Thursday, 20 June 2013

Magazine Freebies in June

I am not ashamed to say, I love a good freebie .. why wouldn't you? I'm one of those people who often browses the web hunting down any good freebies that are about at the time, but the best freebies are often with magazines - which I would buy anyway! Taking into account the fact that I am currently jobless, I probably shouldn't even be spending money on the magazines but when they have freebies in (that I will use) I think it's a cheap way of treating myself to a good read and a little treat too! This month I picked up two of my favourite regular magazines; Company and Glamour. 

magazine freebies glamour makeup company blogger
 Why I like them: 
Company - I tend to gravitate towards this magazine as it features a lot of 'blogger' focused bits and bobs which I love to read - it's always nice to see someone in a magazine you recognise from their blog! I also love the feel of this magazine (is that slightly weird?). I like that it's a handbag friendly size, and it has good content and usually a sample or two in there too! 

Glamour - I've always liked Glamour magazine ever since my mum started to buy it (now I buy my own, and mum steals it) .. oh how the roles have reversed! I love the regular features in glamour, my faves being the cover star's interview which is always a good read and I love the funny little snippets in the mag such as the 'it's okay to...' pages and the occassional embarrasing story. I also like how glamour often include a serious subject in the magazine despite it being a typical glossy mag full of fashion and beauty. When the freebies do come around, they are usually great and every magazine usually has a sample or two in! 

 This month's company mag comes with a free cosmetic pouch. There were a couple of cute prints to choose from, I went for this summery print above. It's compact, has a little zipper compartment at the front and is the perfect handbag size. I'm currently using this to keep any tablets/medication in my handbag as the tablet packets and throat sweets and hayfever tablets usually end up lost in the depths of my bag. You can of course use it for anything, I just chose boring tablets. 

This month's glamour featured products from ModelCo which is a pretty expensive brand with the freebies retailing from £11-£14 (not bad considering this month's mag is only £1!) I think the options were from lipglosses, eyeliner and lipliner and I chose the lipliner called the lip enhancer which is a gorgeous neutral pink liner. 

Did you pick up either of these fab freebies? If not, what's the best freebie you've got from a magazine before? I think I love the benefit mini's from last year's glamour.. or the ciate polishes with Marie Claire magazine! 



  1. I got the lip liner, it's gorgeous! Also picked up 2 of the Company bags, I use them to organise stuff in my handbag - one for make up, one for bits like hand gel, hand cream, tissues etc.

    Rebecca x

    1. It's lovely isn't it! Used it this morning for the first time and really liked it :) .. that's a good idea - they are such a handy size. xx