Saturday, 19 October 2013

MUA Matte lipsticks collection - review & swatches

There are so many amazing new beauty products on the highstreet at the moment and MUA are churning out their new releases like there's no tomorrow! They have recently provided us with a range of Matte Lipsticks retailing at just £1 each and in 5 amazing shades. For the price tag, I just had to get my hands on the whole collection and I am really impressed - so here's a quick review and swatches of each of the shades for you all! 

Peachy Keen || Pouty Pink || Scarlett Siren|| Totally Nude || Wild Berry 

Unlike MUA's standard range of lipsticks, the Matte editions come in a white and silver packaging which I prefer to the black. They look far more expensive than what they really are and they are very compact yet also sturdy and not 'cheap' feeling. I was impressed to see that there were 5 shades in the matte collection ranging from nudes, pinks, peaches, reds and purple - so there really is something for everyone in this collection, especially for matte lipstick lovers like myself! 

PEACHY KEEN: A wearable subtle peach shade

POUTY PINK: A soft natural rose pink shade 

SCARLET SIREN: A classic matte red shade - yet very wearable

TOTALLY NUDE: A warm nude shade 

WILD BERRY: A bold deep berry purple shade 

In terms of formula, these matte lipsticks by MUA surprised me in the way that they are not drying and they actually apply quite smoothly with an almost wax like texture which makes application easy. The lighter shades; totally nude and peachy keen are very pigmented and apply as a solid colour. Pink pout and Scarlet Siren apply very similar to how you expect from looking at the bullet, but perhaps a bit more sheer which I like as I don't like a full on lip colour when it comes to brighter matte shades. Wild Berry is my favourite of the bunch without a doubt. It looks very scary in the bullet, but it applies beautifully and is a stunning sheer but buildable berry purple which is unlike anything else I own. 

I'd definitely recommend these to anyone like me, who wants to experiment with different colours this Autumn/Winter but doesn't want an 'in your face' bold lip. At £1 these are perfect for any budget whether you are just starting out in makeup, looking for school friendly makeup or a complete makeup addict like myself! They are available directly from MUA's website and also from Superdrug stores, although three Superdrugs I visited didn't have any in stock at all - so buying them direct is probably your best bet! 

Which is your favourite shade? 



  1. Peachy keen and pouty pink I'm loving the look of xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Oooh these look nice! I'm a fan of MUA's lipsticks but everytime I pop into Superdrug they're all sold out! But I'm definitely going to have a look for these, they're so pretty :)

    Laura x

  3. Oooo I want all 5 too !! Thanks for the swatches :)

    Rayofglitter xx

  4. Ooo, Peachy Keen and Pouty Pink look awesome! x

  5. I keep going into my local Superdrug and they are never in stock-getting a bit peeved now, don't want to have to pay p&p! Pouty Pink and Wild Berry look gorgeous

  6. I was the same - so cheap I'll get them all haha! I was a bit disappointed by the pigmentation, but like you say, great for those that don't want anything too bold!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  7. Peachy keen and Pouty pink look like my "go-to" shades whenever I buy lipstick. I've been debating whether to try these or not for a while and this blog has made my decision a lot easier and I've decided to give them a go so thank you x