Saturday, 1 February 2014

EOS Lipbalms : A winter essential

Although I am a fan of the winter months, there is one thing I cannot stand and that is the effect the cold harsh weather has on my skin! I suffer with dry skin and really dry lips at this time of the year so I am forever applying some sort of moisturiser. One I've found great for on the go is from EOS. 

EOS lipbalms are probably one of the most raved about products in the lip balm department and are pretty hard to get hold of for us in the UK, so we remain jealous of our fellow beauty addicts in the USA! I know some people have don't necessarily agree with the hype surrounding these products, but I, like the majority - really like them! 

eos lip balm orange lemon

 Firstly, the packaging is easily identifiable in this little pebble/egg shape and is great for just throwing in a handbag and reaching for throughout the day! You don't need to put your fingers into any product, as you can apply it straight from the ball! I find these really nice to apply and gentle on the lips, these are the first things I reach for if I have sore lips in the winter when other products sting. They are medicated and are 95% natural and they have a lovely range of scents, these two smell delicious! 

where to buy eos lip balms in the uk pebble shape egg

Although they are a bit of a pain to get a hold of in the UK, you can buy them from places like ebay where the lemon one is around £4 or you can get a whole pack of 5 flavours for £20!or amazon . I'd love to know what you think of these little lip balms, and if you think they are worth the hype? Just a quick note, some people have found that they have quite a wax like consistency that is hard to apply - this may be the first time, but the more you use the product the easier it becomes to apply - it's almost as if they have some sort of coating on the outer-most layer. If you also love these like me, then what's your favourite scent? 



  1. I've wanted to try these for ages and the flavors seem absolutely amazing - lemon drops, yum! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Oh I love these lip balms too. I have sweet mint and strawberry my favorite is the sweet mint :)

  3. I have the summer fruits scent/flavour and I like but for me it isn't amazing - I love the nuxe reve de miel pot lip balm so much more x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness