Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Body Shop - Shea & Cocoa butter range

The Body Shop products are well known for their excellent quality, and some of my favourite bath and body products come from their shops! Although my all time favourite is their satsuma range, I also really enjoy the sweeter, nuttier scents like the Shea range and Cocoa Butter range, which are both famous for their skin nourishing properties and nutty fragrance. Today's post includes a few of my favourite products from the Body Shop that I have been loving recently. I've had this photograph for so long just waiting to be reviewed despite almost using the products up fully - it's just been forgotten about, so you may notice that the Body Shop have recently changed their packaging which you can see on their website

Cocoa butter body scrub £12.50 || Shea shower cream £4 || Cocoa Butter body butter £13 

The Cocoa butter body scrub is great for those of you who love a good exfoliating product that helps to remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling smooth and soft at the same time. As you can see the product has visible grains which help to exfoliate the skin but it is in no way harsh. Once washed off, the product leaves behind smooth, clean skin which lingers with a sweet cocoa butter scent. For £12.50 you get 200ml of product and it lasts ages! 

The cocoa butter body butter has the same sweet smell as the body scrub, and lingers on the skin for a while after use. It has quite a thick consistency but doesn't feel greasy when applied as it sinks into the skin nicely. It's great for use on extra dry skin, I sometimes use this on my elbows, knees etc - or areas where I am prone to dry skin! Again, you receive 200ml of product and this retails at £13 - a little goes a long way. 

The last product I wanted to include was this shower cream from the shea range. It is sold as a soap free cleansing product and is ideal for use on dry skin as it is again, very moisturising. I love that this lathers up really well, and feels quite luxurious compared to standard shower gels. The main reason I enjoy this product, is because it smells lovely - quite subtle but a scent that stays on your skin for a long time! 

The body shop frequently have massive discount codes floating around for 30% or even 40% off orders, so it's worth keeping an eye out online for some bargains! Glamour magazine (£2) also have a free gift card in this months mag that is either worth £3, £15 or £100 - I've got mine but I haven't checked what it's worth yet - fingers crossed for £100 (I wish!!) 




  1. I love this too! I think the scent is great :)
    I love the satsuma range though as well yum! In fact I love pretty much every range ahah their products are always so gorgeous xxx

  2. I've never tried the satsuma range, I feel like i'm missing out! My fav scent from their is vanilla but the cocoa butter is too good! xxx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels