Monday, 31 March 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

As previously mentioned on this blog, I am pretty much incapable of going into Boots without getting sucked into the 3 for 2 offers. This time around, I decided to try out some new skincare and I need to pick up some more makeup remover. I decided on Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml which is a water based makeup remover for sensitive skin that claims to remove makeup, cleanse and soothe. After trying a few oil based makeup removers and not getting on with them, I thought a cleansing water would be better - especially after hearing so much about the infamous bidoerma!

Garnier micellar Cleansing water review bioderma dupe

Garnier Micellar Water Bioderma dupe review

I was actually pleasantly surprised by how well this worked, I imagined that a cleansing water wouldn't be able to remove a days worth of makeup, especially eye makeup. I use this by putting a few drops onto a cotton pad and using all over the face. It removes foundations, powder etc no problem and for eye makeup I hold in place on my eye for a few second and then just wipe it away! I'd say it removes about 90% of my makeup this way, the other 10% requires a second wipe! I've used this for waterproof mascara and found it to work just as well as it does when removing normal mascara. 

Overall - an excellent option if you want to try a cleansing water and don't want to splash out on Bioderma. It's gentle enough to be used on the eye area, works well at removing waterproof makeup and doesn't irritate the skin. It's not heavily scented and feels refreshing by leaving your skin makeup free and smooth. You also get a generous sized 400ml bottle for just £4.99 which is approximately 200 uses (whether or not this is true, I don't know but in general each application uses hardly any product). It's also currently on offer for just £3.33 in Boots! 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Chit-Chat

Lipstick: MUA matte Wild berry & Loreal rouge caresse lovely rose
Woah, that't right ... I actually included a picture of my face in a blog post *Hi*. I thought I'd just sit down and write a general life goings on, ramble type blog post for anyone interested in my life and what I've been up to! 

I've been really enjoying blogging lately, I have a new blog design thanks to my friend Lauren and it's given me a whole new outlook on my blog! It's fresh and simple and has definitely helped with my blogging motivation! If you're looking for a blog design or header then you can see them on I've also been getting more organised by planning posts and creating a blog schedule. I'm full of ideas at the moment, feeling inspired to blog and will be doing my best to provide you with new content every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday ... I may even throw some bonus content out there for you in-between. 

I've had a big change on the work front after finishing my job (temporary) and taking on some work from home. I'm giving myself some time to try figure out what I want to do (which is probably never going to happen #graduateproblems and yes I just hashtagged in a blog post, shame on me). 

This week I have indulged in eating out, I'm such a sucker for easy food and meals out plus my sister has had some time off work so it's been nice to have a few catch ups! FYI I've developed a love for the salad bar at Pizza Hut - delicious. I've also taken the time to finally rearrange my bedroom. I've been pondering over moving the furniture around for a while now and I've finally moved it, all I need now is my nice shiny new desk from Ikea and my room will hopefully be complete! 

That's about all the news I have, I can't promise these Sunday Chit-Chat style posts will be all that interesting, but I thought it's about time I share a bit more about me on my blog. 

Happy Sunday & Have a great week.  

My beauty compare : the beauty comparison website

When it comes to shopping for make-up I am all about trying new things and discovering my next holy grail item! My beauty compare is a beauty comparison website, aimed at tailoring suggestions to suit you and helping you find the perfect match when it comes to makeup, skincare, haircare and even perfume! 

The design of the website is sophisticated, professional and easy to use. Registering is completely free so I was intrigued to see what it was all about and how I could use it to help meet my makeup needs. So I made a profile! 

When making your profile, you are given the option to upload a profile picture and fill in some basic details about your skin type, complexion and hair type. You can see on the screen shot above, that I filled out my questionnaire and there were options to fit just about everyone when it comes to chosing your skin type, eye colour and hair type etc! Filling out this quick questionnaire should help match you to suitable products for your skin type and help provide you with relevant product recommendations. 

My beauty compare is super easy to navigate! You can choose to look at makeup, skincare, haircare etc using the top menu and then select what type of product you want to look at using the categories. For example, by looking at foundation I have access to pages and pages of different foundations ranging from the cheapest drugstore foundations to the most luxurious over-priced high end foundations. You can sort your products by price, or I chose to sort them by best review in order to see what other users were loving! You can use the slider scale to set your budget too which is a handy feature! 

The website also allows you to see prices from various retailers on each product including their shipping charges which is awesome. You can see other site users reviews and their 'lipstick rating' all in one place rather than having to search through pages and pages to find a review. 

I wanted to check what my answers to the previous questionnaire were used for so I checked out the hair section. My beauty compare gave me 3 product matches of products suitable for my hair type - this I was impressed with! I chose dry ends as my problem area and I was greeted with 3 deep/leave in conditioners and hair masks! 

Overall I am really impressed with My Beauty Compare - it's a brilliant idea to have all the products you could ever think of under one roof. It allows me to see other reviews and see which products are suitable for my skin type and hair type as well as allowing me to view prices from various retailers. It's completely free to use and I found it easy to sign up and use right away! You can register here at 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Non-beauty favourites #2

So this is actually only my second time of posting a 'non-beauty favourites' on my blog! I always forget to tell you all about the things I'm loving other than beauty and make-up, so here are a few of my favourite things from March - it's officially Spring! 

non beauty favourites march 2014 mad fat diary gatsby cute spring pastel tumblr

My cute new radio // Wearing pretty coloured jumpers // Tea and blogging // Malteaster bunnies // The Perks of Being a Wallflower // Sweet scented candles // My mad fat diary // pinterest // The Great Gatsby 

Despite being a fan of winter and the cold weather, I'm actually glad it's Spring! The weather seems to be improving a tiny bit (meaning the occasional 2 minutes of no raining and sunshine), the mornings are lighter and the days seem to last a little longer. It's hard to believe it's March already though, well actually it's almost April but this year has gone insanely fast so far ... or is that just me? 

40% off everything at Elf discount code

Important update for makeup-a-holics: 

2014 elf discount code makeup voucher online

Get a massive 40% off everything at up until 31st March on orders over £15!  

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring Scents with Yankee Candle

If you are a fan of candles then I'm sure you enjoy Yankee Candles, however the bigger candles can be a bit pricey when it comes to finding out whether or not you like a particular scent. Or maybe, you don't burn candles constantly so seasonal scents sometimes get wasted. I like to try out all the different scents in the smaller versions which are less expensive or if I'm using them in my wax tart burner they are less than £2 each! Another great option is to try out the 'simply home' range of Yankee Candles which are available to buy in Asda/Asda Direct, and various other stockists like Tesco and B&Q. 

The Simply Home range by Yankee Candle is a range of home fragrance designed to be stylish and affordable, it uses the same wax and same high standards as Yankee Candle classics but offers a different complexity of fragrance with colours designed to suit home decor. They are available to buy in large jars, medium jars, votive samplers and wax melts. These Votive Samplers have a burn time of approximately 15 hours, which isn't bad at all for £1 a piece! 

Soft Cotton is a crisp, clean scented candled that is quite neutral. It's a safe option and suitable for all year around and smells a bit like fresh, clean washing although it isn't too strongly scented. It's just a nice scent. 

Lavender spa is one I didn't think I'd like but I did. I'm not usually a fan of lavender at all, but this votive sampler candle is quite subtle rather than being overpowering and it is a fresh floral scent.

Sweet Pea is another fresh and floral scent and again, it isn't too strong but it does leave a fresh lingering scent in the room. 

Vanilla frosting is very similar, if not identical in scent to Vanilla cupcake from the ordinary Yankee Candle range, only this Simply Home version is a little cheaper. It's the kind of sweet and sickly scent that some love and some hate, I personally love it and it smells good enough to eat! 

Cherry Vanilla is a great option if you like fruity scents but don't want them to be too sweet or citrus-like as the vanilla is a nice touch. 

Apologies in advance for the catastrophic descriptions of the scents, but I'm not the best at describing a smell. My best advice would be to pop into your local asda/tesco/b&q and give them a whiff! If you have any yankee candle favourites for this time of year, feel free to leave a comment below and share them! 

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Spring Wishlist - Cute Everything

yankee candle asos clinique pop blush laduree journal diary macaroon mint green pastel fox cute river island top shop

There's just something about this time of year; when the mornings are lighter and the evenings seem to last a little longer and the sun makes an appearance (for all of 2 minutes). Pastels are hitting the shops, fashion trends are changing, nail varnishes are getting lighter and cute, pretty, pastel items are just about everywhere in preparation for Spring. If I had a never-ending bank balance, I would most definitely be purchasing the items below, but for now I'll just add them to my imaginary shopping basket whilst they remain firmly on my wish list of things I cannot afford/do not need. 

A girl can dream .... 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beauty Haul & New products

There's something about new make-up that just excites me. If you are a fellow make-up addict, then you'll know exactly what I mean! This post is somewhat of a 'collective haul' of beauty bits and bobs that I've accumulated recently, basically all of the new products that I'm trying out at the moment! So here it goes: 

boots superdrug haul avon wet n wild uk maybelline seventeen collection

My lovely friend Lauren (click to read her amazing beauty blog) sent me 2 items from 'Wet n Wild', which is a US brand that has recently appeared in Ireland and sadly not in the UK yet! She sent me two of the most talked about palettes, the infamous walking on eggshells trio and the comfort zone 8 palette. I've already got my hands on these and used them a few times and they are awesome. I love the shades, I will forever be a neutral eye shadow kinda gal so these are perfect, the pigmentation is immense too. I decided to try Maybelline's brow drama sculpting mascara too, I remember seeing it on Lauren's blog and I was intrigued - so I'm excited to try that out! I got the shade dark blonde. 

In terms of 'face' products I've been trying out two new foundations, both from Maybelline. First is the dream satin liquid foundation in light porcelain, which is actually quite dark despite the delicately pale shade name! Secondly, I've been trying (and loving) Maybelline's new Superstay Better Skin foundation  which I gave an initial review of in this post. I also purchased another collection lasting perfection concealer, which I haven't used in months! I saw the slightly new packaging and thought I'd repurchase, I'm such a sucker for packaging and get lured in by the simplest of things. Finally, I wanted to try out some new mattifying face powders so I chose Seventeen's miracle matte pressed powder in the lightest shade which claims to give up to 16hrs oil free shine control! 

Other new items include Avon's glow matte bronzer in light, which I am absolutely loving! It's a completely matte finish, pale enough to work on light skin tones and ideal for contouring and adding some colour into the face after applying foundation. I've also tried out Collection's Shimmer Shades bronzing/blush block which features 4 shades consisting of 2 bronze shimmers, a pale coral blush and a shimmering white highlight. 

Lots of loveliness and shiny new packaging. Also, I'd just like to point out that I should be supervised in Boots and Superdrug, as I cannot cope with the amount of 3 for 2 offers going on at the moment. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

top 10 budget makeup buys under £3

Today on the blog I'll be sharing some of my favourite budget beauty buys, and when I say budget - I mean budget! I'd been thinking about doing a top 5 for under £5 post but thought I'd go one step further and share my top ten for under £3! Each of these make-up products come in at under £3 and are some of my most used items, so it's proof that you really don't need to spend a fortune on make-up when there are so many great products from a range of 'drugstore/highstreet' brands! 

cheap beauty budget buys bargain under £3 £5 £10 pound shop ebay

Miners fresh faced concealer comes in at £2.99* and I've reviewed this in it's own post. In a nutshell, it's available in 3 shades, works great on under eye darkness and correcting skin tones and covers blemishes pretty well. It's one of the better budget concealers I've tried and ideal for brightening dark circles! 

MUA matte lipsticks come in at just £1 and are come in 5 shades. You can see the full collection and swatches in my post about the collection, but my favourite is definitely 'wild berry' which is a deep matte purple. The formula is matte without being too drying on the lips and you can find a great nude, coral, pink, red and purple lip all for £1 each! They coloured bit on the bottom of the lipstick also contains some extra product if you'd rather apply with a brush! 

MUA Colour blast eyeshadow sticks are £3 and a great option for quick make-up application or using as a base under other shadows. If you're using them on their own I'd recommend applying a primer first but used together with other products you can build up colour and also use as a highlight! The shade pictured is 'stay' and is a gorgeous champagne gold which is ideal for using as a base under any neutral shadows or using as a brow bone highlight or eyeliner. 

Sinful colours nail polishes are just £1.99 and come in SO many shades and finishes! You can get glitter, pearl, matte, cream and shimmer shades. The shade pictured above is 'Island Coral' which is a gorgeous shade for spring/summer and looks great within 2 coats. Another one of my favourites from this range is 'Nirvana' which is a dark taupe which you can see in my NOTW post here. They are currently on offer in boots 3 for £4! 

Maybelline baby lips are £2.99 each and perhaps one of the most talked about releases of last year (see swatches in this review) They took long enough to get to the UK but they were worth the wait. They are great for throwing in a handbag and applying mirror-free, ideal for school or work and moisturising too! The tinted shades are cherry me, peach kiss (pictured above) and pink punch - all of which leave a light tint of colour on the lips. 

Rimmel moisture renew lipsticks offer some amazing dupes for the likes of MAC at a fraction of the price. You can pick up some shades on ebay/amazon/local discount shops for anywhere between £1-£3! The shade above is oxford street fuschia which is a very good dupe for MAC's speed dial lipstick (see swatches here) another great dupe is nottinghill nude which is very similar to MAC's shy girl lipstick (see swatches here)  

MUA undress your skin highlighter comes in at just £3 for a whopping 7.5g of product. Luckily it's in stock online at the moment, which is quite rare as almost everybody is a fan of this product. There really isn't much out there in the way of highlighters when it comes to the drugstores and highstreet shops but if you can get your hands on this one then do! It's a gorgeous iridescent pink shade (see blog post here) with a silver highlight which doesn't leave you looking like a disco ball, instead gives you a lovely subtle shimmer! 

Boots Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba is just £1.99 (currently on 3 for 2!) and is a wonderful buy for less than £2! It's a matte shade, pretty well pigmented and a lovely colour. There are a few shades in the blush range, a total of 4 I believe but 'peach melba' is one of my go-to blushes for the whole year! It's the perfect peachy/pink which gives your cheeks a natural looking flush of colour! 

Miss Sporty nail polishes are definitely worth checking out and are only £1.99 each, this glitter shade is a lovely top coat and I like to use it over pretty pastel shades like mint candy apple from essie (see nails here) and other matte shades in the range are bright, fun and packed with colour - you can see another shade I like in this post. They are currently on offer in boots 2 for £3! 

Avon Care Intensive royal jelly lip treatment is available for around £2 and is a life-saver if you suffer from dry/sore/chapped lips! You can see my full review in this blog post, it contains SPF15 and applies as a thick layer that sinks into the skin to soothe and soften. It has hygienic packaging and is ideal for carrying with you on the go to soothe lips throughout the day. It also smells delicious! 

What's your favourite budget beauty product? Feel free to share them below and recommend a bargain beauty buy! 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My personalised canvas & How to Win your own!

When I was asked if I'd like the chance to review a canvas from Canvas Design* I jumped at the chance, as I've never had a canvas photo printed before! I decided on a graduation photograph as I still haven't got around to printing any of my photos from that day (back in September), I really should get that done! I only have my professional pictures, so I really wanted to get a big family shot printed! So this is what I chose: 

blog giveaway win a canvas printed design uk review

I love this photograph and I was so pleased with how it came out! I love that the background scenery is bright and colourful and the photos here really do not do it justice at all! The image is clear and consumes the whole frame and the finish is lovely. I don't have much to compare it to in terms of the actual canvas, as I've never had one printed before but in comparison to shop bought canvases the quality feels so much more durable and well-made. The frame is smoothly sanded and very sturdy and comes with everything you need to attach it to the wall. Other than the quality of the canvas itself, one thing that impressed me more than anything was the delivery service! Upon ordering my canvas I provided a mobile number, and then I received a text to let me know when my canvas was on it's way. First I received a text telling me the day, and then on the day I received a text telling me the time - not just a general annoying slot of any time whatsoever between 8am-5pm but one informing me that it would be at my front door between 09:17 - 10:17. If that's not brilliant then I don't know what is! It also sends a link so you can track your parcel on route, which shows you the delivery driver map and lets you know which number you are in the queue! It was a bit of a novelty, but very accurate! I did however miss my delivery, but that's just me being unorganised - but it was redelivered later on in the day, so I really can't fault it! Do you fancy winning one for yourself? Read on to see how ...

Canvas designs are offering one reader the chance to win their own photo canvas! You can choose any photograph and have a canvas any size ranging from 6x6 to 40x40! All you need to do is follow the instructions on the rafflecopter entry form below (UK only). Best of Luck! 

Although there can only be ONE winner, here is a little prize for ALL of you in the form of a discount code. Simply enter code 'BLOG15' at checkout to receive 15% off your order at canvas design

Good luck! 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Avon mega effects mascara review

In all of the years I have used mascara, I never even imagined that mascara would ever come in any other shape than the normal tubes and applicators. When Avon released their Mega Effects Mascara back last year, I wasn't quite sure what to think but I did eventually give in an order myself one from the book! I thought I'd share some photos and a quick review to let you know my thoughts and how I got on. 

avon mega effects mascara new

avon mega effects mascara

avon mega effects mascara design packaging

The packaging comes in the form of a cute 'dinky' paint roller type brush (very accurate description there Jess), and is a striking black and red design as well as being 'pocket sized'. The black base of the tube allows for some movement, meaning that you will be able to squeeze the product towards the top when it begins to run low. The handle is quite clearly shorter than the average mascara handle, so at first it was a bit difficult to control but it is fully adjustable, bends and is shaped for an easy application. 

packaging and design of avon mega effects mascara

close up of brush avon mega effects mascara

brush and packaging of avon mega effects mascara

The ergonomic brush is designed for comfort and control, whilst the bristles are curved to fir the natural shape of the lashes. The bristles grip the lashes and allow for even coverage and the formula is a very 'true black' shade giving you ultra dark lashes. One thing to note is that the formula is very wet, this means that it can sometimes take a longer time for coats to dry so its best to avoid applying thick heavy coats. In terms of 'effect' I actually didn't find it gave me any extreme volume or length, but it did separate the lashes nicely, giving them a slight curl and was very black once applied. 

how to apply avon mega effects mascara
Application was pretty easy and straightforward despite the fact that it is a rather bizzare design. The short handle gave enough control but was a bit strange at first, and the curved brush allowed you to reach into the inner and outer corners - you can also do this by holding the brush sideways! I like to apply this by pushing the lashes upwards and combing through from root to tip. 

how to apply mascara avon mega effects before and after

Overall, I liked this but I didn't love it. I like the packaging and the unique design, I like that it is truly black and gives some curl but it just wasn't enough for me in terms of volume and length, and the wet formula can cause a few issues with smudging. The mascara didn't flake or give you those horrible 'crispy' lashes - so that's a good thing too! The mascara retails for £10 and is currently on offer and you can get two for £12 mix and match! So now could be a good time to try it out if curiosity is getting the better of you. Have you tried this? How did you get on? I'd love to know! 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nanshy professional makeup brush set

nanshy 5 piece white makeup brush set sigma dupe real techniques  packaging cruelty free

nanshy 5 piece white makeup brush set sigma dupe real techniques  packaging

Nanshy brushes have officially become my favourite makeup brushes of all time, I'm talking replacing my real techniques on a daily basis and being the first ones I recommend to anyone asking me about which makeup brushes to use for which products! I previously reviewed the Nanshy Eye kit which you can read here, so I was absolutely delighted when I was given the chance to get my hands on the Nanshy face brush collection a few months ago.  

nanshy 5 piece white makeup brush set sigma dupe real techniques

Nanshy face brush set contains 5 full sized brushes designed to give you the perfect 'base kit' with a brush to suit every type of application. The handles are a pearlised white finish, which I absolutely love with a silver head and white topped black bristles. They are gorgeously soft bristles and sturdy and easy to hold and use. Unlike the eye brush set, these brushes don't have the names written on - which I think would have been quite good for the beauty bloggers among us or if you are using them for the first time and want to know which is which. All bristles are synthetic and 100% cruelty free as well as having antibacterial qualities - and I can also say that they wash well! They return to their original shape and softness and having the white tips is a handy reminder to wash your brushes regularly!  

nanshy 5 piece white makeup brush set sigma dupe real techniques
nanshy 5 piece white makeup brush set sigma dupe real techniques

nanshy 5 piece white makeup brush set names of brushes sigma dupe real techniques

The complete face brush kit from Nanshy contains: 

  • The 'flat top buffer brush' is a classic flat top kabuki style brush very similar to the likes of the sigma f80. It's completely flat shape is perfect for applying, blending and buffing powder or mineral foundation as well as liquid or cream formulas. 

  • The 'round buffer brush' is perfect for applying cream, liquid and mousse foundations due to its dome shaped soft bristles. The fluffy, dense brush allows for a flawless finish and foundation that's totally buffed in.

  • The 'pointed brush' has a unique pointed head with a soft rounded tip which makes it ideal to use in specific areas so you can target your application. So, it's perfect for applying and blending concealer, liquid foundations and tinted moisturisers. 

  • The 'flat angled buffer brush' is an excellent choice for applying loose powder and mineral products as it allows you to distribute and blend products into all areas without any waste and more precision.

  • The 'angled buffer brush' is a great option for cream and liquid blushes as well as highlighters and bronzers. It's angled bristles are perfect for creating a narrower face effect (contouring) and give you extra control during application.

nanshy 5 piece white makeup brush set sigma dupe real techniques

Nanshy face brush set retails for £34.95

*PR Sample 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Ted baker treasure orchid range

travel ted baker treasure orchid boots 3 for 2 cute pink

Ted Baker's 'Treasure Orchid' collection* is available in both full and travel size portions. I have been trying out these handy 50ml travel sizes which are ideal for throwing in your handbag and using on the go. The collection launched this year and is inspired by Ted Baker's latest fashion collection. The packaging is very pretty and stands out among it's competitors aswell as looking lovely on a bathroom shelf - which is always a bonus. The scent is a delightful combination of rose, sandalwood, vanilla and raspberry. 

The miniatures along with the full sized versions are available to buy in Boots stores and the full sizes retail at a purse friendly £6(ish). My favourite of the three is definitely the body spray, which is a liquid spritz and smells divine. I like the idea of using spritz sprays rather than aerosols - it's refreshing, doesn't make you cough and I find the scent lingers for longer! The hand cream is great for popping in a handbag, it sinks into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy film on your hands and again, the scent lingers for a while. The body wash is the exact same scent although I didn't find that the scent lasted once washed off - but that's okay. It definitely works better when used on some kind of scrunchie and really lathers up nicely. These miniatures are also available in a gift set, which also features a body souffle for £10 which would make an ideal gift with it's beautiful packaging! If you haven't smelled this range ladies, pop into your local boots and give it a whiff, it's bloomin' marvelous. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

ebay wishlist : Spring 2014

ebay bargains spring 2014 pretty pastel tumblr bath and body works yankee candle haul moschino hunger games cute

current favourites

Considering I haven't shared a 'favourites' post yet in 2014, I thought I'd better get cracking! I normally post a monthly favourites so I suppose you could call this a January/February favourites post ... basically my most reached for products at the moment! So here it goes: 

uk beauty blog budget baby skin primer, monu skincare recovery balm, maybelline dream satin, naked basics urban decay miners cosmetics fresh faced nanshy eyeliner brush

Firstly is Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, they obviously couldn't think of a shorter product name than that. You can see my thoughts on this/review in my previous post here, but in general this has been a product I've used daily since purchase! I like that this helps my makeup stay on for longer, especially on my nose and chin which are always the first areas for oil to appear. For the price (£7.99), it's a pretty good primer and one of the best I've tried from the highstreet brands. 

Next is a new product I've tried out from Monu which is their Soothing recovery balm*, which has been a definite favourite for me lately (and also my Mum, who now reads my blog *Hi Mum*). It smells absolutely gorgeous, it has quite a strong rose scent to it but that's something I like and it sinks into the skin almost immediately and for me it definitely helps with reducing redness and soothing irritated skin. 

I've also been trying out a new foundation for the first time in a long time! I decided to switch it up a bit and venture away from my normal Bourjois Healthy Mix and picked up this Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation. I've really enjoyed using it, I love the coverage this one gives and I like that the finish is not matte but also doesn't leave my skin looking like a shiny discoball. It's in the shade light porcelain, but it's definitely not as pale as my other foundations which is strange - but other than that, I keep reaching for it so it had to make an appearance in this post. 

Okay, the Naked Basics palette is perhaps the best palette ever for everyday use. It's compact, has a decent sized mirror and features 5 matte shades and 1 shimmer (full review here). Lately I've been using the matte black shade 'Crave' for eyeliner, applied with the Nanshy Precise Eyeliner brush, also a firm favourite. I find this so much easier than even attempting a liquid or gel eye-liner. I've also been using Naked 2 (taupe) and Faint (brown) mixed together to fill in my brows which I am loving! It's such a fab, multi-use product and it makes getting ready in a rush in the mornings so much easier. 

And finally, I've been reaching for my Miners Fresh Faced Pressed Powder and I'm now on my second pan of this! I've not repurchased my usual stay matte powder from Rimmel and this has worked just as well at mattifying the skin and reducing shine throughout the day. 

I've tried lots of new products lately, some great and some not so great but these lucky few have made the final cut into my favourites! Let me know if you've tried any of these and how you got on. What's been your favourite product lately?