Monday, 10 February 2014

Ecofriendly luxury? Bamboo towels

Who knew there were so many benefits 
of opting for an added bit of luxury? 

bamboo eco friendly towels skincare luxury
Bamboo is a naturally green and eco-friendly material, and for some of us choosing eco-friendly or natural products and materials is an important factor, especially when it comes to those things we use on our skin and body. Some of us already use natural, green, eco friendly lotions and potions - so why do we sometimes forget about the other products that we use on our skin, such as face cloths, hand towels, bath towels etc? I personally use a face cloth everyday, and I've noticed that I purchase the same ones over and over as they lose their shape, their quality and their softness over time and several washes. 

Bamboo towels have an ultra-soft feel and are almost silk like to touch and they maintain their softness even after an abundance of washes. This makes them the ideal option for those with delicate or sensitive skin, so they are suitable for any age and if like me you have sensitive skin, they are gentle enough to use to cleanse and wash your face on a daily basis without irritating the skin. They are beautifully gentle and soft against the skin, and feel like an added bit of luxury in the otherwise normal daily skincare routine.

Made of 60% bamboo and 40% cotton in weight, these towels have a high abrasion-proof capacity, meaning they are extremely durable and hard wearing. So, they can survive a great deal of washes and maintain their original quality, so they are an excellent option for those like me who enjoy using a cloth morning/night in a skincare routine. Even after washes, you will still be left with a soft, silky cloth to cleanse your skin. Bamboo towels are also three times more moisture absorbent than ordinary cotton towels! 

Tips for using and caring for bamboo towels: 
  • Wash the towel or face cloth before using it for the first time. This is because the towels come straight from the loom, and washing them will help prevent and snagging of the material. So, before you put it in the wash, be extra careful of finger nails or jewellery that may catch
  • Wash the towels at 40 degrees, on a delicate wash 
  • Although bamboo has anti-bacterial properties, it is important to ensure towels are rinsed thoroughly
  • You can dry the towels as you wish (you can even tumble dry them providing it is a medium heat setting
  • Try to avoid fabric softeners as these can block holes in the material and lead to reduced absorbency 

You can find bamboo face cloths from as little as £2.49! Everyday cotton facecloths come in at around the £2-£3 mark anyway, so I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of chosing a higher quality cloth before now. I can save money in the long run and add a little bit of luxury to my skincare routine! Are eco-friendly materials something you consider? 


* SPONSORED post written in partnership with Wikaniko 


  1. I am currently not using any towel to dry my face after washing (I just let it dry naturally), but I might give bamboo towels a try :)

    New follower from #bbloggers chat

    Cristina xo

  2. Actually people are more sensitive and caring when thing come to about their skin and body...I am skin specialist...I also recommending max people to make a use of bamboo products/organic cotton.