Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Chit-Chat

Lipstick: MUA matte Wild berry & Loreal rouge caresse lovely rose
Woah, that't right ... I actually included a picture of my face in a blog post *Hi*. I thought I'd just sit down and write a general life goings on, ramble type blog post for anyone interested in my life and what I've been up to! 

I've been really enjoying blogging lately, I have a new blog design thanks to my friend Lauren and it's given me a whole new outlook on my blog! It's fresh and simple and has definitely helped with my blogging motivation! If you're looking for a blog design or header then you can see them on I've also been getting more organised by planning posts and creating a blog schedule. I'm full of ideas at the moment, feeling inspired to blog and will be doing my best to provide you with new content every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday ... I may even throw some bonus content out there for you in-between. 

I've had a big change on the work front after finishing my job (temporary) and taking on some work from home. I'm giving myself some time to try figure out what I want to do (which is probably never going to happen #graduateproblems and yes I just hashtagged in a blog post, shame on me). 

This week I have indulged in eating out, I'm such a sucker for easy food and meals out plus my sister has had some time off work so it's been nice to have a few catch ups! FYI I've developed a love for the salad bar at Pizza Hut - delicious. I've also taken the time to finally rearrange my bedroom. I've been pondering over moving the furniture around for a while now and I've finally moved it, all I need now is my nice shiny new desk from Ikea and my room will hopefully be complete! 

That's about all the news I have, I can't promise these Sunday Chit-Chat style posts will be all that interesting, but I thought it's about time I share a bit more about me on my blog. 

Happy Sunday & Have a great week.  


  1. Love these style of post. Nice to see what your up to. can't wait to see what you room will look like all pretty and finally how u want it xx

  2. Pretty lady! I'm loving the new blog design!!
    The salad bar is totally the best thing about Pizza Hut, I love it!!

    Jess xo