Monday, 9 September 2013

Affordable acrylic storage for your makeup

Acrylic make-up storage is probably the most popular way among beauty bloggers to store our prized make-up collections. The whole craze began thanks to the Kardashians and since then clear storage has taken over the make-up storage market. Since posting my make-up storage a few days ago, a lot of you have been asking me about my storage and where you can get it! So I've tracked down some similar acrylic storage from ebay, all very affordable and in lots of shapes and sizes. Enjoy! 

Muji style affordable clear acrylic makeup storage UK

2. Three stacked cubes - £7.60  

3. Rectangle box with lid - £5.99 

4. Cotton bud holder - £3.46  

5. Two drawer set - £9.84  

6. Lipstick holder (24)- £2.99 

7. Curved lipstick system - £7.99  

8. Flip lid mirror box- £5.49

9. Five tier nail polish rack - £14.99 

Which is your favourite? 



  1. Fab post and will definitely be investing!xx

  2. That's looks beautiful I want and good excuse to buy more makeup xx

  3. It's beautiful!! I want it all...:)

  4. Ooooh, the 5 tier nail polish rack. I have my eyes on that!! xx

  5. This post is amazing! I've been looking for something to organise my make up and these are perfect so thanks for sharing :)

    Kam | A Married Couple & Their Travels