Monday, 16 December 2013

Plus size OOTD: Breaking style barriers with Marisota!

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times - 'fat girls can't wear skinny jeans'. In actual fact, they can. Despite all the 'rules' about plus size fashion and what curvy/larger/fat/plus size ladies should wear, the bottom line is that you can wear whatever you like. Sometimes I am guilty of playing it safe and worrying about whether I am able to pull off certain items of clothing, so when I was contacted by Marisota* to take part in their style barriers chance I thought it would be a great way to help break the barriers! 

There were 5 barriers in the Marisota style barrier challenge, all of which are classic " don'ts " for plus size women. They were: 

'Horizontal stripes are unflattering'
'You can't clash colours'
'Pastel colours are difficult to wear in winter'
'Prints shouldn't be mixed'
'Skinny jeans are unflattering'


I was chosen for the skinny jeans barrier, which I was pleased about as I am more of a trousers/leggings kinda gal than a skirts and dresses type. I chose the Jeffery and Paula skinny jeans in black and decided to go for a smart/casual look which I would feel great wearing! So here's my outfit and attempt at breaking the classic plus size rule of not wearing skinny jeans! 

*Black peplum vest - £9 (Absolute bargain!)
*Black tassel pumps - £25  
Tassel clutch bag - Primark (£8) 
Necklace - gift 

Overall I am really happy with this outfit! This would be a great option for a works lunch or party this christmas and a great choice for a casual night out. I love the skinny jeans, they are very comfortable and stretchy and have a zip detailing at the ankles which add a bit to the look! They aren't uber skinny, but they are flattering, fitting and comfortable (comfort is key for me when it comes to fashion!) I am in love with this party knit from Joe browns too! So ladies - when it comes to skinny jeans, just WEAR THEM! Try a few different pairs, find a pair you feel comfortable in and rock them! 

*gifted by marisota, as always -views are my own! 


  1. You look lovely! And I totally agree, I only just embraced wearing dresses this year after telling the 'fat girls can't wear dresses' thought to pee off! Skinny jeans are my fave things to wear, it's very rare that I wear jeans anymore, but I do make sure to wear a longer top over them....still a bit self-conscious about my chubby legs! Wear whatever you want, love, you look lovely :)

    Laura x

  2. I live in skinnies and I love them. You look awesome :)


  3. you look lovely I love your party knit and the skinny jeans look fab on you :)

  4. your looking amazing and you have lost so much weight well done you xxx