Thursday, 5 September 2013

August Favourites

Once again it is time for a round up of most used and most loved products of the month! I've become quite accustomed to doing these monthly beauty favourites posts, and it almost acts as a motivator to get out of my usual makeup routine and switch up my products a little. So, here are a few products I have been using frequently and loving throughout August: 

UK beauty products monthly favourites rimmel revlon baby lips naked2

Rimmel London moisture renew lipstick in Notting Hill Nude - £1.89 
I've been grabbing this lipstick in the mornings and opting for a nude lip more than my regular pinks! Notting hill nude is a pretty good dupe for shy girl by mac despite looking darker in this picture, it applies quite similarly. You can see my dupe post here and it's very affordable at less than £2 online! It's a nude that doesn't make you look washed out and will suit a lot of skin tones, the finish is also really hydrating! 

Revlon nearly naked foundation in Vanilla - £8.99
I cannot get enough of this foundation, in fact I've mentioned it several times before on my blog and I just keep using it. Recently I've been using my hands to apply it rather than a brush and I prefer it this way. It gives ample coverage and evens skin tone but also feels quite light on the skin. I'm normally a medium/full coverage kinda gal - so I'd say this falls into the medium category! The shade is perfect for me too, annoyingly they only have the vanilla shade in boots and not superdrug, weird? 

Maybelline baby lips in Cherry me - £2.99
Obviously I gave into the craze that is baby lips, and you'll see a full review of these soon on my blog. But I have used 'cherry me' a heck of a lot this month. It's definitely my favourite shade and I love how it looks on. It's a your lips but better colour with a flush of colour and smells amazing. Love love love this! 

Loreal telescopic mascara in black - £10.99
A bit of a strange one, I normally love big chunky mascaras that pack a lot of volume and are mega black. Telescopic is different to my usual, it has a long thing applicator and is amazing at lengthening lashes! In fact, I've never had a mascara make my lashes look so long before - and I've really liked the natural look this gives and it applies like a dream! I actually picked this up in tkmaxx for £3.99 which is a LOT cheaper than in boots etc so I'm not sure if I will repurchase as I feel like £11 for a mascara is expensive! 

Jimmy Choo Eau de parfum - £49
I'm someone who likes to have a lot of perfumes on the go at one time and I enjoy changing things up! This month I've been reaching for both of my jimmy choo perfumes (flash and the original) and I have loved wearing this one as it's one that lasts all day and always results in people asking me what perfume I'm wearing (you know it's a good perfume when you get those questions, am I right??).  

Urban decay Naked 2 Palette - £37 
This month, if I've worn eyeshadow it's been from this palette! I had this for Christmas and it is very much loved but I often pack it away in my makeup drawers rather than leaving it out for everyday use. I'd say this was my favourite out of the two nacked palettes (you can see my comparison post for swatches) My favourite colours have been tease, chopper and suspect! 

So, that's it for my monthly beauty favourites...I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you've tried any of these products - or perhaps you have some suggestions for me based on this bunch of faves? 



  1. Replies
    1. It's my favourite out of the ones I've tried and smells amazing! xo

  2. Replies
    1. I'm really liking them - a lot of people are saying that they aren't worth the hype but I'm definitely a fan! xo

  3. I really need to try babylips! I've got the naked2 palette and use it everyday, I love it.
    Great post :) xx

  4. I honestly think that the Naked 2 palette is nicer than the original :) I'm really excited about the baby lips come to the UK :D

  5. I got Notting Hill Nude in beauty box swap last month and I love it! I'm undecided about the Revlon Nearly Naked, at first I thought it clung to my dry patches but recently they've cleared up so I tried it again and it was a lot better. My local Boots didn't have Vanilla or the next shade up and started from the 3rd lightest shade though so I stupidly picked totally the wrong colour so I can't wear it anyway!

    Hannah x

  6. Been thinking about buying the naked palet for awhile now so i will definititely have a look at your comparison post!