Thursday, 13 February 2014

Kick-Ass Concealer : Soap and Glory

"There are times in every girls life that call 
for a real Kick-Ass Concealer..."

Recently I've been trying out a few different concealers from the 'drugstore' or highstreet if you prefer. I normally stick with my Mac studio finish concealer (nw15 at £15) as it does the job nicely, but I've found that in the winter months it can be a little bit drying and not only that, I'd like to find a cheaper alternative that I enjoy using! I've recently been enjoying a very budget friendly concealer which costs just £3 (reviewed here) and today I'll be reviewing something in the mid price range in the form of Soap and Glory's kick-ass concealer 3 in 1 camouflage kit which comes in at £10. 

Step 1 and 2 comes in a split pan form of two shades of concealer. On the left, a peachy tone designed primarily for use under the eyes to brighten dark circles and on the right a yellow tone designed primarily to correct redness and blemishes. 

Step 3 comes in the form of a setting powder and a white puff pad with which to apply it. The setting powder is translucent and designed to keep the product in place whilst giving a smooth finish to the skin. 

Kick-Ass Concealer is available in two shades; Light (the one I have) and Medium, so not an extensive shade range but if you fall some where in this scale then it's easy to make the product work for you by mixing shades to suit your skin tone. The under eye concealer is a creamy, light formula which is easy to apply and one that doesn't drag the skin - which is essential for the under eye area. I find this does help improve darkness under the eyes and give a brightening, correcting effect. The blemish part of the product can feel a little drying to apply, however I have found that the more you use it the more it softens - and it's best applied with a finger rather than a brush as this warms the product a little. Again, this is effective at correcting any blemishes and redness - I do find it can be a little bit drying, so for me it's best used after moisturiser. The powder is brilliant and is light and fresh to apply whilst also doing the job properly - ideal for oily skin types. 

Overall I'm very impressed with this concealer! I like the packaging for it's typical soap and glory style and it's compactness and there's something about this product that feels like a little bit of luxury. 




  1. I've been wanting to try this out for quite some time and after reading this I think I'll need to pick it up on my next visit to Boots!
    Lovely review! :)

    Ellis Tuesday

  2. You should try the Kick Ass Perfecting Powder too. I love it x
    Laura | A Life With Frills