Sunday, 16 February 2014

Custom Candles: A unique gift

If you know someone who is a 'candle lover' like so many of us, then when it comes to special occassions, these h2o candles could be the perfect option for a unique gift or a centre piece at a party. Or, if like me you generally enjoy having candles lit in the house - you could just enjoy these yourself! 

The H2O Water Candle kit is just £2.99 and allows you to create a custom candle with items that most of us will already have laying around our homes. 

You will need: 
- A h20 candle kit (available here
- A glass container 
- Water 
- Cooking Oil 
- Food colouring 

To create your custom candle, you can use any glass vessel so you could have a vase, or a vintage glass or even a coloured glass. Simply fill the glass with water, add a dash of food colouring to achieve the desired colour (optional) and pour a thin layer of cooking oil into the water. Following this, insert the floating wick platform. 

This will create a flame that appears to be directly floating on the surface of the water. It's a simple way to personalise any event, you could choose colours according to the event and choose your glass accordingly to match the theme of the event. If you're giving this as a gift, a nice touch could be to include the extra 'ingredients' needed and present in a lovely wrapped basket for a home-made, thoughtful gift. 

Each kit will burn for up to 300 hours and costs £2.99. 

What do you think? These are definitely something I would purchase as a gift for a friend or family member. And I'd absolutely love to receive one of these as a gift as I am candle-obsessed! 


*post written in conjunction with Wikaniko 

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  1. really love this idea