Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines Attire

Valentine's Day is approaching... 

With Valentine's day approaching there are so many novelty items and cheesy gifts in the shops, it's almost blinding. There are so many things to think about when buying a present for your special someone, you could go down the route of a sweet little handmade gift or something that tells an inside-joke. You could go traditional and opt for flowers or chocolate, or you could opt for clothing and lingerie. Whatever you choose, there are some great options out there. 

Blue Floral Corset | Basque Top

If you are looking to buy lingerie or corsets then Party and Beauty have a wonderful collection (visit collection here). So whether it is for a special someone or as a treat for yourself there is no need to pay an absolute fortune on the highstreet or online, it can be worth looking at fancy-dress stores such as Party and Beauty. Party and Beauty sell a beautiful selection of corsets in various colours and styles.Now, these could be worn as a little something special on Valentines day as an under garment, or worn with a pair of great jeans that can make you feel amazing, or perhaps you have a Valentines themed party to attend. Cue visions of Moulin Rouge and student traffic light parties .... 

Black Flower Frill Corset | Basque Top

You could opt for a classic, signature black corset that gives the ultimate hourglass shape and you can easily adapt this for a daytime look by pairing it with a pair of blue jeans.  Other options available include a signature valentines red corset that would especially suit a romantic night in on valentine's day. Another option is to opt for a more casual and playful look with an elegant floral print corset that can give amazing shape for a party outfit with a difference. 

So, whether you are celebrating Valentines day with a romantic night in, a fancy dress party or a night on the town with the girls - you can find a suitable corset to complete your outfit and provide amazing shape control... Now, all I need is to be invited to a Moulin Rouge themed party, where I can get glammed up! 


*SPONSORED post written in conjunction with party and beauty 

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