Saturday, 28 September 2013

Loreal Rouge Caresse - Lip butter alternative?

Since the launch of Revlon Lip Butters, there has been an endless supply of lip butter/lipstick hybrids available on the market and the best part is, a lot of these are drugstore products! Personally, I'm a huge fan of lip butters and enjoy having a product that provides a wash of colour, a moisturising finish and a little bit of shine without being a heavy lipstick. 

Loreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks retail at £7.99 and are available in 12 different shades. Shades range from pretty pastel pinks, lovely lilacs and beautiful reds. The shade I absolutely love is called 'Lovely Rose (03)' which is pretty, soft, pastel pink shade and probably one of the most wearable 'everyday' shades in the range. 

loreal rouge caresse lovely rose

Packaging wise, they almost look high-end similar to the likes of dior! They have a silver casing and feel very sturdy and also look rather pretty amongst a sea of rather boring packaging. In terms of formula, they are somewhere between a lipstick and a lip balm - they are not sticky at all, they are smooth to apply and hydrating. Despite being this smoother, buttery formula they are surprisingly pigmented. Althought lovely rose is a subtle shade, as you can see in the swatch below ... it is exactly how you expect it to be in terms of the shade. 

loreal rouge caresse lipstick lovely rose swatch

I really like this product, I''m not sure if I could choose between the revlon lip butters and loreals rouge caresse lipsticks but one thing to note is that if you prefer a matte shade then the loreal ones would be perfect as they don't have any shimmer. I love the way this applies with a wet look without being sticky, and giving a lovely sheen and tint to the lips without looking 'too much'. One thing to note is that they are not long lasting, and do require regular application but I quite often reapply lip products throughout the day anyway - so that's not a problem for me, especially as this packaging is durable and can come with me in my handbag! 

Have you tried the rouge caresse lipsticks? What did you think? 



  1. I love the colour, and I think I would prefer the L'Oreal for the matte shades as you said. I'm still not sure about lip butters still but I would definitely try this one :)


    1. They are probably your best bet if you prefer a matte shade, although lip butters do have a few matte shades like juicy papaya which is also one of my faves.... I love both! x

  2. Love this colour, never tried the loreal equivalent to the lip butters but I will do now :)
    Courtney x

    1. I hope you like them, this is my favourite colour it's very wearable but also really pretty on! xx