Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Blog collab: the 30 day spending ban

Today is the 1st April which marks the first day of a new blog collab with Lauren from Makeup by Lauren Marie, another beauty obsessed blogger. Originally, Lauren mentioned a spending ban and we decided to do it together in an attempt to motivate each other and save some money! The challenge will last for 30 days, meaning that we are banned from spending money for the whole of April (this isn't an April fools, unfortunately).  

30 day spending challenge makeup beauty blog blogger

The rules: 
- no makeup, no skincare & no haircare 
- no non-essentials that sneak into shopping baskets such as candles and magazines 
- no clothing or accessories 
- no sneaky online purchases including Ebay even if it is only 99p 

The exceptions: 
- food, because everyone needs it
- essentials that we run out of 
- gifts for other people 

It's going to be tough but I am determined to stick to the rules of the 30 day spending ban challenge. That means no adding makeup or cute things to my basket on the way around the supermarket, no midnight ordering on ebay, no ordering clothing online and absolutely no makeup. Essentials I expect to buy will probably involve some form of face wipes and dry shampoo, I shouldn't need any makeup as even if I run out of essentials like mascara and foundation, lord knows I have about 5 in my reserve stash. I'm not going to ban spending on gifts because that would make me evil and I'm also not going to ban spending on food because that will make me evil, literally. No, really I enjoy going out for food with friends and family and it's a nice social activity so that's going to be allowed. Other than that - the spending stops now, and yes I did make a last minute panic dash to the shops yesterday to get my spending out of my system. 

Have you ever taken part in a 30 day spending challenge? Were you successful? I'd love to know if you have taken part - I'm dreading it! 


  1. Well done! I'd never be able to do a spending ban! What about days out? Are you banned from going out to bars/restaurants ect?

  2. I'm terrible for picking up extras with my grocery shopping so I try and do it online now from a list! Good luck :)

  3. I just wouldn't be able to do it, i'm forever shopping!