Sunday, 2 June 2013

May favourites

It's that time of the month again, here's what I've been loving & using this month: 

Revlon nearly naked foundation 'vanilla'
Following my initial impressions of this which were good but nothing special, I have decided I LOVE it! This foundation is beautiful, the coverage is perfect for this time of year; it covers everything, evens out skin tones yet still looks natural and not cakey. I've been opting for this instead of my usual healthy mix (which I've been  using for about a year!) so it must be good to replace that! 

Bourjois chocolate bronzer 
This is a surprising entry into my favourites this month, I didn't think this would ever make the cut. In honesty, I'd been saving this to put in a products I regret buying post - until I moved my entire makeup set up and thought I'd give it another go. Turns out I've used it every single day this month, applying it with a large angled brush as a bronzer/contour and I've really liked it! I have noticed that there is almost a wax coat that builds up on top of the powder sometimes, which means when you swatch it you get no colour - so I've had to scrape it away a couple of times and then it's absolutely fine. It's quite strange, in fact I might do a blog post about it as I feel I've made no sense here. Thought it deserved a mention as I haven't put it down lately. 

Lady gaga perfume 
I have a lot of perfume, this is no secret (let me know if you'd like a perfume collection post) and this month I've been gravitating towards this lady gaga perfume! Firstly, the packaging is amazing and the perfume is black - need I say more? I just love the smell of this, it's lighter than most of my others yet I can smell it on me all day! I'm rubbish at describing scents, but if your at a perfume counter - give it a whiff! 

Mac studio finish concealer NW15 
A recent purchase of mine, and a great one! I hadn't tried any mac concealers before, so I pushed the boat out and ordered this studio finish concealer after hearing so much about it. I pretty much guessed the shade NW15, turns out it's quite a good match! This is amazing on blemishes and redness - it's quite heavy duty and conceals them using the tiniest bit of product, which is great. It doesn't work that well for me under the eyes as I find it a bit hard to blend as it's quite thick - but for everything else, I really like it! 

Avon glimmerstick brow pencil blonde 
This is a recent addition to my brows, and a marvellous one. I love the way the crayon is so thin and soft, yet packed with pigment. It's super easy to apply, gives great definition yet still looks natural! I'm definitely going to be using this for the forseeable future, I've used it everyday since I got it. 

Clean&Clear spot treatment 
This has been a life-saver this month, okay maybe an overstatement. My skin has been really good lately thanks to a change in diet etc, but recently I've fallen off the wagon and found that my skin does not appreciate this and have been using this quite frequently. This is one of those products that I've found actually works for me, if I have a spot 'brewing' I pop this on there quickly before bed, and in the morning it's almost gone - and I've never found anything that does that before. If the spot is already there, I apply it and it helps reduce redness and makes it disappear quicker. 

Stippling brush
I've been using this brush a LOT this month, particularly with cream blush products like my dainty doll blush and topshop blush in neon rose! I've also been enjoying using this at the end of my makeup application to apply my mac msf in soft and gentle as a highlight - it's the perfect size, and picks up the perfect amount of product. Obviously this looks almost identical to the real techniques stippling brush, however this from ebay. The brush is branded as a Journusa brush and cost around £2.50 & I can't fault the quality of it. It is super soft, dense and washes well. I'm a huge lover of the real techniques brushes, and I would definitely recommend them too - but this month I've absolutely loved this brush which cost a lot less! 

Have you tried any of these products? What's been one of your favourites lately? 



  1. I'd love to try that Bourjois bronzer, I bet it smells amazing! Great favourites Jess, except for the Lady Gaga perfume which I absolutely dislike LOL <3 xx

    PS And yes to the perfume collection post!!! ^^

    1. It smells delicious! Haha, oh dear - I personally like it :) xo