Thursday, 12 September 2013

August Empties

There's something about writing up an empties post that I thoroughly enjoy, I think it's the satisfaction of knowing that I've got my moneys worth out of a product and finished the lot - anyone else, or just me? Anyway, I haven't accumulated a whole lot of products this month but I have made my way through a handful of items and I'll be letting you know whether or not I would repurchase them. 

Products I've used up and empties blog

Sudocrem - £2 (currently in the 3 for £3 at Superdrug)
This is one of those products that confuses a lot of people, it's for babies right? Wrong - it's an absolute lifesaver on breakouts. I apply a little of this over any blemishes and fall asleep with it on and as it has antiseptic qualities it dries out the spot and therefore helps it to disappear. I've heard a few people don't get on with this, especially if they have uber sensitive skin. A little bit goes a long way and this little tube lasted me a very long time and worked a treat. I'd definitely repurchase

Bio Oil - 60ml for £8.99
Another product that lasted me an absolute lifetime! Bio-oil is a very popular product when it comes to stretch marks (which I have plenty of, as do 90% of the female population) but also an excellent product for acne scars, ageing skin, dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone. I've previously used this as a treatment on scarring and stretch marks and noticed some improvement in terms of them being more subtle - but I've also used this as an intense body oil for hydrating my skin when it's really needed it. I'd probably repurchase. 

Bourjois Healthy mix foundation - older formula
Oh how I loved this foundation. I love everything about it, the shade is perfect, the finish was excellent and the packaging was genius. It has since been replaced with the new formula and packaging which I am not a massive fan of. The foundation itself is the perfect formula for medium coverage that will hide a multitude of skins and discolouration and blemishes! The packaging means absolutely no waste and I wish bourjois would bring this product back! I would repurchase in a heartbeat i
f it came back.  

BodyShop Satsuma shower gel
I'm sure this has made an appearance in another empties post of mine as it is one of my favourite bath/shower products ever. I'm a big fan of orange/zesty scents when it comes to bath products and this is delicious. It literally smells like a fresh satsuma and gives the entire bathroom a scent, as well as foaming really nicely and just being plain old lovely. I will always repurchase and stock up when it's on offer! 

Batiste dry shampoo - tropical
Yes, another one of these has made it's way into the empties post. I think this is a monthly thing for me, I tend to always have one of these batiste cans on the go. They are an excellent time saver and boost for inbetween washes and tropical is my favourite scent. I'll repurchase. 

So that's it - another bunch of products that I've used up over the course of the month. Not as many as I usually have but some old favourites and constant repurchases. I've already been adding to my little 'empties box' ready for next month - i really am getting the hang of this using up entire products business! 



  1. great empties, i love using stuff up and likewise i stock up on bodyshop stuff when its on offer xxx

    Emily @ xxx

    1. Thanks Emily - body shop always have amazing offers on this running up to christmas time,so I'm looking forward to stocking up soon! xo

  2. Very inspirational for my own empties I will be doing. I love bio oil I think its heaven! Great great post. thanks for sharing xxx

    1. Thanks Kimmy - it's a good motivation to use up as many products as possible as I share them on my blog! xo

  3. I love the Satsuma body shop stuff, smells so fresh and sweet!

    1. It's amazing - as soon as it's in the bath it makes the whole upstairs of the house smell fresh and sweet! xo

  4. my local town are so behind the times ans they have the orignal bourjois healthy mix. if you want me to supply you. they are not gone off or anything I was looking at them today