Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Budget friendly lip treatment

It is no secret that I love a good lip balm, I think it's an essential part of my make-up collection and my beauty routine. You can have the most luxurious, expensive lipsticks in the most beautiful shades but without your lips being in good condition underneath your favourite lipstick isn't going to live up to it's expectations. Recently I discovered this 'royal jelly lip treatment' from Avon and for around £2 I thought it was worth a try - and I've already repurchased another one ready for when this runs out! 

avon royal jelly lip treatment

What Avon says about the product: 

"Intense lip moisture care with SPF15.
 Leaves lips looking and feeling soft and supple.
 With royal jelly extract and almond oil" 

Avon uk lip treatment budget beauty

Having an spf factor in a lipbalm is important to me and I would always choose an SPF product over one without it as it's so easy to cause sun damage to your lips without even realising. So that's a huge bonus point of this product. Another thing I like about this product is the thick consistency, it's similar to the likes of the balance me rose balm or the dermologica lip treatment if you've tried either of those. It isn't overly sticky and sinks into the skin nicely without feeling too thick. I love applying this before I start my makeup to 'prep' my lips and also last thing at night! The smell is lovely but also subtle so if you're not a fan of scents I'd guess this would still be suitable for you! Packaging wise it's pretty simple but easy to apply, you don't need to scoop out of a little tub and get it all under your nails, it can be applied straight from the tube or you can squeeze a little onto your finger. It's sturdy packaging and won't melt in the heat or in your handbag, so another bonus point there! I can't believe this product is only a couple of pounds, I've definitely found my new favourite 'go to' lip product to help achieve soft smooth lips! 

Have you tried this? What's your favourite lip product? 



  1. Great buy
    Wish someone was doing avon in my area

    1. You can order online too if that's any help! xo

  2. Avon really do have some hidden gems. This sounds amazing.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I know - I've discovered a lot lately! xo

  3. I was on an accutane treatment for my acne and one of the side affects happened to be the drying out of lips. This product is such a life saver. Honestly controlled the issue otherwise I'd have been left to chew my lips until sore!