Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Miners Cosmetics Matte factor & More

A little while ago I was lucky enough to win a twitter competition from Miners Cosmetics and I received 3 new products to try out, which are themed for SS14 from London Fashion Week. Miners Cosmetics are an affordable line of cosmetics available both online and in various stockists in the UK, but I'd never tried anything from the brand before. So here's what I got: 

I received a set of 3 products; A colour Kohl eye pencil in gold, an eyeshadow trio in safari and a matte factor lip colour in peach. I've been using them for a while now, and thought I'd include them in one blog post with a mini review on each product! 

The colour kohl eye pencil retails at just £1.99, which is a brilliant price! I like the packaging of the product and it doesn't look cheap at all. The formula is very soft and blendable, making this great for blending into an eye look aswell as giving you a precise line for a liner. I've enjoyed using this just on my bottom lash line for a bit of sparkle and it really brightens the eye. It also is very long lasting and doesn't budge throughout the day. This is also available in blue, black and brown. 

miners cosmetics neutral shadow trio safari

The eyeshadow trio is again packaged very nicely, it's sturdy, compact and doesn't feel inexpensive despite being only £3.99. The safari shade contains 3 neutral shades, which is always a good thing - you can never have too many neutral shades right ladies? In this trio there is a bright, warm gold in the middle which I like to apply all over the lid, a lighter brown on the left which I like to use in the crease. As well as a darker brown to the right which is great for defining the crease even more, for a smokey look. All three are shimmer shades and are very pigmented, there is a small amount of fall out on application but that is to be expected with shimmer shadows - nothing to major. 

miners matte factor peach

The matte factors are probably one of miner's most popular products, so I was excited to try one! They are completely matte lip paints that give a vibrant, bold colour, essentially like a liquid lipstick. What I love about this shade, is that you can get two different looks with it. You can apply it fully for a bright, bold lip or you can dab it lightly for a your lips but better, subtle lip colour that lasts a decent amount of time. They also have a gorgeous almost vanilla like scent which I personally love! I'd love to try more shades of these, and they retail at just £3.99

miners cosmetics swatches
Matte factor peach, eye kohl gold, Safari trio 

All in all, I have been left thoroughly impressed by Miner's Cosmetics! These three products are now sitting safely in my makeup collection and being very much loved, especially the matte factor lip paint which I use all the time! You can find a full list of stockists on miner's website or you can order online! 



  1. Wow that lip colour is absolutely gorgeous, it's so so bright! Very impressive :-)


  2. I didn't even know Miners was still around! My first ever nail polish was Miners, they used to sell it in chemists but I haven't seen it for years! That lip gloss looks pretty decent.

  3. LOVE the lip paint shade! Such a gorgeous colour!