Thursday, 6 February 2014

My best friend

With Valentines day coming up, the focus is on celebrating the ones we love. Although typically associated with the romantic kind of love thinks it's about time we celebrated the love of our diamond best friends - what a brilliant idea. 

When I first heard that 77 diamonds were running a competition for 'diamond' best friends, I couldn't decide whether or not to enter. You see, I thought that the term 'best friend' didn't really apply to me - I've had great friends, I've had 'best' friends and I have lost friends. But for a moment I stopped and pondered the thought of who I could chose to tell you about and celebrate as my diamond best friend, then I realised. I have only ever had, and will only ever have ONE best friend. My sister. 

I can't even list all the reasons why my sister is my best friend, there simply isn't enough space. I'm not even sure if she will read this, but if you happen to be taking a sneak peak at my blog Amy, thanks for being you. 

She is someone who has seen me at my absolute best and I have seen the sheer pride in her smile, yet she is also someone who has seen me at my absolute lowest and has still shown love. We've shared our highs and lows and we've remained as close as ever. We have the ability to finish one another's sentences and the inside jokes and one liners never fail. We've been to the big apple, we've broken a bed, we've drank rum in the Caribbean, we've quoted entire films and we've seen each other grow. For every one time we've made each other angry or sad, there are 100 times we've made each other smile. We have that kind of relationship where people view us as one, we come as a pair. Amy and Jess. 

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Perhaps it's the close age gap, perhaps it's the similarities between us, perhaps it's the differences. Or, perhaps it's those 16 years we shared a bedroom, perhaps it's the countless times we've made each other cry, or the countless times we've made each other laugh. All I know, is that I want to experience a million more memories with my best friend. She really is a diamond best friend.