Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The importance of shopping locally

How shopaholics like me can support our local economies....

MadeCloser - the convenient option to do the right thing

It’s no secret that the internet has made shopping far more convenient and accessible for everyone, including the self-confessed shopaholics among us. However, it is also no secret that the rise in online shopping has contributed some what to the fall of the highstreet. Traditionally, shoppers would utilise their local traders; turning to the butcher, the backer, fishmonger, greengrocers, local music store and small independent retailers. Now, this isn’t quite the case – instead we are able to find whatever we want, whenever we want in the click of a button (or a few) and have access to a massive range of goods to suit any of our needs. Supermarkets now stock almost anything you could possibly need to buy under one roof, and we have thousands upon thousands of goods available at the click of a button online.
The traditional high streets and town centres will never quite regain the level of local physical footfall that it once did whilst online shopping is in the picture. After all, it is far more convenient for busy, working people to order a product online and have it delivered directly to your front door – fighting the online shopping market would result in regression rather than progression. So I’m not suggesting for a second that online shopping should decrease in order to support the local economy – but what if we simply made a few changes and used sites like made closer to still buy goods online, but from local traders – therefore benefitting our owl local communities and local economy.

The effect these concepts have had on the local economy is so easy to see, my town like any other is now dotted with charity shops, a few coffee chains and banks. The rest is littered with ‘To let’ signs, ‘Store closing’ and empty shop windows. Whilst the supermarkets are busy taking over the world stocking everything at lower prices, it can seem attractive to grab a bargain and for the sake of convenience purchase your meat, milk, bread and even clothes in the same please.  Of course, in an ideal world we need to support both the high street retailers and the local manufacturers, which is where sites such as ‘Made Closer’ come in. Made closer is designed for the manufacturer to build their own independent retail network, that means that the customer can access a range of business on one site and have access to purchasing locally and ethically produced goods from the comfort of their own home. Made Closer connects the customer (us) directly to the retailer – who is either a manufacturer or an independent retailer, simplifiying the supply chain (ethically!)

There are SO many benefits of shopping locally – not only for us, but for the local businesses too! Imagine if 1 million people changed their shopping habits and turned to sites like Made Closer for some of their consumer products. Say they spent £300 per year, purchasing gifts or products for themselves from local traders and manufacturers instead of adding it to their basket when they are at the supermarket or using a massive online retailer. That’s £300 million that would be pumped into national and local manufacturers and businesses. 

So what are the benefits of doing this?
  • Made closer would make 10% of this figure. Doesn’t sound like a good thing, but that’s £30million (£15million once you take out overheads), two thirds of which (£10million) would go to charity – local charities that can improve our local communities and economies.  What’s more, half of the charity donations are chosen by us, the consumers meaning we really can have an impact on our local communities!  
  • It creates employment directly in the area where goods and services are being supplied, and strengthens the economy in that area too. 
  • It doesn't cost the customer more; in fact prices and shipping are more competitive. 
  • You can choose to see products closest to your postcode, meaning you really can support LOCAL traders.

So take a look at MadeCloser. You can access ethically produced products, local businesses and manufacturers. With products ranging from health and beauty, clothes and shoes, jewellery and gifts, toys and games and even electricals! I'm already eyeing up some products from 'Pure Nuff Stuff ltd'; which sells handmade bath and body products 
like this coconut oil which is an amazing multi-use beauty products!  It doesn't cost you more, you get to see exactly where the goods are made and supplied from, you are supporting a more sustainable distribution system, and two thirds of their entire net profits go to charitable and social projects that fit within our wide giving criteria, all designed to use consumerism to set us free of dependency! It’s a win-win situation! 

*post written in conjunction with MadeCloser. Views and opinions my own. 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin: Instant Pore Eraser

 After Maybelline baby lips lipbalms being such a massive hit, I was really excited to seea new product release in the 'baby' line! Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (a.k.a primer) from Maybelline was released earlier this year and is one of few drugstore or high street concealers, so I was eager to try it out. As far as primers go - I have dabbled in a few drugstore concealers such as MUA and Elf, but only ever loved one primer and that was Benefit's the porefessional primer. Baby skin retails at just £7.99 for 22ml which is an affordable price and readily available in highstreet stores. 

baby skin primer by maybelline swatched blended out

The primer is silicone based, which is something I personally look for in a primer. It's obviously not going to be for everyone, if you are someone who prefers a light, moisturising primer then you probably wouldn't go for this one. In texture it is smooth, clear and gel like which is easy to blend into the skin and gives a soft, velvet like finish. It is designed to reduce large pores, fill gaps and smooth the skins appearance. As you can see in the swatches above, once blended into the skin it appears smooth and even - so this could be worn alone to enhance natural skin. Worn under makeup it can help prolong wear and give a smooth even base - I like to use this for times when I need my makeup to last as I have quite oily skin anyway. It does make some difference to the appearance of pores and reminds me very much of the porefessional from benefit - only without the slight colour tint. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this product. There really isn't much in the way of drugstore primers in the UK - especially silicone based primers, so for me this has been an excellent find and I'm glad to add it to my collection. Have you tried this? How did you get on with it? 

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation: First Impressions

This week I popped to the town centre for some 'work purposes' only to find that in fact I am unable to walk past the likes of Boots and Superdrug without having a browse. Of course, by having a 'browse' what I actually mean is filling my basket with make-up related items. I was keen to try out a few more foundations, my current HG foundation is Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation but I think it's about time I get out of my make-up rut and try something new! So I decided to purchase this 'new' foundation from Maybelline - and wanted to share my initial thoughts.  This is by no means an in-depth review but my first thoughts and reactions from using this for the first time.  

Maybelline superstay Maybelline New York SuperStay Better Skin Foundation Light Beige 005 - 30ml comes in at under £10, which is my ideal price-range for a foundation at the moment (I can't justify £30+). I notice online it is available in 8 shades in the UK, however instore I could only see 6 shades, so whether that's my local Superdrug I'm not sure. Either way, 8 shades is a pretty decent amount for a drugstore or high street foundation as opposed the the ever so annoying trilogy that is 'light, medium, dark'. The shade I decided on purchasing was 'Light Beige' which is a slight tinge darker than ivory, but in the glass it looked the most similar to my 'vanilla' shade from Bourjois. 

My first reaction was that the shades were quite pale, I would normally opt for an ivory but in this I was light beige - this is a bonus for us pale skinned ladies. The consistency is smooth and satin like but relatively thick. One full pump is plenty for one application, however I did find that I needed to work quite quickly with it as it is a little dry. It's definitely a matte finish foundation, not completely matte but it definitely isn't a sheer or dewy finish. I have oily skin, so I found that this certainly helped with mattifying my skin to a certain extent. If you suffer with dry skin, then I'd make sure to moisturise just before applying this to avoid it clinging to any dry spots. I was really impressed with the coverage. I'd definitely place it in the medium coverage category and I'd say it can probably be layered and built to a medium/full coverage without resulting in a cakey look! It covered all redness, evened out my skin tone and with my skin being pretty well behaved at the moment I actually didn't feel the need to reach for my concealer! 

I'm definitely impressed with this. I've been using it for almost a week now and I can see it becoming a favourite for me - it's the finish and coverage I've been looking for. Have you tried this? How did you get on? 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Choosing natural bath & body products

Natural & eco-friendly bath 
and body products my top picks...

1.     Brightening facewash  - this product contains seaweed and lime, used to refresh and revive skin whilst removing dirt and any excess oils. Benefits include nourished and uplifted skin, making this product particularly useful for normal to combination skin types. This brightening face wash has harmonising and enhancing properties that work to improve circulation, soften skin and boost radiance. 

Best for: Normal/Combo skin types, brightening dark spots and pigmentation, improving radiance and brightness of skin.

2. Exfoliating face and body wash – designed to refine the skin’s surface by removing dead skin cells. This product also gently polishes the skin and leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and revitalised. This product contains blackcurrent exfoliant and organic calendula which has restorative and soothing properties. 

Best for: Normal/Combo skin types and Oily/Combo skin types, preventing product build up and exfoliating the skin whilst maintaining smoothness.

3. Bath and Shower gel – this can be used by adding a few drops into a bath for an energising and fruity foam bath or used all over the body in the shower. Containing blends of grapefruit and orange, both known for their cleansing qualities this product is bursting with citrus flavour to energise your day. It contains organic sweet orange oil, glycerine and natural vitamin E to moisturise the skin as well as cleansing.

Best for: All skin types, morning showers and revitalising.

4. Balancing toner – this balancing witch hazel toner is a gentle and natural toner designed to help sanitise the skin, calm redness and reduce the size and appearance of pores. Based on ancient remedies that balance, heal and help clear skin this product contains ingredients designed to regulate the oil levels in your skin, soothe, hydrate and aid skin repair – all designed to give you a healthier complexion.
Best for: Oily/Acne prone skin due to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and scar healing properties.

 5. Coconut Oil – this is a fantastic multi-use product that can be used on both skin and hair. The properties of coconut oil act as a strengthening and conditioning agent to nourish hair and enhance hair growth. The oil is heated and applied to both scalp and hair, keeping your hair free from dandruff and providing a protective barrier for your hair.

Best for: Dry/Damaged or frizzy hair. 

*post written in conjunction with Wikaniko

Custom Candles: A unique gift

If you know someone who is a 'candle lover' like so many of us, then when it comes to special occassions, these h2o candles could be the perfect option for a unique gift or a centre piece at a party. Or, if like me you generally enjoy having candles lit in the house - you could just enjoy these yourself! 

The H2O Water Candle kit is just £2.99 and allows you to create a custom candle with items that most of us will already have laying around our homes. 

You will need: 
- A h20 candle kit (available here
- A glass container 
- Water 
- Cooking Oil 
- Food colouring 

To create your custom candle, you can use any glass vessel so you could have a vase, or a vintage glass or even a coloured glass. Simply fill the glass with water, add a dash of food colouring to achieve the desired colour (optional) and pour a thin layer of cooking oil into the water. Following this, insert the floating wick platform. 

This will create a flame that appears to be directly floating on the surface of the water. It's a simple way to personalise any event, you could choose colours according to the event and choose your glass accordingly to match the theme of the event. If you're giving this as a gift, a nice touch could be to include the extra 'ingredients' needed and present in a lovely wrapped basket for a home-made, thoughtful gift. 

Each kit will burn for up to 300 hours and costs £2.99. 

What do you think? These are definitely something I would purchase as a gift for a friend or family member. And I'd absolutely love to receive one of these as a gift as I am candle-obsessed! 


*post written in conjunction with Wikaniko 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Kick-Ass Concealer : Soap and Glory

"There are times in every girls life that call 
for a real Kick-Ass Concealer..."

Recently I've been trying out a few different concealers from the 'drugstore' or highstreet if you prefer. I normally stick with my Mac studio finish concealer (nw15 at £15) as it does the job nicely, but I've found that in the winter months it can be a little bit drying and not only that, I'd like to find a cheaper alternative that I enjoy using! I've recently been enjoying a very budget friendly concealer which costs just £3 (reviewed here) and today I'll be reviewing something in the mid price range in the form of Soap and Glory's kick-ass concealer 3 in 1 camouflage kit which comes in at £10. 

Step 1 and 2 comes in a split pan form of two shades of concealer. On the left, a peachy tone designed primarily for use under the eyes to brighten dark circles and on the right a yellow tone designed primarily to correct redness and blemishes. 

Step 3 comes in the form of a setting powder and a white puff pad with which to apply it. The setting powder is translucent and designed to keep the product in place whilst giving a smooth finish to the skin. 

Kick-Ass Concealer is available in two shades; Light (the one I have) and Medium, so not an extensive shade range but if you fall some where in this scale then it's easy to make the product work for you by mixing shades to suit your skin tone. The under eye concealer is a creamy, light formula which is easy to apply and one that doesn't drag the skin - which is essential for the under eye area. I find this does help improve darkness under the eyes and give a brightening, correcting effect. The blemish part of the product can feel a little drying to apply, however I have found that the more you use it the more it softens - and it's best applied with a finger rather than a brush as this warms the product a little. Again, this is effective at correcting any blemishes and redness - I do find it can be a little bit drying, so for me it's best used after moisturiser. The powder is brilliant and is light and fresh to apply whilst also doing the job properly - ideal for oily skin types. 

Overall I'm very impressed with this concealer! I like the packaging for it's typical soap and glory style and it's compactness and there's something about this product that feels like a little bit of luxury. 



Monday, 10 February 2014

My favourite MAC products

"The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion .. 
but cosmetics are easier to buy" 
                                  - Yves Saint Laurent 

I just thought I'd start of with a quote I stumbled across the other day. I sure do love buying cosmetics, and I have become subject to the hype of MAC products over the past 2 years and have built up my own very small collection of them. HOWEVER, what I'd like to make clear is that you don't have to have MAC products. I am such a lover of highstreet, drugstore, low cost products that I begrudge paying the prices at MAC and just because those 3 letters are on the product - it isn't necessarily any better than the others. In fact, I haven't purchased any MAC in over a year - but I do love the MAC I have and thought I'd share with you some of my favourite products and a MAC collection! 

favourite mac products mac starter kit mac collection cosmetics

So, above is about 90% of my MAC makeup, these are my favourites that I reach for quite often. My MSF in soft and gentle is by far my favourite product from MAC ever. It is the most beautiful highlighter/pot of glittery goodness I have ever used and despite coming in at a hefty £22 it seems to be a never ending product. Even if it wasn't never ending - I would definitely buy this again, it's just beautiful. Another MSF I like is the normal powder in light, which adds that little bit of extra coverage. The only foundation I've tried from MAC has been face and body, but it is one I enjoy. It's definitely a good skin day kind of foundation, as it's water based and very sheer coverage (although, it is buildable) I tend to only opt for this when my skin doesn't need much in the way of coverage - I'm in the shade C1. My favourite MAC blusher has to be plum foolery, it's the very first mac purchase I made and the shade is beautiful. It's a deep pink/plum with a light gold shimmer throughout that makes it suitable for any time of the year, but I especially love this in winter. My favourite concealer to use is studio finish in NW15 which is a pretty heavy duty concealer that will cover almost anything and last all day. Lipstick wise I chose 3 favourite shades; Hue - my first and favourite mac lipstick, speed dial and creme cup

What's your favourite MAC product? 


Ecofriendly luxury? Bamboo towels

Who knew there were so many benefits 
of opting for an added bit of luxury? 

bamboo eco friendly towels skincare luxury
Bamboo is a naturally green and eco-friendly material, and for some of us choosing eco-friendly or natural products and materials is an important factor, especially when it comes to those things we use on our skin and body. Some of us already use natural, green, eco friendly lotions and potions - so why do we sometimes forget about the other products that we use on our skin, such as face cloths, hand towels, bath towels etc? I personally use a face cloth everyday, and I've noticed that I purchase the same ones over and over as they lose their shape, their quality and their softness over time and several washes. 

Bamboo towels have an ultra-soft feel and are almost silk like to touch and they maintain their softness even after an abundance of washes. This makes them the ideal option for those with delicate or sensitive skin, so they are suitable for any age and if like me you have sensitive skin, they are gentle enough to use to cleanse and wash your face on a daily basis without irritating the skin. They are beautifully gentle and soft against the skin, and feel like an added bit of luxury in the otherwise normal daily skincare routine.

Made of 60% bamboo and 40% cotton in weight, these towels have a high abrasion-proof capacity, meaning they are extremely durable and hard wearing. So, they can survive a great deal of washes and maintain their original quality, so they are an excellent option for those like me who enjoy using a cloth morning/night in a skincare routine. Even after washes, you will still be left with a soft, silky cloth to cleanse your skin. Bamboo towels are also three times more moisture absorbent than ordinary cotton towels! 

Tips for using and caring for bamboo towels: 
  • Wash the towel or face cloth before using it for the first time. This is because the towels come straight from the loom, and washing them will help prevent and snagging of the material. So, before you put it in the wash, be extra careful of finger nails or jewellery that may catch
  • Wash the towels at 40 degrees, on a delicate wash 
  • Although bamboo has anti-bacterial properties, it is important to ensure towels are rinsed thoroughly
  • You can dry the towels as you wish (you can even tumble dry them providing it is a medium heat setting
  • Try to avoid fabric softeners as these can block holes in the material and lead to reduced absorbency 

You can find bamboo face cloths from as little as £2.49! Everyday cotton facecloths come in at around the £2-£3 mark anyway, so I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of chosing a higher quality cloth before now. I can save money in the long run and add a little bit of luxury to my skincare routine! Are eco-friendly materials something you consider? 


* SPONSORED post written in partnership with Wikaniko 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Miners Cosmetics: Fresh Faced Concealer

Natural even coverage that brightens dark circles and masks blemishes ...

Miners fresh faced concealer is a relatively new release and part of their fresh faced range of products. If you haven't heard of Miners before, they are a UK brand who are fashion inspired and keep up to date with the latest beauty trends aswell as providing us beauty-junkies with affordable beauty products. Miners isn't stocked in big drugstore/highstreet makeup sellers like boots and superdrug, but they are stocked in quite a large number of smaller retailers and chemists (you can view a full list here). 

fresh faced concealer miners swatches budget uk dupe

Fresh faced concealer is available in 3 shades; porcelain, peach and olive. Each of the three shades has a peachy undertone, designed to help mask imperfections and help to hide those dark under eye circles which so many of us experience (I really do hate early mornings)! The formula is also paraben free. 

I like the packaging, it is clean and simple and I like that you can see how much product is left inside. The black and pink is a nice combination, even if black is a bit of a pain when it comes to products getting grubby in a make-up bag. They are package in a plastic tube, so it's ideal for throwing in a handbag for on the go touch ups and each has a sponge applicator, making application easy. 

miners cosmetics fresh faced concealer cheap budget dupe mac

Although the shade range is not extensive, they've managed to cover the fair, fair/medium and medium skin tones and I fall somewhere in between porcelain and peach. I tend to use porcelain under eyes to not only cover dark circles but to generally brighten that area of my face (I told you, I hate early mornings, we do not get on). I tend to opt for peach for blemishes, or perhaps a mix of both. Olive has come in handy for my mum, as her skin tone is more of a medium/beige than a fair/ivory. 

In terms of coverage, this concealer works quite well for me. It is by no means a heavy-duty concealer, so I wouldn't recommend it for those who really like using thick coverage concealers such as double wear or erase paste. However, it does provide coverage. It definitely helps with under eye circles and blends in nicely to the skin, without gathering in any dryness as the formula is quite wet. It isn't fantastic for covering blemishes, but works well at reducing the appearance of redness and small blemishes. One thing I did notice, was the scent of the product - it was by no means chemical-smelling, but it does have a strong scent ... almost like baby powder. Again, this is nothing that effects the use of the product itself, but it is something to bare in mind if you are strongly against scented products. 

Overall, I'm quite impressed with this concealer. On bad skin days I will still opt for my heaver concealers like soap and glory's kick-ass concealer or Mac's studio fix concealer. But for days when my skin is pretty good, this works well at just enhancing the brightness of the skin and reducing redness or darkness. 

Fresh faced concealer is available to buy online at Miners or in a local stockist for £2.99


Valentines Attire

Valentine's Day is approaching... 

With Valentine's day approaching there are so many novelty items and cheesy gifts in the shops, it's almost blinding. There are so many things to think about when buying a present for your special someone, you could go down the route of a sweet little handmade gift or something that tells an inside-joke. You could go traditional and opt for flowers or chocolate, or you could opt for clothing and lingerie. Whatever you choose, there are some great options out there. 

Blue Floral Corset | Basque Top

If you are looking to buy lingerie or corsets then Party and Beauty have a wonderful collection (visit collection here). So whether it is for a special someone or as a treat for yourself there is no need to pay an absolute fortune on the highstreet or online, it can be worth looking at fancy-dress stores such as Party and Beauty. Party and Beauty sell a beautiful selection of corsets in various colours and styles.Now, these could be worn as a little something special on Valentines day as an under garment, or worn with a pair of great jeans that can make you feel amazing, or perhaps you have a Valentines themed party to attend. Cue visions of Moulin Rouge and student traffic light parties .... 

Black Flower Frill Corset | Basque Top

You could opt for a classic, signature black corset that gives the ultimate hourglass shape and you can easily adapt this for a daytime look by pairing it with a pair of blue jeans.  Other options available include a signature valentines red corset that would especially suit a romantic night in on valentine's day. Another option is to opt for a more casual and playful look with an elegant floral print corset that can give amazing shape for a party outfit with a difference. 

So, whether you are celebrating Valentines day with a romantic night in, a fancy dress party or a night on the town with the girls - you can find a suitable corset to complete your outfit and provide amazing shape control... Now, all I need is to be invited to a Moulin Rouge themed party, where I can get glammed up! 


*SPONSORED post written in conjunction with party and beauty 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A guide to selling on ebay

My top tips for selling on ebay: 

how to make money on ebay selling sell

Keep listings simple and to the point 
Try not to clutter your listing title with long-winded descriptive words, you have a limited amount of characters and buyers will search for key words not pretty jargon. Be as clear and concise as you can for example 'Ladies black skinny jeans size 12 Topshop' instead of 'Lovely pair of black skinny jeans bought from topshop and flattering' it's a waste of characters and people want to be able to easily find and read your listing. To summaris, be short, snappy and to the point. 

Honesty is key 
As much as you are trying to get rid of your things, it's also important to always bare in mind potential feedback. The last thing you want is negative ratings, so do your best to keep the buyers happy. If you know you can only post on a Thursday or Friday, state that in your listings. If you live in a smoke/pet free home, let people know (consider letting them know if you do, so as to avoid any awkward emails). Be honest about the condition of the item, don't sell it as new if it isn't - people are quite happy to by lightly used and loved items, just let them know the condition. 

Photographs are essential 
Don't bother listing items if you don't have a picture to go along side it, buyers will be reluctant to bid. If you can, always try to include multiple shots of clothing etc - capture how it looks from the front, back and any special features. Try to make your items look as good as possible in the picture, nothing fancy but a simple thing like hanging a top on a coat hanger to take a picture or ironing them before photographing. All this helps to improve your chances of selling items 

To bid or buy it now? 
If you are having a clearout and you are really not bothered how much items sell for, don't be afraid to start the bidding low. All items are free to list if you start at £0.99 or less - which will save you money in those pesky ebay fees. If you are opting for buy it now, bare in mind this comes with a small cost dependent on how much you price it as. Both have their advantages, some buyers want a quick purchase and don't want to wait around for the auction to end (i.e, selling old uni books) - whilst others want to snap up a bargain (i.e clothing). 

Consider postage & be fair
To avoid losing any money, always try and calculate postage before hand. Royal mail have increased their prices, so if it's a larger item or heavier item it may be worth looking into using a courier service (a good choice for heavy uni books or bundles). If you are happy for buyers to collect from you, do make that an option as local bidders can find your items that way and it saves you the trip to the post office. Don't overcharge on postage, buyers don't like it. Try to always be fair and stick to the average costs for the parcel size and weight, as much as you don't want to be out of pocket posting - the buyers don't want to pay over the odds. 

Packaging a product correctly & cheaply 
Don't buy packaging from the post office, unless you want to spend ££££'s. Check out your local poundshops or bargain stores where you can get a pack of padded envelopes, a roll of brown paper, parcel tape and bubble wrap for about £1 a pack. Make sure you package items correctly, the last thing you want is for a buyer to receive a damaged product. 

Hopefully some of these tips were helpful, if you'd like to share a tip yourself feel free to comment below so others can read them too. 


Thursday, 6 February 2014

My best friend

With Valentines day coming up, the focus is on celebrating the ones we love. Although typically associated with the romantic kind of love thinks it's about time we celebrated the love of our diamond best friends - what a brilliant idea. 

When I first heard that 77 diamonds were running a competition for 'diamond' best friends, I couldn't decide whether or not to enter. You see, I thought that the term 'best friend' didn't really apply to me - I've had great friends, I've had 'best' friends and I have lost friends. But for a moment I stopped and pondered the thought of who I could chose to tell you about and celebrate as my diamond best friend, then I realised. I have only ever had, and will only ever have ONE best friend. My sister. 

I can't even list all the reasons why my sister is my best friend, there simply isn't enough space. I'm not even sure if she will read this, but if you happen to be taking a sneak peak at my blog Amy, thanks for being you. 

She is someone who has seen me at my absolute best and I have seen the sheer pride in her smile, yet she is also someone who has seen me at my absolute lowest and has still shown love. We've shared our highs and lows and we've remained as close as ever. We have the ability to finish one another's sentences and the inside jokes and one liners never fail. We've been to the big apple, we've broken a bed, we've drank rum in the Caribbean, we've quoted entire films and we've seen each other grow. For every one time we've made each other angry or sad, there are 100 times we've made each other smile. We have that kind of relationship where people view us as one, we come as a pair. Amy and Jess. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Perhaps it's the close age gap, perhaps it's the similarities between us, perhaps it's the differences. Or, perhaps it's those 16 years we shared a bedroom, perhaps it's the countless times we've made each other cry, or the countless times we've made each other laugh. All I know, is that I want to experience a million more memories with my best friend. She really is a diamond best friend. 


Saturday, 1 February 2014

EOS Lipbalms : A winter essential

Although I am a fan of the winter months, there is one thing I cannot stand and that is the effect the cold harsh weather has on my skin! I suffer with dry skin and really dry lips at this time of the year so I am forever applying some sort of moisturiser. One I've found great for on the go is from EOS. 

EOS lipbalms are probably one of the most raved about products in the lip balm department and are pretty hard to get hold of for us in the UK, so we remain jealous of our fellow beauty addicts in the USA! I know some people have don't necessarily agree with the hype surrounding these products, but I, like the majority - really like them! 

eos lip balm orange lemon

 Firstly, the packaging is easily identifiable in this little pebble/egg shape and is great for just throwing in a handbag and reaching for throughout the day! You don't need to put your fingers into any product, as you can apply it straight from the ball! I find these really nice to apply and gentle on the lips, these are the first things I reach for if I have sore lips in the winter when other products sting. They are medicated and are 95% natural and they have a lovely range of scents, these two smell delicious! 

where to buy eos lip balms in the uk pebble shape egg

Although they are a bit of a pain to get a hold of in the UK, you can buy them from places like ebay where the lemon one is around £4 or you can get a whole pack of 5 flavours for £20!or amazon . I'd love to know what you think of these little lip balms, and if you think they are worth the hype? Just a quick note, some people have found that they have quite a wax like consistency that is hard to apply - this may be the first time, but the more you use the product the easier it becomes to apply - it's almost as if they have some sort of coating on the outer-most layer. If you also love these like me, then what's your favourite scent?