Sunday, 23 June 2013

Soak Yourself

Bath time is 'me time', I'm so glad I have the luxury of taking a long soak in a bubble bath - it's the perfect way to de-stress and just relax. Don't get me wrong, I do love a shower and wish I had a real shower at home (I just have one of those silly attachments) so I always enjoy showers on holiday.. is that weird? As much as I wish I had a shower at home too, I always miss my bath tub and I just LOVE baths okay, I love them. I'm also a massive fan of all things bath and body and if you've read any of my monthly empties posts you will know I go through a lot of products! During my last month at university I tweeted an awful lot about dissertations, assignments and exams and the lovely people at Soak Yourself offered to let me try one of their soaps as a 'me time' treat after a hard slog at uni - needless to say I jumped at the chance! I have to say, they are such a lovely and friendly company to chat to on twitter, so do give them a follow... I am so grateful for the lovely items I received. 

Firstly, how bloomin' lovely is the packaging? I absolutely love it, it gives a real nice touch and I think these would be lovely to give as a gift too (I'm thinking ahead for birthdays etc). Lucky me, received three soaps all individually presented in these gorgeous material bags with the logo on and pretty colour coordinated ribbon. 

I received the following scents: 

Paris blossom 
Honeysuckle and butterscotch 

All of the soaps are have completely natural ingredients, which you can read more about in this article on how they are made. Each soap containts NO artificial or chemical fragrances which many soaps do and they use only essential oils which have beneficial therapeuitc properties for the skin... who can complain about that? 

As you can see from the pictures, each soap isdeliciously handmade and looks good enough to eat. They smell absolutely beautiful and leave your skin feeling really soft afterwards and moisturised. I hate it when soaps make my hands etc feel dry, so I've really enjoyed using these soaps so far as they are not drying but they don't leave any residue on your skin. Scent wise - they do leave a subtle smell on your skin for a while after use, but I like that! I think my favourite is the honeysuckle and butterscotch! I'll definitely be keeping these in mind for birthday presents, I think they would be a lovely addition to a girly pampering hamper. 

What are your thoughts on soap? Are natural ingredients important to you when it comes to bath products? 


*Although this product was kindly gifted to me, I was not asked to review the items and as always my opinions are 100% mine .. these soaps just so happen to be delicious! 


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    1. Me too - they smell even better than they look too! :) xo

  2. Honeysuckle and butterscotch sounds lovely!
    Kirsty x