Thursday, 31 October 2013

Avon Haul

This week my order from Avon arrived with a bag of brand new products for my to play with and try out! What I like about Avon is the amount of offers and promotions they have in every single brochure (and online) and you can get some great products for a really reasonable price. So here's what I ordered: 

avon haul uk offer free coupon gift morrocan oil primer winter 2013 mega effects paintbrush mascara

Senses Winter Cocoon bath and shower creme - £3 currently on offer for £1.50 

New Mega Effects mascara in blackest black - £10 

Advance techniques Moroccan Argan Oil leave in treatment - £5.50 currently on offer for £3.50 

Then I received a free gift by ordering the £10 mascara, which included an eye primer (which I already have and I have reviewed here), an eyeshadow brush, makeup removing lotion and an ideal flawless concealer! Not bad for a free gift, huh? They are all products I will use so I'm really happy with my purchases. I'm so intrigued by the mascara, so expect a review of that coming soon and I can't wait to try out the hair oil too! 



  1. I love Avon, but some of their makeup is a bit overpriced for the quality.
    But that 'free gift' was amazing, especially for a tenner! Nice choices, I better the Winter Cocoon smells gorgeous :)

    Laura x

  2. I'm intrigued by the mascara, too... I think I'd lose an eye if I tried to use it. Good luck to you! lol :)

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  3. I saw that offer and was soo tempted, but I decided against it for some silly reason. I absolutely love the hair oil, the shampoo and conditioner from the argan range are super fabulous too :) xx