Sunday, 3 November 2013

October Favourites

The past month has absolutely flown by for me! I've been waiting to start my new job which I've now been in for a whole week (more on that soon!) and I've discovered so many new and exciting products that I've really enjoyed using! So for my October favourites every single item is 'new' in terms of favourites status! So here's what I've been loving lately: 

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Witch skincare blemish gel 
After running out of my usual spot treatment I decided to try something new and I've found something that works for me! This spot gel from Witch is a clear gel formula which you apply to blemishes and leave over night and it helps to reduce spots. I find that blemishes are less red in the morning and clear up quicker than if they were left to their own devices! It does have a strong scent and can sting a little if it's a 'fresh' blemish but nothing too bad that would stop me using it as the outcome is brilliant! 

Lierac paris Magnificence day and night gel moisturiser* 
This might just be the most expensive skincare product I've ever owned, but my gosh do I love it! It's amazing. The scent is unlike anything I've smelled before, it smells so luxurious and lovely and the formula is gel like which is different too. I've found that my skin has generally looked brighter, more awake and felt smoother to the touch and I think it's because of this! It's available to buy from online pharmacies and if this is in your budget then I'd definitely recommend trying it! 

Real Techniques expert face brush
Previously I'd gone back to basics with applying foundation by using my hands - a lot of the time I find this the best way to make sure it is truly blended in. However, lately I've been reaching for the expert face brush and it's changed my routine completely. I find this makes application quicker, I use less product and it applies evenly providing excellent coverage! This has been a lifesaver in the early mornings before work and its just the perfect shape for all areas of the face including under eyes and the nose!  

Alison Claire coconut lipbalm - reviewed here*
The cold, harsh winter weather has well and truly kicked in here in Wales. This combined with a freezing cold office and a heater that's constantly on means my lips have been super dry - my favourite lip balm this month has been this natural lip balm in coconut by Alison Claire! It's a thoroughly moisturising product and has helped stop my lips from becoming chapped and sore! 

Lierac paris cleansing water - reviewed here*
I've recently been trying out a few different skincare products and this has been one of favourites. It's made removing makeup a lot quicker and easier and has been my go to product especially on days when I've worn a waterproof mascara or heavy eye makeup as this removes it all! 

MUA matte lipstick in wild berry - swatched here 
I literally haven't stopped wearing this shade! It's so unlike any other shade I own but I love it, it's perfect for this time of year and I really like the formula of these matte shades by MUA! All for £1!! You can read more about the range in my post linked above, but this is a firm fave! 

Catrice Absolute nude palette - reviewed here
Another product I have recently discovered, but again something I haven't stopped using! This is my current everyday eyeshadow, it's great for an everyday look for work and it's pretty too! My favourite is definitely the lightest shade which reminds me of rice paper from mac, it's very light, shimmery and brightening - so perfect for a wake me up on early mornings at work! 

So, there you have it ... a collection of my current favourites and I can sense a few of these staying around for a good while! What have you been loving lately? 



  1. That nude palette looks lovely, haven't heard of that brand before but the colours look nice.

    Claire x

  2. I've gone back to my expert face brush too lately, works so well

  3. Great post, I have the RT face brush and I love it x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness