Saturday, 8 February 2014

A guide to selling on ebay

My top tips for selling on ebay: 

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Keep listings simple and to the point 
Try not to clutter your listing title with long-winded descriptive words, you have a limited amount of characters and buyers will search for key words not pretty jargon. Be as clear and concise as you can for example 'Ladies black skinny jeans size 12 Topshop' instead of 'Lovely pair of black skinny jeans bought from topshop and flattering' it's a waste of characters and people want to be able to easily find and read your listing. To summaris, be short, snappy and to the point. 

Honesty is key 
As much as you are trying to get rid of your things, it's also important to always bare in mind potential feedback. The last thing you want is negative ratings, so do your best to keep the buyers happy. If you know you can only post on a Thursday or Friday, state that in your listings. If you live in a smoke/pet free home, let people know (consider letting them know if you do, so as to avoid any awkward emails). Be honest about the condition of the item, don't sell it as new if it isn't - people are quite happy to by lightly used and loved items, just let them know the condition. 

Photographs are essential 
Don't bother listing items if you don't have a picture to go along side it, buyers will be reluctant to bid. If you can, always try to include multiple shots of clothing etc - capture how it looks from the front, back and any special features. Try to make your items look as good as possible in the picture, nothing fancy but a simple thing like hanging a top on a coat hanger to take a picture or ironing them before photographing. All this helps to improve your chances of selling items 

To bid or buy it now? 
If you are having a clearout and you are really not bothered how much items sell for, don't be afraid to start the bidding low. All items are free to list if you start at £0.99 or less - which will save you money in those pesky ebay fees. If you are opting for buy it now, bare in mind this comes with a small cost dependent on how much you price it as. Both have their advantages, some buyers want a quick purchase and don't want to wait around for the auction to end (i.e, selling old uni books) - whilst others want to snap up a bargain (i.e clothing). 

Consider postage & be fair
To avoid losing any money, always try and calculate postage before hand. Royal mail have increased their prices, so if it's a larger item or heavier item it may be worth looking into using a courier service (a good choice for heavy uni books or bundles). If you are happy for buyers to collect from you, do make that an option as local bidders can find your items that way and it saves you the trip to the post office. Don't overcharge on postage, buyers don't like it. Try to always be fair and stick to the average costs for the parcel size and weight, as much as you don't want to be out of pocket posting - the buyers don't want to pay over the odds. 

Packaging a product correctly & cheaply 
Don't buy packaging from the post office, unless you want to spend ££££'s. Check out your local poundshops or bargain stores where you can get a pack of padded envelopes, a roll of brown paper, parcel tape and bubble wrap for about £1 a pack. Make sure you package items correctly, the last thing you want is for a buyer to receive a damaged product. 

Hopefully some of these tips were helpful, if you'd like to share a tip yourself feel free to comment below so others can read them too. 



  1. I love selling on ebay, but I always wait until free weekends pop up because people are so tight these days and I end up losing out with paying for p+p...any ideas when the next one is?
    Thank for the tips, lovely :)

    Laura x |

    1. Free weekends are always a good time to list - they don't tend to announce them long before they happen so I'm not sure. Best bet is to keep your eye out in the ebay news tab on your account :) xx