Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A bargain beauty haul

Today's post is none other than a bargain beauty haul! Recently there have been lots of posts and thoughts regarding discounted cosmetics and retailers selling named brands at a fraction of the price. Personally - I am okay with buying some products from discount stores, I feel like you can tell when a product is past it's date and occassionally stores will get fairly new stock. Of course, some stock is old and discontinued, but when its sealed in a packet and a well known brand - I don't see the problem. So here's some recent bargain beauty buys: 

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OPI shatter in 'superbass' - 99p 
This is from the nicki minaj collection for OPI that was released back last year, and these are in a wide range of discount stores at the moment. I would imagine they are left over stock from the collection that are now of no use to OPI as there are brand new shades and collections released constantly. This blog post has some amazing nail combos using this and if you can't find it in a local store you can grab it on Amazon for £1.99 and free delivery

Rimmel wake me up instant radiance shimmer boosts 
002 radiant rose - 99p 
 004 shimmering sand - 99p
I was really impressed to see these in the store as they are still available at boots both instore and online for £4.99 each as well as feel unique! They are a mousse/cream textured highlighter intended to add an instant glow and radiant look to your face, so I am excited to try these fully!  

Sally hansen sheerest cream blush in Bloom - 99p
This was a little impulse buy that intrigued me. I don't own many cream formula blushes and I loved the shade of this one, it's perfect for autumn. I have no idea whether or not this is available elsewhere, on ebay it is only available in US dollars at a high price! Sally hansen is a brand that often seems to creep up in discount stores, and I've not really tried anything from there before so I'll let you know how I get on with this!

And that's it - 4 products for under £4! If you ask me that is a bargain, especially when the rimmel products are still selling in highstreet shops and drugstores right now! Have you found any beauty bargains recently?


*I realise some of you may be completely against buying discounted cosmetics, I have read numerous articles and information on this subject, and at the moment it is fine by me! 

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