Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sally Hansen nail haul

Sally Hansen is a brand that is very well known when it comes to nail polish, but one that I haven't really tried out before. Of course I've tried some of their infamous top coats, which I've had good experiences with but as far as colours go - I've not really explored that area. Recently I've seen an abundance of SH nail polishes in local pound/99p/bargain stores and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try some colours out! 

Diamonds || Luminous Tulips || Gilty Pleasure || Ivory Skull 

Diamonds and Luminous tulips are from the diamond strength range and came in at just £2.99 for the two of them in a pack (bargain alert). Diamonds is a beautiful light silver/white shimmering glitter polish that has super fine flakes of glitter in it, making it a brilliant top coat over any colour polish to give it a pearl style shine.. for example, adding this over a light blue polish gives the same effect as models own indian ocean. Luminous tulips is a vivid, almost fushcia colour which looks absolutely lovely on. It's not a typical shade I would go for, but it's opaque in two coats and is pretty long wearing - I'm loving this on my toes at the moment! 

The other two polishes were an even bigger bargain at just 99pence each - which is amazing! Gilty pleasure is a gold metallic polish which is very true to the colour in the bottle and applies like a dream! It looks fabulous on it's own and also looks great as part of the half-moon manicures (which I've yet to master completely, any tips)? Ivory skull is perhaps my favourite of the bunch, despite it being a rather plain old boring white - wrong, it's an amazing colour for a quick DIY french manicure. I've loved using this for my nail tips and I've found it is a very bright, pure white which looks lovely on and lasts well without chipping immediately! 

So, moral of the story is ... keep an eye out for Sally Hansen in your local bargain shops as they have some amazing deals and awesome shades! Have you found any beauty or nail bargains lately? 



  1. Gilty pleasure is so nice! I always buy my sally hansens in poundland! xx

    1. It's really nice on too and applied like a dream! xo