Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring Scents with Yankee Candle

If you are a fan of candles then I'm sure you enjoy Yankee Candles, however the bigger candles can be a bit pricey when it comes to finding out whether or not you like a particular scent. Or maybe, you don't burn candles constantly so seasonal scents sometimes get wasted. I like to try out all the different scents in the smaller versions which are less expensive or if I'm using them in my wax tart burner they are less than £2 each! Another great option is to try out the 'simply home' range of Yankee Candles which are available to buy in Asda/Asda Direct, and various other stockists like Tesco and B&Q. 

The Simply Home range by Yankee Candle is a range of home fragrance designed to be stylish and affordable, it uses the same wax and same high standards as Yankee Candle classics but offers a different complexity of fragrance with colours designed to suit home decor. They are available to buy in large jars, medium jars, votive samplers and wax melts. These Votive Samplers have a burn time of approximately 15 hours, which isn't bad at all for £1 a piece! 

Soft Cotton is a crisp, clean scented candled that is quite neutral. It's a safe option and suitable for all year around and smells a bit like fresh, clean washing although it isn't too strongly scented. It's just a nice scent. 

Lavender spa is one I didn't think I'd like but I did. I'm not usually a fan of lavender at all, but this votive sampler candle is quite subtle rather than being overpowering and it is a fresh floral scent.

Sweet Pea is another fresh and floral scent and again, it isn't too strong but it does leave a fresh lingering scent in the room. 

Vanilla frosting is very similar, if not identical in scent to Vanilla cupcake from the ordinary Yankee Candle range, only this Simply Home version is a little cheaper. It's the kind of sweet and sickly scent that some love and some hate, I personally love it and it smells good enough to eat! 

Cherry Vanilla is a great option if you like fruity scents but don't want them to be too sweet or citrus-like as the vanilla is a nice touch. 

Apologies in advance for the catastrophic descriptions of the scents, but I'm not the best at describing a smell. My best advice would be to pop into your local asda/tesco/b&q and give them a whiff! If you have any yankee candle favourites for this time of year, feel free to leave a comment below and share them! 


  1. I adore Yankee Candles and I would love to give these a try. The Sweet Pea is one I have not tried before so I think I will go away and give it a try. Thank you for sharing :) x

  2. I love the sound of the soft cotton, there's nothing nicer than the smell of fresh laundry, I like the sound of the other scents also.

  3. I do like yankee candles and also wondered what the "simply home" range was all about. Tempted to go buy a couple at £1 each.

  4. They sound lovely. I always find the small sample sizes work well in my kitchen. I hate lingering cooking smells so always burn a candle after cooking. Will have to go and try these ones soon.

    Thanks for telling us about them :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  5. I have the soft cotton candle in my bedroom - love the smell of it. Another great one is Baby Powder.