Sunday, 4 August 2013

Simple kind to skin vital vitamin daycream

Moisturiser is one of those products that I don't rave about often, however I do use it regularly. I can't say I am a religious moisturiser (is that even the correct term?) but I do try my best to always moisturise before applying any make-up and I generally apply nightcream before bed - my current favourite being this nivea one. Recently I received a new day cream in my beauty swap, and this is the Simple kind to skin vital vitamin day cream (what a mouthful!?) 

As a general note, I love simple products. I really like their kind to skin moisturiser in the bottle, their make-up remover and their toner, so this was a very welcome addition. The product contains sunscreens which is something I always look for in a day time moisturiser as it's always a good idea to apply some form of sun protection on your face. It is packaged in a very simple white tub with a green lid, which is typical of Simple and this retails at around £5 for 50ml which is a great price. 

The texture is very light and quite thin, which is what I like in a day cream as I don't want to feel that my skin is 'clogged up' and this is perfect for that. It sinks right into the skin and you don't have to spend a lot of time working it into the skin at all, yet it still leaves your skin feeling nourished and moisturised. I find this to be very hydrating, and although I have oily/combo skin I've found this to do the job perfectly. 

I also like that it's got some added goodness in there for your skin, including; 

3 vital vitamins; PRO-VITAMIN B5 which actively restores, softens and smoothes, VITAMIN E which moisturises to improve skin condition and VITAMIN F which renews and regenerates. As well as this, it contains 3 skin loving nutrients; GLYCERIN which hydrates and nourishes, ALLANTOIN  which softens and protects and BISABOLOL which soothes and calms. These can only be good things, right? 

I'm really enjoying using this at the moment, and I'd recommend it to any of you lovelies who is after a light, hydrating and affordable moisturiser. 


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