple of snaps from earlier on this month. I had a week away on a UK break with my sister at the beginning of the month, and it just so happened to be the sunniest week we've had all year! It was the first time in a long time I actually felt relaxed and didn't need to worry about anything. It was a lovely break from the monotonous life I currently lead of getting up, looking for jobs, feeling cr*p and going back to bed. Here's a few of my favourite pictures, in case you can't guess - I like the sky. 

I hope you are all well and have had a great week! 


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Magazine Freebies in June

I am not ashamed to say, I love a good freebie .. why wouldn't you? I'm one of those people who often browses the web hunting down any good freebies that are about at the time, but the best freebies are often with magazines - which I would buy anyway! Taking into account the fact that I am currently jobless, I probably shouldn't even be spending money on the magazines but when they have freebies in (that I will use) I think it's a cheap way of treating myself to a good read and a little treat too! This month I picked up two of my favourite regular magazines; Company and Glamour. 

magazine freebies glamour makeup company blogger
 Why I like them: 
Company - I tend to gravitate towards this magazine as it features a lot of 'blogger' focused bits and bobs which I love to read - it's always nice to see someone in a magazine you recognise from their blog! I also love the feel of this magazine (is that slightly weird?). I like that it's a handbag friendly size, and it has good content and usually a sample or two in there too! 

Glamour - I've always liked Glamour magazine ever since my mum started to buy it (now I buy my own, and mum steals it) .. oh how the roles have reversed! I love the regular features in glamour, my faves being the cover star's interview which is always a good read and I love the funny little snippets in the mag such as the 'it's okay to...' pages and the occassional embarrasing story. I also like how glamour often include a serious subject in the magazine despite it being a typical glossy mag full of fashion and beauty. When the freebies do come around, they are usually great and every magazine usually has a sample or two in! 

 This month's company mag comes with a free cosmetic pouch. There were a couple of cute prints to choose from, I went for this summery print above. It's compact, has a little zipper compartment at the front and is the perfect handbag size. I'm currently using this to keep any tablets/medication in my handbag as the tablet packets and throat sweets and hayfever tablets usually end up lost in the depths of my bag. You can of course use it for anything, I just chose boring tablets. 

This month's glamour featured products from ModelCo which is a pretty expensive brand with the freebies retailing from £11-£14 (not bad considering this month's mag is only £1!) I think the options were from lipglosses, eyeliner and lipliner and I chose the lipliner called the lip enhancer which is a gorgeous neutral pink liner. 

Did you pick up either of these fab freebies? If not, what's the best freebie you've got from a magazine before? I think I love the benefit mini's from last year's glamour.. or the ciate polishes with Marie Claire magazine! 


Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Makeup Storage

Recently I've been having a major overhaul in the way I store my make-up, having so much of the stuff means that it can take up quite a bit of room and as I have a small-ish bedroom, I like to try and make the most of my space! For about 2 years I've stored my makeup in the floral drawers from WHSmith which did the job perfectly however they are quite bulky when you have 3 of them. I've moved the majority of my makeup into one of my big drawers (Ikea Malm Drawers), and used boxes to organise it into little sections... which looks a little something like this! 


I also like to keep my everyday products on my desk so I can access them quickly and have things ready to do my make-up in the morning so I'm more time than necessary getting ready (I'd rather the extra 10 minute snooze). This is the current overview of my desk (vanity) area! I keep my everyday and most used products in this acrylic cosmetic organiser which also has a top section which holds my powder products, lipsticks, lip butters, pencils etc. This is absolutely great as it allows me to see my products and I like the concept of changing up the contents of these drawers to help me use a bigger variety of products rather than sticking to the same old things! My brushes stay in my brush holder (office tidy thing-a-ma-bobby) from Tk.Maxx and I keep my lipsticks in this clear lipstick holder just because they look pretty. 


Brush holder - T.k.Maxx // Clear drawers - banggood* // Vase & flowers - Ikea // Mirror - No7 // Lipstick holder - Banggood* // Chalkboard - gift 

If you want to see how which products are in the drawers then check out my little vine video here. Where do you store your makeup, and how? I'd love to know! Hope you enjoyed this little delve into my make-up space. 


*products kindly gifted by banggood, although I didn't pay for these items with my own money, my opinion is as always, 100% mine.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Primark Haul

It's been a little while since I popped into Primark, it's a bit of a financially tight time at the moment for me now I've finished university and don't have a job (hopefully that changes soon)! So, I didn't go too wild in Primark - and as always, I only really visited the accessories/homeware section as I don't buy any clothes from there other than mens hoodies - they are the best! So here's what I got: 

Summer/Aztec bracelet set - £2 
Silver bracelets - £4 
Bobbles - £1 
Hair clips - £1 
Pretty socks - £2.50 
Pastel socks - £2.50 

As you can see, nothing that exciting! I am really happy with the jewellery purchases, the green bracelets are great and they just remind me of summer and I just loved the colour. My favourite is the aztec print friendship bracelet - which looks great on and reminds me of the whole 90's friendship bracelet craze. The pack of silver bracelets contain 8 individual bracelets, the stud ones are really big so they almost look like bangles when they are on and the other ones are my favourite bracelets to wear! I already have them in gold and silver, but I just couldn't leave these there - they go with absolutely everything and look great on. As always I picked up some socks, I can't resist - and the hair accessories were an essential and a bargainous £1 each! 

Have you bought anything in primark recently? 


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

EOS lipbalms

If you haven't heard of EOS lip balms then you've probably been living under a rock, or you just aren't addicted to make-up *I have a problem*. EOS lipbalms are probably one of the most raved about products in the lip balm department and are pretty hard to get hold of for us in the UK, so we remain jealous of our fellow beauty addicts in the USA! I know some people have don't necessarily agree with the hype surrounding these products, but I, like the majority - really like them! 

 Firstly, the packaging is easily identifiable in this little pebble/egg shape and is great for just throwing in a handbag and reaching for throughout the day! You don't need to put your fingers into any product, as you can apply it straight from the ball! I find these really nice to apply and gentle on the lips, these are the first things I reach for if I have sore lips in the winter when other products sting. They are medicated and are 95% natural and they have a lovely range of scents, these two smell delicious! 

Although they are a bit of a pain to get a hold of in the UK, you can buy them from places like ebay where the lemon one is around £5 or amazon where prices vary quite a bit, anything from £3.99 - £13.99 (which is rediculous). I'd love to know what you think of these little lip balms, and if you think they are worth the hype? If you also love these like me, then what's your favourite scent? 


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (Bronze Universal)

Today's blog post is a bit of a repeat for those who followed my blog before the whole deleting 300 posts fiasco (long story). This product is perhaps one of the most raved about ever in the beauty world and it quickly became a cult beauty must have - so of course, I bought it. Besides my urban decay naked palettes, this is my most expensive makeup purchase coming in at a whopping £31 (currently on sale in Debenhams for £27!). For me, this has been a well loved and 'worth the hype' product, and here's why: 

 Of course, the packaging screams luxury with the typical Chanel logo and super sturdy packaging, however it's definitely not the most practical product - the sheer size of it makes it a bugger to fit in any standard makeup bag, unless it's the only thing you want to put in there. It's not ideal for travel and takes a lot of room, and heck - it doesn't even fit in some make-up storage - nevertheless, it's beautiful on the outside and you get a whopping 30g of product. In comparison, nars laguna bronzer contains about 8g of product, and MAC blushes are around 6g! 

Inside, the product is something like a mousse/gel hybrid texture - it's soft to the touch but is still solid, almost like the maybelline dream bouncy blushes, but a little harder. It's described as a light cream gel formular. If this shade scares you or if your worried your skin is too pale to pull this off, I find using it under foundation also works well - a tip I picked up from essie button. My favourite way to apply this is either using an angled blush brush and applying it as a bronze base before my foundation, or using a contour brush (I use the real techniques one) and applying this as a contour on top of foundation. 

I am a huge fan of this product, I understand that sometimes hyped up beauty products might not live up to your expectations, but for me this did! I wish you could get a smaller version as this would make the product perfect and I could actually fit it in my make-up bag. Other than that, it's a thumbs up from me! Have you tried this product? Do you like it, or is it not worth it's hype? Let me know!