Wednesday, 25 September 2013


So, it appears I am currently having a hair nightmare. Tonight I came to the realisation that I currently hate my hair, and I'm not just talking about having a bad hair day - I literally loathe my hair. I've never really been into my hair at all, it's always been thick and a pain to style! At the moment my hair has not been cut for about 9 months (shame on me) but you know what it's like, if you haven't been to the hairdressers in a while - it makes you scared to go! It was ombre-d back in January and hasn't really been touched since, so I do have dark roots which are brown/blonde and then it's lighter towards the bottom (you can see here in this OOTD how it looks down, and in this OOTD how it looks up). I NEED A CHANGE. I'm thinking along the lines of a shorter length and I am undecided on a colour. I just want to have healthy, manageable hair!?! 

I'm thinking about a long bob - so not too drastic, but shorter than I have it now! What do you think? 



  1. I like Sandra bullocks and mileys they are trendy bobs that look Cool, it's awful when you get to that stage, and hate your hair xxx

  2. I like the Miley one too, go for it! xx

  3. I think you'd look good with darker like Sandra or jessica :-) not too dark but it'd bring out your eyes and make it healthy looking