Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Budget Red lips

Recently I received a lipstick from Miss Sporty in my summer beauty swap and unlike any other lipstick I own - this one is RED! I'm a big fan of miss sporty - it's a very affordable make-up range and they have some great products, I especially like their nail polishes and their entire range seems to be under the £5 mark which is amazing! 

'Malaga' is a bright matte red shade, which is almost orange-y toned! It's not quite a pillar box red, but it's a very bright and bold red which is gorgeous! Packaging wise, it is presented in a plain navy blue bullet - so it doesn't look expensive or snazzy, but the packaging is sturdy and will take a bit of knocking around in your handbag! 

As you can see from the swatches, this is a very pigmented shade and in just one 'swipe' a bold, bright colour is achieved which is true to the colour in the bullet. Although this is a matte shade, it is not drying - which can often be a problem with matte lipsticks. There seems to be a slight sheen and moisturizing texture to this, both swatched and on the lips. I'm really impressed with this and it's less than £3 from Superdrug

I think I quite like this on, I've never worn a red lip before - this picture was taken inside and I'm not sure I'm quite brave enough to wear this out yet.. what do you think? The staying power was pretty good, it didn't bleed and the colour lasted a long time - although it's a bit of a bugger to remove, it almost stains! The shade has previously been compared to Lady Danger from mac, so it's worth checking out if you're a fan of the red lip look - I'll definitely be looking into some other shades as the formula is fab!!  

Are you a red lip fan, or have you tried any products from Miss Sporty? 

Jess xo 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pretty Homewares : Cabinet of Curiosities & discount code!

If you've read my blog for a while now, you may know that I am obsessed with pretty bits of homeware and decorative pieces. I'm in that limbo between loving staying at home rent free and desperately wanting my own space, so over the past few months I've been picking up some bits and bobs for the 'home' which does not yet exist but hopefully will one day! I stumbled across a lovely website called 'Cabinet of Curiosities' which of course instantly made me curious to see what was available. I fell in love with everything right away, it's the perfect mix of dainty, vintage-esque and retro homeware pieces and alternative, sugar skull/tattoo themed goodies.

A short while later, after chatting to the owner Kate on their twitter page, a very well packaged box arrived at my door full of lovely things from the website. Delivery was really quick, and everything arrived perfectly protected in it's packaging and the products are even better in real life than the pictures - there really are some lovely pieces on the website! 

Inside my parcel was this gorgeous little guy; the ceramic owl decoration which is the cutest little decoration I have ever seen. For some reason, I really like owls (although they scare me in real life) and I have quite a few bits and bobs around my room that fit in with the whole owl theme. I love the fact that this owl is completely white and it's the perfect size to sit on top of my drawers next to my trusty bhudda statue.

As much as I love all white in my room, I'm also partial to a bit of pink (as you can see from my bedding) and this pink butterfly photo frame is no exception. I actually like the butterfly inside too, so I won't be changing it to a different photograph - although you could if you wanted to of course. I love the damask/baroque patterned frame and I've seen these frames around a few places but not for this price (£4.99)!

I'm so pleased with these gorgeous items, they fit in with my room perfectly! I'm already compiling a list in my head of items to buy next! I'd definitely recommend checking out the website, it's so affordable and has such a good range of pieces - something to suit everyone! What's your favourite item? Do you collect homeware even without a house.... just me??? 

The lovely Kate has also provided me with a special discount code that will give any of my readers a lovely 10% off their order! All you need to do is enter the code 'LOVELYJUBBLY' at checkout


*items gifted by Kate for review purposes, as always any opinions are 100% my own - they really are lovely items!!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Foundation review : MUA undress your skin

I'm a huge fan of highstreet make-up brands, especially when it comes to foundation. I like to think I have a mix of both high end and 'drugstore' products in my general make-up collection but in terms of foundation I almost always opt for budget friendly ones! After all, next to mascara it's probably the product I use up the quickest - and there are so many brilliant budget friendly foundations on the market! This one from MUA is no exception and it comes in at just £5 from Superdrug

In terms of coverage this is described as a medium to heavy coverage, I would personally say it was light to medium coverage, as it does cover redness and uneven skin tones, but it doesn't really cover any blemishes or acne scars or anything like that - however it is buildable, so if you were to take the time applying thin layers then I imagine you could get a really good coverage with this. However - as a straightforward application I would say it leans more towards a light to medium coverage. 

Granted, the shade range isn't extensive; I opted for the palest shade which was porcelain and have actually found it to be a very good match for my skin tone! I was unsure what to expect with this product really, but I'm actually very impressed. I like the coverage it gives, it's a dream to apply in that it doesn't cake and it blends nicely into the skin to give an even all over coverage. The shade is ideal for me and I like that despite it's light reflecting particles (which aren't obvious) it somehow gives a slight matte finish to the skin. I have combination skin, so as always I do need to powder with this foundation - especially around my tzone, and for that I just use my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I find it lasts a long time - usually the whole day and then I just need to powder again if I'm going out in the evening! For such an affordable foundation, I can't get over the staying power of this on my combo skin! 

Application wise - I apply this using a dense stippling brush or with clean fingers, from the centre of the face outwards and find this works well for me. The foundation retails at just £5 - so it's one of the cheapest foundations I've tried, but it's probably just made it's way into my top 5 at least - maybe even my top 3! 

Have you tried this foundation? I'm also loving the primer from MUA's undress my skin range!

*post contains sponsored link 

Monday, 22 July 2013

The perfect inexpensive DIY gift

I'm sure you've probably seen these gift ideas on the likes of pinterest, facebook and other social networking sites - they seem to be very popular! If the male members in your family are anything like mine, they never know what they want or drop any hints in the way of gifts and wishlists, so you just have to get something and hope they like it! Tomorrow is my dad's 60th birthday and whilst I've splashed out on a lovely watch for him as a present he can hopefully keep for a long time - I also wanted to do some kind of crafty/funny present too. What could be better than a chocolate card?! 

The card reads: 
"To Dad, Please don't snickers, but I was in a real time crunchie to get you a gift for your 60th birthday. I hope you have an extra special day and rolo-ver laughing. I would put you on an aero-plane 2 a turkish delight, or send you to mars to look at the galaxy .. but I'm currently living on buttons! So for now I'll just say that you R a marvellous creation & enjoy your munchies. Love from your smarties pants daughter, Jess. x"

I couldn't find a greetings card big enough, so I popped to my local hobbycraft store and picked up a piece of backing card which was £1.95 and then just went to town with my different coloured sharpie pens! It's a really affordable, different and funny gift and came in at around £8 including all the chocolates and card - and I think it looks fab! I'm sure my dad will love it and enjoy eating some of his fave choccy bars!

You could also use this for any member of your family, or friends and just look at the likes of pinterest etc for more inspiration on funny little sentences and ways you can incorporate different chocolate bars! I took a few lines from other examples and added a few of my own too! What do you think of this gift idea? 


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sleek face form contour kit : review

I'm going to put myself out there and say that I love multi-tasking products! They make things easier, quicker and they save space... and ultimately, I feel like I am really getting my money's worth from a product with multiple uses. So here's one multi-use product I am currently loving from Sleek, a brand which is currently stocked in Superdrug. 

 The sleek face form kit comes in the standard 'sleek' packaging, which is black, small and very compact - making it perfect for travel purposes and it is sturdy enough to take a few knocks in the bottom of a bag. As with any black packaging, it will attract dirt and marks, very similar to the high end comparison Nars. I enjoyed sleek cosmetics for around 2 years - I adore their eyeshadow palettes as they are very pigmented and great value for money, they have some great dupes too. However, I hadn't tried their infamous contour kit! 

 Unlike the original contour kit, the face form kit comes with an extra pan which is a blush. I picked up the shade Fair, it is also available in medium. Inside the kit is an almost matte light bronze contour powder, a shimmering highlight and the Rose Gold blush (an infamous Nars orgasm dupe!) 

I find this contour powder to be a perfect shade for my skin tone, I wear an ivory/vanilla foundation so in the past I have struggled to find a bronzer or contour powder that doesn't look orange or muddy with my complexion. I use this with an angled blush brush or with my real techniques contour brush and apply it just below my cheekbones to give the appearance of a contoured face (despite my chubby cheeks and round head, I think it works). The highlight powder is a gorgeous illuminating shade and looks lovely applied under the brow bone or on the tops of the cheeks to give a healthy looking glow. The blush, is the prettiest shade I've seen from sleek - I know a lot of their blushes can be a bit 'in your face' bright, but this is subtle and pretty, get packed with pigment! You need a tiny amount on your brush to achieve the desired look - so take that as a warning if you are a bit heavy handed with powder products! 

I'm really impressed with this product overall - I haven't stopped using it recently. If you work out the cost, it's just over £3 per pan, which is a bargain if you ask me. I like that there is everything I need in one place, so it's ideal for travel or if you're spending the night away or perhaps if you're going out straight from work. It also houses a large mirror which is perfect for on the go applications. At less than £10 for the whole thing - I'd definitely recommend it, especially if you are pale like me and want to find a non-orange contour powder! 

Have you tried any of Sleek's products? 


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bourjois cream blush

Today's product review is from Bourjois, a brand which I have come to love over the past year or so! Although they are at the slightly higher end of the highstreet/drugstore make-up ranges - they are very affordable in comparison to high end products and from my experience are very high quality in general! It's no secret that I am huge fan of bourjois' healthy mix foundation and powder, so I'm keen to keep trying items from the brand. 

Recently, the cream blushers took the blogging world by storm - and whilst I always enjoy putting my two pence in, I thought it only right to wait the frenzy out and truly get a feel for the products before reviewing them! I picked up two shades - 02 and 03, I also wanted 01 but it was out of stock at the time. In total there are four shades, so not a vast selection but the shades available are all very much wearable. 

Packaging wise, they are very similar to the little blush pots from bourjois, they are teenie tiny round pots which are very easy to carry with you in a make-up bag! They also have a decent sized mirror inside the compact, so are excellent for touching up on the go - I find these are fab for popping on after a long day to brighten up my makeup! Although they look very small, there's a decent amount of product and the tiniest amount goes a long way when it comes to applying them. 

left - 02 'healthy glow' 
right - 03 'rose tender'  

Healthy glow is a gorgeous natural nude/peach colour which is an absolute dream to wear in the summer! This is definitely my favourite shade of the two, I find it really brightens my whole makeup look and gives a healthy glow as the name would suggest! Rose tender is a soft, almost muted pink shade which again looks lovely on. It's one of those shades that will be suitable for any season! 

I apply these using my fingers, and as I mentioned above - you only need a tiny amount! I use the technique of just gently dabbing the product onto my cheeks and then blending out using a brush if necessary! In terms of the formula they are a cream product but once applied they finish as a powder - however still giving that slight sheen to the face.

They are a pocket friendly £7.99 and currently on 3 for 2 at boots - so an even better bargain! 

Have you tried any of these blushes? 


Monday, 15 July 2013

What's in my travel make-up?

This week I am off on a little UK break with my dad, enjoying some of the lovely sunshine we are having here in Wales at the moment! I'm not a huge fan of the heat, in fact I much prefer winter - so I'll be relaxing in the shade just taking time to 'chill' and have some me time! This time around I've tried my hardest to pack lightly and I think I've done pretty well considering this is for a whole week! It probably has something to do with the fact that when it's this hot I don't tend to wear a great deal of make-up as it just doesn't stay put! 

Make-up bag - Poundland (how cute is this for £1?!) 
Brush holder - Banggood*

Brush-wise I decided to take this handy blue brush travel case that separates into two brush holders (very similar to the sigma holders, only a fraction of the price) - which I know will come in handy when I won't have a whole desk to get ready at in the mornings. Although to some, 9 brushes for one week may sound a bit excessive - I think I did well narrowing it down this far. 

For face brushes I have my foundation brush, my mineral powder brush and stipple brush from elf and this fab angled face brush from ebay! I've also packed a couple of eye brushes including my sigma e25 blending brush and some other eye shadow brushes. Finally I've included my flat topped small foundation brush which works amazingly for concealer and was only £2 from ebay

 Make-up (including links to any previews reviews on this blog)

Bourjois cream blush in 02 
Mac MSF in soft and gentle - reviewed here
Sleek face kit in fair 
Nivea oil free moisturiser - reviewed here 
MUA undress your skin primer 
Revlon nearly naked foundation in vanille - reviewed here 
Rimmel Stay Matte powder - reviewed here
Mac studiofix concealer in NW15 
Avon infinitize mascara -  reviewed here
Avon glimmer stick brow pencil in blonde 
Clean and clear spot treatment 
Avon eye primer - reviewed here
Essence quad in to die for 
Malibu lip balm SPF30 - reviewed here
Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in nottinghill nude - MAC shygirl dupe
Avon colourtrend lip stain in melon drama 

I'd say that was pretty good going for a week? 


*item gifted by banggood

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Fat girls & stripes?!

As a fat girl or plus size or curvy or whatever you want to call it, I am no stranger to fashion rules. Some of them include; you shouldn't wear horizontal stripes, fat girls should cover their arms, you should only wear black, you must wear baggy tops to hide all traces of lumps and bumps. But, do you know what? I am currently getting to a place, where actually - I don't care what the 'rules are', I want to wear clothes that I like and that I feel comfortable in, regardless of what I should/shouldn't wear. And I want to wear stripes! I'd like to share a lovely saying I came across the other day, call it another rule of fashion perhaps? 

So here I am wearing all my stripes and not giving a damn at a size 26. 

Dress - Primark £8 (size 20, very generous fit) 
black 3/4 lace trim leggings - Yours clothing £8  
Floral hair band - H&M £1.99 


Friday, 12 July 2013

HUGE May/June empties

I can't believe I missed last month's empties post?! I've been pretty good with these posts and I even had a box of empties piled up ready to photograph (still find that a little weird) and never got around to it. So, the product bottles and packets kept piling up through the month of June and I am now left with a HUGE pile of recycling and a lot of product thoughts to share with you! You might want to grab a cuppa? 

 Dove invisible dry compressed deodorant & Dove invisible dry deodorant 
My favourite deodorant, it smells fresh and feminine and does the job. I like that it leaves no white marks on any clothing whether it is light or dark in colour. Repurchase? YES 

Original source lime shower gel 
I recently featured this in a monthly favourites, and I absolutely love it! This is my 2nd one so that's a good sign, as I usually just use any old shower gel - I don't tend to stay loyal to a brand or scent as I like to try out different things! However, I already have another of these lined up, it smells amazing just like pure limes and is so refreshing. Repurchase? YES 

Johnson's baby shampoo 
This is such a lovely product to have even if you don't have a baby! I use this to clean my makeup brushes as it is very gentle, I've also used it on my own hair and it is lovely and light - It doesn't leave any build up in your hair! I mostly just used this for the deep clean of my makeup brushes - worked a treat, it's also only about £1ish too. Repurchase? YES

Soap and glory foam call 
Is it just me or do soap and glory products last a life time? I've had this massive 500ml bottles since Christmas and I use it all the time. I use this as wash with a scrunchie, and it foams up so nicely and leaves a lovely smell on the skin without being too overpowering. It's got that signature soap and glory scent, which I love. Repurchase? YES (once I've used up my other 12983 bottles of S&G) 

 Loreal Feria pastel pink toning conditoner 
The reason why this has never made an appearance on my blog before, is because it was a waste of money for me. I have dark blonde hair, but have bleached blonde/ombre ends, so I wanted to try the whole pastel pink ombre look. Unfortunately, this didn't take to my hair following the recommended instructions. I managed to get it to a subtle pink after using twice the recommended amount and leaving it on for AGES. Repurchase? NO 

2 x batiste tropical dry shampoo 
As always, I went for the tropical scent. It's my absolute favourite, and I've not found another dry shampoo that compares to this one. These have been life savers in this warmer weather we have been having just to freshen up my hair in between washes and give it a bit of life. Repurchase? YES

Nivea pearl and beauty deodorant mini 
I have to say, I love Nivea as a whole and I enjoy several products from their brand. This was no exception - my only complaint was that it was quite heavily scented and easy to choke on!! Repurchase? NO 

 MAC msf light medium powder
I bought this from a blogsale so I could try a MSF before forking out a whole twenty-something pounds myself. I really like the finish these give, they help to mattify the skin but also give a slight coverage too, so they are perfect for that flawless finish. I've already picked up my new one in the shade light! Repurchase? YES 

Lush snow fairy lip balm
Although this wasn't completely empty, it was time for it to go! Snow fairy is one of my fave scents from lush and this smelled exactly like  the shower gel! I wasn't overly keen on the formula, I found that it just sat on my lips rather than sinking in. Repurchase? NO 

Revlon nearly naked foundation in vanille 
Recently I have been absolutely loving the finish and coverage of nearly naked, it covers any redness and evens skin tone but also lets your freckles peep through just a tiny amount. It lasts a decent amount of time when topped with a finishing powder and the shade is absolutely perfect. Repurchase? YES 

Rimmel stay matte powder 
My HG powder - I go through these like nobody's business. Repurchase? YES

Elf shimmering facial whip in spotlight 
I didn't even use all of this, everytime I opened the bottle it would explode! The liquid tends to separate and become super runny and I just felt this was an awful product! The colour was beautiful, but the formula & packaging let it down. Repurchase? NO 

Oh! Organics facial toner spray
This is perfect if you are looking for an affordable facial spray/freshening toner. It smells very fresh and clean, and floral but it doesn't leave a lingering smell on your skin. It's perfect for cooling down and I love the packaging too. Repurchase? YES  

2 x tea tree facewipes - repurchase? At 2 packets for 79p YES!
 elf vanilla and coconut body wipes - repurchase? YES
Nivea refreshing facial wipes - one of my favourite facewipes. Repurchase? YES 

Rose & Shea butter intensive hand mask 
I picked this up as part of an at home pamper session for about £1 from a local bargain store! In the pack was a pair of gloves that had a 'hand mask' inside. You had to wear them for about 20 minutes and my hands felt amazing afterwards! They smell lovely too. Repurchase? YES 

Bath and body works cookie dough pocket bac 
I wish I lived in America/Canada purely for these little babies. They are so cute, and smell delicious! Repurchase? YES 

Well done if you made it this far in the post (let me know in the comments!) I hope it wasn't too long, and that you enjoyed seeing what products I've used up recently! Lesson learned : stay on top of monthly favourites posts to avoid mammouth posts like this one! Have you used any of these products? 


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Summer beauty swap

A little while ago I signed up to a summer beauty swap with Kat over at tales of a pale face. For those who've never done a beauty swap before, it basically involves being paired with another person, setting a budget and sending each other a parcel of goodies! It's a lovely way to get to know other bloggers, chat to more people and discover new things! 

I was paired with the lovely Imogen from imogen rose beauty who writes a lovely blog which you should all go an check out, I love her filofax posts - so if there are any other compulsive list writers out there I'm sure you'd love those posts too! My parcel arrived on monday and it felt like Christmas all over again - it came in a lovely glossybox box which I am going to re-use as storage and was full to the brim of goodies! 

In my swap I received the lush comforter bubble bar, which is one of my absolute favourite bath products which made the entire parcel smell delicious! I also received a cupcake fresh face mask from lush, which I am super excited to try as I've never ever tried a lush face mask before - it smells exactly like chocolate cake and it is currently in the fridge, so I'm hoping to enjoy it in this hot weather as a lovely 'cool down' mask. 

Make-up wise I received a gorgeous pack of blue leopard print nail wraps from models own, which look SO good, I can't wait to wear them - they are a fab colour for summer. I also received the technic carnival nail polish which is an amazing dupe for OPI's infamous rainbow polish. In the box I also spotted a lipstick, and it's a gorgeous bright red, which I've never used before so I look forward to trying that! Finally I had a simple vital vitamin day cream, which I've used for the last 3 days and fallen in love with - more on that soon!  Those of you with a good eye for detail may notice the mini hershey's kisses hidden amongst the wrapping - yum! 

I'm so pleased with everything I received, and would like to say a massive thankyou to Imogen - and also to Kat for organising the swap! I'm looking forward to my next swap already! Have you ever done a beauty swap? 


Monday, 8 July 2013

Products I regret buying

We all at some time or another end up buying products that we later regret, and this tends to happen just a little bit more when you a beauty obsessed blogger. I have a lot of make-up and there is no denying the fact that I have more products than the average human being - but I do think about what I'm buying (most of the time), I read reviews, I look at swatches and I ask for opinions .. all in an attempt to avoid ending up with a pile of unloved products. Of course, there are always going to be some that just don't work for me. Just a little disclaimer here - I am by no means saying these are bad products, or not worth the hype they receive but they just didn't work for me at all. Obviously, what works for one may not work for another and vice versa - so don't let it put you off, it's just this was a frequently requested post. 

 Dainty Doll blush in 'hippy shake' 
Remember when Dainty Doll became available on fragrance direct for an incredible £1.99, well I went crazy. Hippy shake is a very pale lilac colour, which for me just doesn't work. I suppose I expected it to be a little darker, despite the whole range being tailored to pale skin. I wear foundation in the shade ivory - so I am pale, but this just doesn't show at all on my skin. So unfortunately this sits completely unloved in my make-up stash. On the whole, the dainty doll blushes are excellent - I have 'you are my sunshine' and it's amazing & a dupe for the infamous Nars Orgasm! 

Elf blush and bronzer compact duo 
As you can see - this hasn't been completely unloved, the blusher is actually very pretty and good quality. The bronzer however, literally looks like mud on my skin. It is quite chalky and  almost crumbly, and the shade just doesn't work for me as a contour or a bronzer. 

Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in 'immortal charcoal' 
Again, another product that I actually love - but the shade just doesn't work for me. Maybelline colour tattoos are one of my favourite eye shadow products in the drugstore/highstreet department - but this dark grey/silver just isn't me. I find it too dark to use for a base, I'm not a huge lover of eyeliner and I just don't wear it at all. 

 Collection cover & go foundation and concealer duo in 'fair' 
As a concept I really like this, and I've seen similar products from high end brands such as Lancome and Daniel Sandler. At only £3 or £4 it was worth a shot right? Firstly the shade was too dark for me, despite being labelled as 'fair' I remained orange. The coverage is too little for me, I expected it to be a higher coverage... "cover" and go. The concealer is pretty good, it covers well and the shade was a better match than the foundation - but it is a little drying. 

Covergirl lashblast luxe mascara 
If I've ever heard of a cult mascara it's this one! I actually found this in tkmaxx for a bargainous price of £3.99 - so of course, I had to purchase it. It was a huge let down for me, it did nothing for my lashes and I didn't get on with the brush at all. It's huge but has teenie tiny bristles which couldn't grip my lashes at all - it was difficult to even get them to have a coat of colour. Not a fan. 

 Balance me beauty rose lip salve 
Technically I didn't buy this (I paid £2 for a glamour magazine and it was free!) However, the rrp is around £12 - and I would be a bit unhappy if I had paid that. Don't get me wrong, the product feels lovely and I can imagine it working well for someone who likes the smell. I on the other hand, do not! It is very strongly scented of rose, so much so that it makes me feel sick when I put it on and my mouth does this weird reflex thing (TMI, sorry) I end up scrubbing it off everytime I try it. It's just not for me, if you love floral rose scents you will LOVE this! 

Vaseline in 'creme brulee' 
I don't even know why I bought this, I guess the limited edition sucked me in and the tasty name. One, it doesn't smell like creme brulee and two, vaseline does absolutely nothing for my lips - in fact it makes them worse. 

Elf lip stain 
As a huge fan of elf products in general, I had high hopes for this lipstain. I was a bit shocked by the colour on arrival, but that's to be expected with online swatches from elf. I just can't get past the texture of this. The stain seems to rest on my lips and not sink in, it just leaves a coat on top - which means you have to either wait ages or wipe away excess before applying the clear gloss. I just wasn't a fan of this, and haven't used it after swatching! 

Rimmel match perfection foundation in '100 ivory'
I'm a huge fan of drugstore/highstreet foundations - so Rimmel is a brand I've tried a lot from and that I usually enjoy. Unfortunately, I didn't like this one. I found that this gave no where near enough coverage for my liking, and was very very thin in consistency. The shade was also quite orange-y toned for an ivory (which I find with a lot of rimmel products). I have however tried the powder of the match perfection and loved it! 

Physicians formula organic wear mineral powder 
Another purchase from TKmaxx - an excellent place to get hold of big beauty brands (often american) that we can't get here in the UK. I've seen physicians formula, covergirl, butter london, opi, china glaze, nyx & more for a fraction of the price. This came in at just £4.99 and seemed like a great buy at the time. Wrong! The brush is far too rough to use to apply powder (or any product, it hurts) and the whole packging just ruins what would otherwise be a decent powder. It blocks easily, the brush is awful and it's just of no use to the product. The powder however, is pretty good - but the packaging makes it a no-go for me. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my little rants about a few items there - let me know what you thought of this post, and if you've had any similar experiences. 


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Yours clothing - summer picks

Lately I've been coming to terms with the fact that I can no longer wear jeans and jumpers. Despite the fact that summer doesn't really happen here in the UK, the weather has been quite humid lately and the bbq's are starting to happen. Given that we are due for a week of sunshine and a mini heat wave this coming week - I thought it appropriate to compile a list of my fashion picks for the 'summer' from one of my favourite plus size clothing retailers - Yours Clothing (size 14-32). Unlike many of the other online plus size retailers, I find yours clothing to be affordable and basically the same as high street prices - if not cheaper! Here are a few of my favourite things that I've added to my basket ready for some upcoming bbq's, garden parties and get-togethers. 

1     2      3       4      5      6      7

Dress wise, I think a maxi dress is a summer essential, and although I tend to wear them on holiday mainly - I feel like I would be comfortable wearing this navy and coral maxi to a BBQ of some kind as it's not too in your face & I love the fact that it isn't strapless. I also adore this pretty ivory patterned dress with lattice detailing on the neckline, this would look lovely with a tan and is ideal for a get together with the girls. If like me, you are a little self-conscious of your arms then that's okay - as I've spotted a couple of lovely dainty cover ups like this white one which will basically go with anything & isn't going to add any warmth! Of course, I can't last through the summer months without my trusty linen trousers - I actually already have these, but I'm going to buy another pair as I've had mine quite a while now and they've started to bobble slightly. I couldn't resist the ombre dip hem shirt - it's a beautiful colour (also comes in coral) and just screams summer - I seriously love a bit om ombre, how cliche. For bag's and shoes I tend to go for comfort and ease, so I usually take a small over the shoulder bag just to throw in my phone, keys and lippy (bbq essential haha). I'm definitely a flats/pumps girl when it comes to shoes, so I fell in love with these white studded sandals which have a teenie tiny wedge! 


Thursday, 4 July 2013

June Favourites

 As always, I can't quite believe that another month has passed and it is now July! Although I've not purchased a vast amount of beauty items lately due to sticking to a rather tight budget (no more student loans, boohoo) I've managed to rally together a small group of products that I've been absolutely loving this month. A few of these are making their very first appearance on this blog, so expect some more in-depth reviews coming soon! 

Mac MSF 'light' 
Although I am and always will be a fan of rimmel's stay matte pressed powder, I'd been intrigued by mac MSF's for a while. I read quite a lot of reviews, and heard nothing but good things about this product - so of course, I had to buy it. It was pretty expensive at £22/10g of product but I really like it! Firstly, the shade is brilliant and is the best colour match powder I have in the sense that it doesn't have any orange tones in it once applied. I find it gives just a teenie bit of extra coverage, and helps achieve the 'flawless face' (if that's even possible) and leaves your skin with a healthy, glowing look rather than completely matte. If like me, you have oily/combo skin - I'd still recommend using a powder like stay matte on your tzone as this isn't a longlasting powder on oily areas. Other than that, I love it... and despite heavy usage it looks hardly touched! 

Sleek face kit 'light' 
I purchased the infamous contour kit by sleek about 2 years ago and stupidly picked up the shade medium, which was of course too dark for me - so when I saw this new face kit by sleek I again, had to buy it! I seriously have no will power. The kit includes the contour kit and then a blush too - so 3 products for less than £10. I've really enjoyed using this, I find the contour to be a great shade and again, it isn't orange. The blush is absolutely lovely and SO pigmented - use with caution if you are heavy handed! The highlight is also lovely, it's subtle but it's enough to add a slight sheen to your face. Overall, I am really loving this - plus, it's so compact which makes it great for in the makeup bag. I love multi-use products! 

MUA undress your skin primer 
Finally, I have found a drugstore/highstreet primer that works! I've been looking for something to do the job ever since I tried benefit's the pore-fessional and loved it but couldn't afford it. This little bottle is only £5 from MUA and does exactly the same job for my skin. I apply this before my foundation, concentrating on areas like my tzone and cheeks and it just gives a really nice base to apply foundation. I've noticed a difference in the staying power of my foundation, especially in the previously mentioned problematic tzone! I'm not overly keen on the packaging, the pump sometimes stops working so it needs a good shake - but I can cope with that. 

Elf studio line stipple brush
I actually forgot to mention this last month, but I have seriously been reaching for this every single day (apologies for unclean brush picture, bad blogger). I use a lot of powder products and have previously always opted for a dense, flat brush to apply my powder. However, I've noticed that using a stipple brush has a) made my powder last longer in the pan and b) given a less 'cakey/thick' appearance to my makeup. I'm officially a fan of stipple brushes and this one is just £3.50 from elf! 

Bourjois cream blush in 02 
I've tried a couple of cream blushes in the past, and never really got on with them for one reason or another. However, I absolutely love the shade of this - it's the perfect soft coral and just looks gorgeous on the skin. I've personally found that applying this with my fingers works best. I gently dab two fingers in the product and then onto my cheeks - I only use a brush if I've been a bit heavy handed and need to blend. It really is a gorgeous blush and although it's a dinky little pot for £7.99 - a little goes a long way. 

Essence eye quattro in 'to die for' 
I got this last year from my lovely friend Lauren who lives in Ireland as I can't get essence anywhere near me.  It's literally the perfect neutrals quad, and this is what I use when I'm not using my naked palettes. As you can see I've majorly used the champagne colour, it's my favourite everyday shadow and it's so pretty. The pigmentation in all the colours are fab. There's an inner corner highlight, a matte brown, a shimmer brown and a champagne - the perfect mix! 

Phew! Well done if you made it to the end of this post, a bit lengthy wasn't it? I'd love to know what your favourite product has been this month, or if you've used any of the products above. Let me know in the comments below. 


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review: Avon Infinitize mascara

Recently I've been absolutely loving Avon! I went through a phase of ordering everything imaginable but then I kind of forgot about it and I hadn't ordered anything in quite a while. In the past couple of months I've completely fallen in love with some of their products and I keep discovering new favourites, one of which being this new infinitize mascara

 Aside from the obvious bright orange packaging (which I personally love) the thing I immediately noticed was the size and shape of the brush. On first glance, it can look rather scary considering it will be close to your eyes but the design of the brush is rather clever! It is a plastic wand (I normally prefer bristle brushes) and it is curved in order to lift your lashes and it has smaller bristles at the end which allow you to get right into the corners to really emphasise the corner lashes. 

 I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I'm really impressed with it. As a general rule, I look for mascaras that are very black, give length and a little volume and don't flake. This seems to tick all those boxes for me. It's very black in just one coat, it adds a good deal of length to my lashes and I feel like the brush really gets to the root of the lashes and grips well but still gives an easy application. What stands out for me, are the smaller bristles at the end of the brush which really bring out your outer lashes and give a lovely cat eye effect. It could do with adding a little more volume, but I tend to go for certain mascaras for their length and then use others for the volume so it's not a big problem. The mascara has claims of up to 24hrs wear, of course I didn't leave it on for 24hrs but this stays put all day (about 8-10hrs) and doesn't flake at all! I also like that it doesn't leave your lashes feeling crusty or clumpy at all. 

left - my normal mascara 1 coat || right - avon infinitize 1 coat. 

Is it just me or is there quite a big difference in the picture above? I really notice my outer lashes looking far better with this mascara than my regular day mascara! It retails for £10 which is a pretty standard price for a mascara (drugstore/highstreet) but it's currently on sale for £5 so even better! 

Have you tried this? If not, what's your favourite mascara?