Thursday, 24 October 2013

Catrice Cosmetics: Absolute Nude Palette Review

My lovely friend Lauren from MBLM recently sent me a little gift in the post which included this nude eyeshadow palette from Catrice Cosmetics, which is a brand that isn't fully available here in the UK - but is popular in Ireland! Of course, being a girl who is 100% in loving with neutral eyeshadows of any kind I couldn't wait to try this out! 

The palette itself is very compact and slim, which makes it ideal for travel and taking with you in a makeup bag! The front is clear which allows you to easily see whats inside and it's very sturdy. It retails for around £5 (euros are confusing) for 6 shadows, which is very affordable if you ask me!

catrice cosmetics nude palette naked dupe drugstore highstreet irish

 The palette also comes with a standard applicator, however it also is double ended and has a pretty soft blending brush on the other end. Personally, I prefer to use my own eye brushes but this is definitely an added bonus compared to the standard foam ones that come with most drugstore/high street eye palettes. If you're on the go this will be another great feature, or if you like to use the applicators provided then it's a win-win as you get a sponge end and a fluffy end!

The palette contains 6 neutral shades, all very wearable and all of them being shimmer shades. The shades range from a light, highlight shade to darker colours which are ideal for the crease. My favourites are the lightest shade, which I like to pack all over my lid to make the other colours pop and then I also use it for highlighting in the inner corner and sometimes on the brow bone! The next three shades in the palette are great for all over lid colours and are very wearable and soft shades. Finally, the last two shades are great for adding depth to your look and applying to the crease for a smokey but neutral eye look. 

In terms of formula the shadows are quite soft and pigmented when applied. They apply true to the colour in the pan and are easy to blend and work with. I've noticed that the darker colours in the palette are slightly more powdery in texture, meaning that there is sometimes a little bit of fall out but nothing too major at all! All in all I am so impressed with this little palette from Catrice! It's got everything you need for a neutral look and the colours are so pretty when applied, even on an everyday look! 

You can see more about the palette on Catrice Cosmetics' website here



  1. Great review, I got this palette a few weeks ago and have used it quite a bit i like it :)

  2. This looks beautiful. I want, great post x

  3. wow looks so pretty, would make a great Christmas eye!
    P.s I loved your answers on Beka's stuffy stuff, you have great taste & such a warm personality-really shines through on your blog :)
    L xo

  4. ohh look so pretty and sleek and is cheap too....great post love the swatches.....:)

  5. Never tried anything from this brand, pretty shades x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  6. Hey, nice review. This is a brand we really like also! Interesting that you say its not fully available in the UK, we deliver to UK with free delivery available on orders. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions on the brand or other products from it. We will be adding more to the site soon!