Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Summer beauty swap

A little while ago I signed up to a summer beauty swap with Kat over at tales of a pale face. For those who've never done a beauty swap before, it basically involves being paired with another person, setting a budget and sending each other a parcel of goodies! It's a lovely way to get to know other bloggers, chat to more people and discover new things! 

I was paired with the lovely Imogen from imogen rose beauty who writes a lovely blog which you should all go an check out, I love her filofax posts - so if there are any other compulsive list writers out there I'm sure you'd love those posts too! My parcel arrived on monday and it felt like Christmas all over again - it came in a lovely glossybox box which I am going to re-use as storage and was full to the brim of goodies! 

In my swap I received the lush comforter bubble bar, which is one of my absolute favourite bath products which made the entire parcel smell delicious! I also received a cupcake fresh face mask from lush, which I am super excited to try as I've never ever tried a lush face mask before - it smells exactly like chocolate cake and it is currently in the fridge, so I'm hoping to enjoy it in this hot weather as a lovely 'cool down' mask. 

Make-up wise I received a gorgeous pack of blue leopard print nail wraps from models own, which look SO good, I can't wait to wear them - they are a fab colour for summer. I also received the technic carnival nail polish which is an amazing dupe for OPI's infamous rainbow polish. In the box I also spotted a lipstick, and it's a gorgeous bright red, which I've never used before so I look forward to trying that! Finally I had a simple vital vitamin day cream, which I've used for the last 3 days and fallen in love with - more on that soon!  Those of you with a good eye for detail may notice the mini hershey's kisses hidden amongst the wrapping - yum! 

I'm so pleased with everything I received, and would like to say a massive thankyou to Imogen - and also to Kat for organising the swap! I'm looking forward to my next swap already! Have you ever done a beauty swap? 


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  1. I love doing swaps :) This is such a great package. x