Monday, 22 July 2013

The perfect inexpensive DIY gift

I'm sure you've probably seen these gift ideas on the likes of pinterest, facebook and other social networking sites - they seem to be very popular! If the male members in your family are anything like mine, they never know what they want or drop any hints in the way of gifts and wishlists, so you just have to get something and hope they like it! Tomorrow is my dad's 60th birthday and whilst I've splashed out on a lovely watch for him as a present he can hopefully keep for a long time - I also wanted to do some kind of crafty/funny present too. What could be better than a chocolate card?! 

The card reads: 
"To Dad, Please don't snickers, but I was in a real time crunchie to get you a gift for your 60th birthday. I hope you have an extra special day and rolo-ver laughing. I would put you on an aero-plane 2 a turkish delight, or send you to mars to look at the galaxy .. but I'm currently living on buttons! So for now I'll just say that you R a marvellous creation & enjoy your munchies. Love from your smarties pants daughter, Jess. x"

I couldn't find a greetings card big enough, so I popped to my local hobbycraft store and picked up a piece of backing card which was £1.95 and then just went to town with my different coloured sharpie pens! It's a really affordable, different and funny gift and came in at around £8 including all the chocolates and card - and I think it looks fab! I'm sure my dad will love it and enjoy eating some of his fave choccy bars!

You could also use this for any member of your family, or friends and just look at the likes of pinterest etc for more inspiration on funny little sentences and ways you can incorporate different chocolate bars! I took a few lines from other examples and added a few of my own too! What do you think of this gift idea? 



  1. Naw this is too cute! A fabulous idea! I'm totally doing this next time! :D
    I hope your dad loves it!

  2. That is amazing!!!!

  3. Great idea, I love it!!

    Hels X

  4. Such a fantastic idea! Looks great :)

  5. This is absolutely brilliant!
    Bet your dad will be thrilled with it :) x

  6. This is genius!! Love it!

  7. I bloody love this idea, will have to do it as a gift for someone very soon, so cute!

    Kylie @

  8. I actually haven't seen this before but hat an absolutely brill idea! So creative and that makes it all the more special x

  9. Amazeballs was the first word that sprung to mind when I read this! You're so creative and I'm really glad I just stumbled upon your blog (now following btw). I might have to steal this idea for my daddy's 70th birthday next month though hehe.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  10. This is so amazing hahah! So clever, might have to steal this idea, my mam would love it haha xo

    Rachael |